British secret police spy advocated arson

This video from Britain says about itself:

‘I was duped by an undercover policeman’ – BBC Newsnight

18 January 2016

An extraordinary story of Andrea – who says she is the victim of a state sponsored crime. She became engaged to a man who, entirely unknown to her, was for many years working undercover for the police. For more than two years he promised her a new life, a new family and marriage. Then he simply disappeared. She had no idea what had gone wrong until she started to understand that the whole relationship had been a sham. He was married, living a double life, and sent to infiltrate her group of friends who were being watched – it seems – for their political beliefs.

She calls the entire relationship a government sanctioned lie. It’s not the first time this has happened within the Metropolitan Police. At the end of last year Police chiefs made an unreserved apology to women who were deceived into similar relationships – and paid out substantial compensation. They thought they’d drawn a line under the abuse – but this investigation by Newsnight and The Guardian shows that the problems for the Met are far from over. Richard Watson reports.

By Conrad Landin in Britain:

Spy cop told activists to BURN charity

Thursday 15th September 2016

Carlo Neri infiltrated progressive groups and betrayed innocent people. Now the disgraced Met undercover faces new claims over his conduct

AN UNDERCOVER copper sent to spy on trade unionists suggested activists fire-bomb a charity shop, the Morning Star can reveal today.

Rail union RMT and left-wing political groups were infiltrated by a man using the alias Carlo Neri between 2001 and 2006. It is thought that he is still a serving policeman.

In June, the Star published photographs of Mr Neri attending a demonstration against the sacking of a rail worker. He also deceived three women into long-term sexual relationships — proposing to marry one of them.

But a new book alleges he went further, trying to persuade two anti-nazi campaigners to set fire to a charity shop that he said was owned by an Italian fascist. Solicitors have been instructed to file a complaint against him to the Independent Police Complaints Commission.

Activist Dan Gillman said Mr Neri pushed him and fellow campaigner Joe Batty to “fire-bomb a charity shop on Elgin Avenue which he said was a front for the fascist Bologna bomber.”

He was referring to Roberto Fiore, who fled to London after the 1980 rail station massacre that killed 85 people. Mr Fiore, now leader of the far-right Forza Nuova party, was cleared of planting the bomb but convicted of a subversive association and sentenced to nine years in jail.

The sentence eventually “timed out” under Italy’s statute of limitation laws.

Mr Neri is not the first officer to be accused of such an offence. Former Special Demonstration Squad chief Bob Lambert was named in Parliament as being party to the 1987 firebombing of a Debenhams store in Harrow.

Mr Lambert, who was embedded with the Animal Liberation Front at the time, is currently being investigated by the Met.

Mr Neri’s petrol-bombing plan was reportedly first touted at a New Year’s Eve party where he also proposed to his activist partner Andrea.

“Carlo was really keen,” Mr Gillman says in the book. “Looking back, I think he was trying to set us up, like the Animal Liberation Front got done by their undercover.”

Speaking to the Star yesterday, Mr Gillman, now a teacher, added: “It wasn’t something we’d ever do. We just weren’t up for it.”

Green MP Caroline Lucas said: “It’s deeply worrying to learn that more than one undercover police officer stands accused of inciting the use of explosives, especially as we have to assume that none have been held to account for their actions and whatever actions they might have taken were sanctioned by their superiors.”

The revelations are published in a new edition of Blacklisted: The Secret War Between Big Business and Union Activists, written by Blacklist Support Group secretary Dave Smith and journalist Phil Chamberlain.

Mr Smith commented: “These are claims of serious misconduct by an undercover spy who remains to this day a senior serving police officer.

“We are calling on the Metropolitan Police to immediately suspend the officer pending a full disciplinary investigation into the allegations.”

At the time of his deployment Mr Neri claimed to be a locksmith and a member of general union GMB, according to the book.

The Met restated its position of not commenting on undercover work, but said it was co-operating fully with Judge Christopher Pitchford’s public inquiry into undercover policing and was investigating any allegations of misconduct in its own Operation Herne.

Mr Neri feigned suicidal tendencies when he left Andrea in 2004 after a two-year relationship. Andrea — who uses an alias to protect her identity — describes her treatment at the hands of Mr Neri and his handlers as “abusive, cold-hearted, psychological torture.”

She is now suing the Met and is a “core participant” in the Pitchford inquiry.

Mr Neri is not the only officer revealed to have spied on trade unions. Mark Jenner posed as a joiner and had his subs for the builders’ union Ucatt paid from the Special Branch bank account. And in 2014 a third officer and whistleblower, Peter Francis, revealed the force had targeted activists in the CWU, FBU, NUT and Unison.

UK: Spying powers used more than 55,000 times by local government agencies: here.

25 thoughts on “British secret police spy advocated arson

  1. Saturday 17th September 2016

    posted by Morning Star in Britain

    Woman deceived into relationship with spycop Neri talks

    by Conrad Landin

    at Greenwich University

    A WOMAN deceived into a two-year relationship with an undercover police officer believes she was targeted so that her partner “could infiltrate the trade unions,” she said yesterday.

    The Star revealed yesterday that an officer using the cover name Carlo Neri had suggested to two anti-fascist activists that they firebomb a charity shop.

    Mr Neri, who was undercover from 2001 to 2006, is believed to still serve as a police officer.

    It is thought he was deployed by the Met to infiltrate left-wing groups, anti-fascist organisations and trade union campaigns.

    His former partner Andrea, who uses an alias to protect her identity, spoke in public for the first time at a conference on blacklisting and undercover policing yesterday.

    Mr Neri came across as a “lovely, lovely man” who was “trusting, trustworthy” and “cooked beautiful food,” she said.

    He left her after appearing to have a breakdown, speaking of the death of his father and a family history of physical and sexual abuse.

    Some years later, Andrea read in Rob Evans and Paul Lewis’s book Undercover about the experience of other women deceived into relationships.

    She said the “hairs stood up on the back of my neck” as she recognised patterns of behaviour deployed by undercover officers, such as repeated absences, secrecy about their family and emotional manipulation.

    With the help of campaigners and journalists, she was able to confirm that Mr Neri was an undercover officer.

    Activists have not disclosed his real surname because, as it is so distinctive, this would affect members of his family.

    “I don’t know why I was targeted,” Andrea told the conference. “I think I was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

    “I suspect I offered a cover so this man could infiltrate trade unions.”

    She said his positioning and friendships meant he could have targeted a raft of different unions, including the GMB, which he claimed to be a member of as a locksmith, her own Transport and General Workers Union and transport union RMT.

    Helen Steel, who was deceived into a relationship with another officer, John Dines, said Andrea’s story “brought back many of the things I heard from John.”

    She told the conference that the use of relationships to beef up officers’ cover displayed a “pattern of institutional sexism.”

    Ms Steel added: “I’m quite certain more women are going to discover they were deceived into undercover relationships.”


  2. Saturday 17th SEptember 2016

    posted by Morning Star in Britain

    A “CULTURE of impunity” has allowed immoral and illegal practices to go unchallenged in police forces, John McDonnnell said yesterday.

    Speaking at the Blacklisting, Bullying and Blowing the Whistle conference, the shadow chancellor said Labour would take forward activists’ proposals to change the laws on blacklisting and undercover policing.

    Bemoaning the slowness of the fight against the construction blacklist and police surveillance, he said the biggest obstacle was “the belief we live in liberal democracy where these things don’t happen.”

    He said the government was refusing to allow a public inquiry into the jailing of the Shrewsbury pickets because it would reveal that the Establishment had conspired to frame the striking builders.


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  4. Wednesday 12th October 2016

    posted by Lamiat Sabin in Britain

    Met’s failure to co-operate hampers inquiry

    VICTIMS of secret surveillance have spoken about their experiences as part of a push for police to fully co-operate with the Pitchford inquiry.

    Actor and activist Ricky Tomlinson said at a panel talk organised by the Campaign Opposing Police Surveillance (Cops) on Monday night that he has been denied core participant status in the inquiry into undercover policing.

    He recalled how he and his friend Des Warren were sentenced at Shrewsbury Crown Court in the 1970s to two and three years in prison respectively for their roles in a mass strike by construction workers.

    Before his arrest, police had pressed him to testify against other pickets, threatening that he himself would face prosecution if he did not agree.

    Another of the builders tried at Shrewsbury turned out to be a police informer called John Carpenter. He was given a suspended sentence. Mr Warren died in 2004 from Parkinson’s disease, believed to have been brought on by the repeated doses of the chemical cosh inflicted on him while in prison.

    Another victim of covert surveillance bravely described her six-year relationship with a man who called himself Mark Stone, who was later unmasked as a undercover policeman.

    Lisa Jones found out that her then partner’s real name was Mark Kennedy in 2010, when she discovered his passport in a glovebox. She also learnt that he had a wife and two children and was still living with them.

    Ms Jones, whose true identity is protected by a court anonymity order, said a number of other women had suffered similar “tactical” abuse by the Metropolitan Police in its efforts to spy on political and environmental activists.

    She described as “psychological torture” the experience of being abandoned by the men, who faked mental breakdowns as an “exit strategy” after the assignments ended.

    Dwayne Brooks, a friend of murdered black teenager Stephen Lawrence and a main witness in the case, said the Met had bugged his meetings with his lawyer.

    He denounced the Pitchford probe as a “fake inquiry” because the date for witness statements keeps on being pushed back and other apparent delaying tactics have also been used.

    The investigation has been running for a year, but there is no end in sight so far.

    Bindmans Solicitors partner Tamsin Allen also blamed delaying tactics by the Met for the inquiry having made little progress.


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  6. Friday 18th November 2016

    posted by Conrad Landin in Britain

    THE public inquiry into undercover policing confirmed yesterday that a man who infiltrated trade unions was indeed a police officer.

    The Met had previously applied its “neither confirm nor deny” policy to the man, who used the cover name Carlo Neri during his deployment between 2001 and 2006.

    In September, the Star revealed that Mr Neri, one of many officers deployed to infiltrate left-wing campaigns, had suggested that activists fire-bomb a charity shop.

    He also deceived three women into relationships, proposing marriage to one of them, and is thought to have passed information to the construction industry’s private blacklist of trade unionists.

    Yesterday, the undercover policing inquiry chaired by Lord Justice Pitchford issued a notice saying that Mr Neri would not be seeking a restriction order over his cover name.

    Blacklist Support Group secretary Dave Smith said: “The public statement by the Pitchford inquiry is a vindication of our campaign for justice, but this admission has been dragged out of the police, who have repeatedly adopted the line that they can ‘neither confirm nor deny’ whether individuals named by activists in the media were police officers.”

    The activist to whom Mr Neri proposed marriage, who uses the alias Andrea, said: “I am, of course, relieved to have finally received official confirmation that the person I believed to be my partner of more than two years, Carlo Neri, was in reality an undercover police officer.

    “The fact that it has taken the police so long to acknowledge this has undoubtedly caused additional stress and uncertainty within an already difficult situation for myself and my family.”


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