Cameron in Murdoch phone-hacking scandal

This video from Britain is called More Cameron – Brooks texts revealed.

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

PM left red-faced over texts to Brooks

Sunday 04 November 2012

While his government planned austerity Britain Prime Minister David Cameron was larking around with former News International boss Rebekah Brooks – even taking time out to ride Ms Brooks horses – text messages between the pair revealed today.

Mr Cameron said his horse was “fast, unpredictable and hard to control but fun” in one text to Ms Brooks, among a number of messages printed by the Mail on Sunday.

In another message during the 2009 Conservative Party conference Ms Brooks told the Tory PM he delivered a “brilliant speech. I cried twice.

“Will love ‘working together.'”

The latest batch of messages have left the PM red-faced about his close relationship with Ms Brooks, who is accused of overseeing the phone-hacking scandal that sparked the Leveson inquiry into media standards.

Labour MP Chris Bryant has written to Lord Leveson asking for all of the pair’s messages to be revealed.

A senior cop tried to sell information on the phone hacking inquiry to the now defunct News of the World tabloid: here.

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