27 thoughts on “British secret police spying on trade unionists, parliament for Rupert Murdoch

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  17. Thursday 23rd March 2017

    posted by Morning Star in Features

    Coyne is betraying everything a trade union should stand for, argues ANN FIELD

    W HEN a trade unionist is the subject of coverage by a national newspaper it’s usually with a headline like “the most hated [man] in Britain” or “the enemy within.”

    Not this time: Gerard Coyne, a candidate for the leadership of Britain’s biggest trade union, has seen favourable coverage in the Sun.

    Coyne was given a column next to a so-called news report and column inches online to present an election address entitled: “I’ll get your union back.”

    The Sun? The paper that has attacked workers and lied about their trade unions for the last 40 years?

    The paper that vilified and lied about the miners and their trade union leaders before, during and after their strike in the 1980s; that rejoiced in the sacking of 5,500 of its own workers in 1986 and never took them back and that lied viciously and malevolently about the Hillsborough disaster, blaming the fans for their own deaths.

    The paper that is owned by Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp, the company responsible for phone-hacking, whose corrupt links with police, public officials and politicians still awaits full investigation.

    The company that backed Donald Trump in his campaign to rule the US with lies, distortion and the exploitation of people’s bitterness over unemployment and fear of poverty.

    Murdoch’s papers supported pirate trade union leaders in the past and used them in a conspiracy to steal the jobs of the 5,500 sacked workers at Wapping and supported the mine-workers who were used to break the strike in 1984-5.

    Those same union leaders, applauded in the Sun and other antiunion papers, negotiated “sweetheart” deals with companies across British industry undermining established terms and conditions and laying the basis for the race to the bottom that took hold and has led to the horrifying cuts in pay and conditions, the use of zero-hours contracts and temporary labour, and sanctions for being ill.

    And true to form, the Sun has its own “sweetheart union” in its company News UK — it serves to keep independent, genuine trade unions out.

    Collaboration never works. It always ends in tears and it’s never the employers that are crying.

    Using such a newspaper as a vehicle to win support for a trade union election is a betrayal of everything trade unions stand for.

    If someone seeking union election is prepared to stoop to the level of using the Sun for their campaign, then you have question what else they would do.

    Pirate trade union leaders have trodden this path before.

    Gerard Coyne should be aware that the taint of collaboration never really fades once engaged and, even if the workers forget or don’t know, the employers never do, and they always know who to go to to get their way.

    Ann Field is a Unite member and a retired elected national official of the print and publishing union now part of Unite.



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