British police abuse women, spy on trade unionists

British women, sexually abused by policemen spying on environmentalist groups, demonstrate at London police headquarters

This photo shows British women, sexually abused by (often married) policemen spying on environmentalist groups, demonstrating at London police headquarters New Scotland Yard. They have posters with photos of some sexually abusive police spies who have been identified by now; and question marks standing for sexually abusive police spies about whom the police still refuses to reveal their true identities.

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

Monday, May 28, 2018

Activist ‘never believed conspiracy theories about undercover cops – till I experienced it’

TRADE union and political activist “Clint” told a debate on spycops that he never used to believe “conspiracy theories” about undercover cops and blacklisting — until experiencing it.

After fellow political activist “Marco Jenkins” was revealed as a spycop, he had to reconsider his view, he told attendees to the Are We Living in a Police State? meeting at Merthyr Rising.

Former construction health & safety rep Dave Smith was similarly sceptical until Building Workers Safety Campaign secretary Mark Cassidy was outed as a police spy.

Mr Smith highlighted standard BBC journalists’ references to secret police, agents provocateurs and spying on dissidents when reporting from “countries we don’t sell arms to.”

He had been taken aback to discover how many police were involved in dishonest intimate and family relations with unsuspecting women activists.

“If it was one, it would be a scandal, but there are hundreds, and over 1,000 political campaigns were spied on.

“Do we live in a police state? That’s for you to vote on”, he suggested.

COSMETICS brand Lush was praised by campaigners today for its nationwide campaign to raise awareness of the spycops scandal and ensuing Establishment cover-up. In collaboration with campaign group Police Spies Out of Lives, Lush will be highlighting the ever-increasing secrecy of the ongoing spycops inquiry with displays in its stores for the next three weeks: here.

IT’S not true across the board that all publicity is good publicity. But in the case of the undercover policing scandal — or #spycops as it’s known on Twitter, it probably is. The deception of female activists into relationships with police spies is one of the greatest human rights outrages of British history. Yet very few are even aware this happened. The saga has attracted scandalously little coverage from the media — with the exceptions of the Morning Star and the Guardian. So I too was shocked — albeit very pleased — to see soap chain Lush mount displays across its British stores highlighting the scandal: here.

See also here.

Lush relaunch anti-spy cops campaign: here.

Northern Ireland spycops revelations raise Bloody Sunday questions: here.

THE spycops inquiry released the cover-name of a snoop who infiltrated the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND) yesterday. “John Kerry” spied on the peaceful campaign group between 1980-4, the Undercover Policing Inquiry revealed: here.

Campaigners demand that spycops inquiry ‘must be extended to Scotland’: here.

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