British secret police’s sexual spying on women activists

This video from Britain says about itself:

UK ‘Special Demonstrations Squad’ Undercover Police Used Identities of Dead Children For 30 Years

4 February 2013

The ‘Special Demonstrations Squad‘ are reported to have been undercover police officers who infiltrated protest groups from the late 1960’s to the mid 1990’s- and it is claimed by Scotland Yard that the Squad had now ‘disbanded’.

By Conrad Landin in Britain:

Deceived partner speaks of secret officer’s treachery

Wednesday 29th July 2015

IT WAS 10 years after Alison’s long-term partner disappeared that she was able to convince more than a few friends that he was an undercover police officer.

She believed he was Mark Cassidy, a joiner from Birkenhead who headed out at 6.30am each morning to work on building sites during the five years they lived together, from 1995 to 2000.

He was active in construction union Ucatt and an ally in the left-wing causes she committed her spare time to.

In 2013, he was revealed as Special Demonstration Squad agent Mark Jenner — but when Alison asked police to see her file, she received the all too familiar “neither confirm nor deny” (NCND) response.

As she left the Royal Courts of Justice yesterday, I asked Alison whether she had any hope that the inquiry would force the police to reveal more information.

“I just don’t know,” she said. “Some public inquiries have made significant progress, and some have just been a whitewash.

“But, throughout all of our legal battles, there’s been overwhelming evidence that these people are who we say they are.”

Mr Jenner is in scores of Alison’s family photos and attended relationship counselling with her to discuss his reluctance to have children. It turned out that he already had three — with his wife.

Now with children of her own, Alison is more keen than ever to break the Met’s continued stonewalling.

She welcomed Lord Justice Pitchford’s specific references to activists being targeted for their political allegiances and the effect on their personal lives.

“But when you’ve had the experience I’ve had, you become very cynical about the state’s functions,” she added.

BEHIND BRITAIN’S ELECTRONIC SURVEILLANCE SYSTEM “From the beginning, my investigations revealed a once-unimaginable scope of governmental surveillance, collusion, and concealment by the British and U.S. governments — practices that were always as much about domestic spying during times of peace as they were about keeping citizens safe from supposed foreign enemies, thus giving the British government the potential power to become, as our source that night had put it, a virtual ‘police state.’” [The Intercept]

21 thoughts on “British secret police’s sexual spying on women activists

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  2. I noted in London a police presence that if you were targeted is similar to being assaulted by a pedophile, you never get over it, the instillation of distrust for all people as you having been set up by a corrupt organization? this destroys not only your self identity but also you are unable to become a member of society as most having not gone through this experience cannot understand this type of activity and you become by default the outsider.


    • The London police here I mean the so called intelligentsia changed from 1967, protection of the public from crime to becoming a covert and corrupted organization from this time, it is now a failure as far as the public having been betrayed by this now criminal by association by the big finance institutes and those who all form part of the establishment to control and oppress social cohesion but to form a alliance with the 1% rich and over privileged who created a system if individuals that had no power as a group as the individual became fractionalized as opposed to a cohesive front of the 1%, this was achieved to a large extent by inflating property prices creating personal debt, the control of property as a tool to isolate all those who desired increasing profit from property and also creating property shortage and also creating those of the haves and have not’s? meaning those who are in property and those who cannot afford basic needs, the frustration of the masses being appeased by cult figures such as rock stars, and consumption.
      Although the hippie movement has been marginalized to a group of freaks, drug takers, and hedonists, they were considered a threat to the financial elite and became a target by police in 1967, the book as to what this outsider group now considered as a cult of dead beats still have a major influence on the public that I would say is totally berate this movement, a major disapproval of establishment is the hippie movement did not have iconic leaders although in time they would have emerged, also they did not have the trappings of competition and a dog eat dog mentality that is required by the elite to stay in power, the fact that a sense of well being of holistic living is exactly why police were also threatened as they require crime and criminal activity to continue as a institute and the loss of jobs would be a grave threat to police, the only way to combat and pacify police is to have a worthy enemy such as the Islamic so called threat, the elite required a enemy and created terrorism, this enforced police protection of their jobs and so called protection of the public, behind the tube and bus bombings undercover agents of British police would be behind this terrorist act, who would have infiltrated this group who were at best amateurs as terrorists and supplied them with the explosives for this job to be carried out the media got a slice of the cake and would be party to the conspiracy in media propaganda, and the rest is now history same as police military did need the IRA, but they became a redundant force as the middle east became a more important target in particular having oil and also they are more dark skinned and are not like honest upright citizens such as us.

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