‘British police did nothing against politician Cyril Smith’s child abuse’

This video from Britain says about itself:

28 April 2014

Documentary detailing the abuse of children by Cyril Smith MP, and how it was covered up by the security services. Originally shown on Channel 4. Apologies that the first few minutes or so are missing.

From daily The Independent in Britain:

Cyril Smith: Police ‘found stash of child sex abuse videos in MP’s car but did nothing’

Book claims that the MP was arrested but released minutes later after ‘making a phone call to someone in London’

Matt Dathan

Friday 20 March 2015

Police are investigating claims that police found a stash of child sex abuse videos in the car of the late Cyril Smith MP but took no action.

He was arrested on the M1 in Northamptonshire in the 1980s but released minutes later after making a phone call to someone in London, according to claims made in a book about the former Rochdale MP who police now believe was a prolific abuser of children.

Northamptonshire police have now become the third police force to investigate claims of a cover up involving Mr Smith.

The claim is made by the current MP for Rochdale, Labour’s Simon Danczuk, in a book published last year.

In it he alleges that police took the images of child abuse found in Mr Smith’s car into the police station but the material has since disappeared.

Allegations and investigations into child abuse dogged Mr Smith’s career but no charges were ever brought.

Lead officer Supt Steve Lingley, from Northamptonshire police, confirmed the latest cover-up inquiry into cover-up claims on Thursday.

“If Cyril Smith was stopped on the M1, and was arrested by Northamptonshire police, I want to know who those officers are. We want to understand why they released him.

“We want to know if they came under any pressure, who that person was that gave the instruction to be released,” he said.

Northamptonshire’s police and crime commissioner Adam Simmonds said the inquiry would centre on suspicions that police officers were “brought under pressure from somebody in London to release Smith”.

“What worries me the most about that is, if we had reason to hold onto him, this man was released back into the community and continued to perpetrate heinous crimes,” he said.

Earlier this week a retired detective claimed Mr Smith was not taken to court when paedophilia allegations emerged in the 1960s because of concerns that other high-profile sex offenders would be exposed.

Scotland Yard is already facing allegations of a cover-up after the BBC’s Newsnight reported claims that criminal evidence, including photos and videos of men abusing teenage boys, was buried in the 1980s.

Child abuse scandal: Did a botched blackmail attempt by South African intelligence help Cyril Smith escape justice? Here.

Police staff, teachers and civil servants among 264 suspected paedophiles charged in major operation, National Crime Agency discloses: here.

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