British environmentalist women sexually abused by policemen

This video about Germany and Britain says about itself:

The Stasi & Metropolitan Police Spycops

15 January 2016

A visit to the Stasi Museum in Berlin by Kate Wilson, one of the Police Spies Out of Lives women taking legal action against the Metropolitan Police for undercover officers deceiving them into relationships.

By Joana Ramiro in Britain:

New spy cop exposed as Met lose court case

Wednesday 20th January 2016

Activist Kate Wilson wins payout for undercover relationship

ENVIRONMENTAL activist Kate Wilson won her High Court case against Scotland Yard yesterday, after her boyfriend of two years was revealed as an undercover cop sent to spy on her group of friends.

Ms Wilson was the eighth woman to to be offered an apology and a payout by the Metropolitan Police after accusing the force of deceit, assault/battery, misfeasance in public office and negligence.

Her victory comes less than 24 hours after another woman, known by the pseudonym Andrea, revealed she is suing the Met police for the “psychological torture” she has suffered as the victim of a newly uncovered police spy.

According to a BBC Newsnight investigation, a man under the name of Carlo Neri was sent to infiltrate the Socialist Party in Hackney and targeted Andrea because she mixed with activists in the organisation.

Commenting on how Neri proposed to her in 2003 as their relationship developed, Andrea told Newsnight: “As far as I was concerned, I was going to spend my life with this man and his life was my life.”

Instead after two years together it fell apart. A recent “hunch” following the exposure of other undercover officers eventually led to the discovery that Neri was indeed a copper.

Public Interest Lawyers solicitor Paul Heron, who is representing members of the spied-on Socialist Party, told the Star that the relationships men like Carlo Neri and Ms Wilson’s ex Mark Kennedy had with female activists is only “the sharp end of a very very big problem.

“It’s the question of legitimate political parties, as far as the state is concerned, being fair game. Notwithstanding the fact that in doing so the state is undermining the very thing they claim to uphold which is the democratic pluralist society which allows protest as part of our democratic tradition and democratic right.”

He added that his clients’ demands were twofold: “On the one hand that the Home Secretary and the Metropolitan Police should release the cover names of the police officers who have been involved in undercover political policing.

“Currently the inquiry has all the police officers listed as initials and numbers,” he explained.

“Our second clear issue is that my clients understand that, to put it bluntly, that police officers in some ways are just footsoldiers and we believe and we hope that the inquiry starts to consider the desk sergeants, the commissioners, the senior civil servants and the government ministers who signed this off.”

Mitting Inquiry: Spycops inquiry branded a ‘farce’ as ex-spooks make anonymity demands: here.

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  9. Tuesday 5th December 2017

    by Conrad Landin at Fleetbank House

    COPPERS admitted for the first time yesterday that the deception of women activists into relationships with undercover officers breached anti-torture laws.

    During a case management hearing at the Investigatory Powers Tribunal, the Metropolitan Police’s lawyer argued that much of a lawsuit filed by environmental campaigner Kate Wilson should be heard in secret.

    Jonathan Swift QC said that evidence should be presented at a closed hearing, with a “special advocate” appointed to speak on the claimant’s behalf. This lawyer would not be permitted to speak to Ms Wilson or her lawyers.

    The tribunal indicated that it did not see the need for closed hearings except to protect anonymity. If the police still seek secrecy, the tribunal would instead appoint a “counsel to the tribunal” who could liaise with Ms Wilson and her lawyers over elements of the case heard in private.

    Ms Wilson had a two-year relationship with Mark Kennedy, who was unmasked as a member of the elite National Public Order Intelligence Unit in 2010.

    As well as taking action in the High Court, along with seven other women who were deceived into such relationships, she has argued that the Met infringed several articles of the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR).

    This case will be heard at the tribunal — a judicial body which hears complaints about surveillance by public bodies — during a five-day trial in the spring.

    Ahead of the hearing, the Met has admitted that a number of Ms Wilson’s allegations are true.

    In particular, the force has acknowledged that Mr Kennedy’s sexual relationship with the activist amounted to a breach of article three of the ECHR — which prohibits torture and “inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment.”

    The Met has also admitted a breach of article eight of the convention, which protects the right to privacy.

    But it has denied or declined to admit a number of the instances of privacy breach cited by Ms Wilson in her lawsuit.

    At yesterday’s preliminary session of the case, Mr Swift argued that hearing evidence in public might endanger the security of other officers by revealing elements of a “mosaic of information.”

    He also said the court should not concern itself with whether the practice was systemic in the Met, on the grounds that such issues would be addressed by the much-delayed public inquiry into undercover policing.

    Charlotte Kilroy, acting for Ms Wilson, said: “This is a human rights claim, and the wider involvement of the state is very relevant to the severity [of the Met’s infringements of the ECHR].

    “It would be quite wrong for this tribunal to shut this claim down on the basis of very narrow admissions.”

    The Met cannot not escape liability on the grounds that article eight of the convention has a caveat for measures “necessary in a democratic society,” since the article requires such exceptions to also be “in accordance with the law,” she said.

    Fellow activist Helen Steel, who was deceived into a relationship by another officer, John Dines, told the Star it was “highly significant” that the Met had admitted a breach of article three.

    “This was yet another attempt by the police to prevent the details of abusive undercover tactics coming out into the open,” she added.


  10. Friday 8th December 2017

    posted by Conrad Landin in Britain

    Women hope United Nations will step in to stop Met abuse

    BRITAIN’S government has failed to prevent “institutional sexism” in undercover policing, seven women deceived into relationships by officers say in a new complaint to the United Nations.

    The development came ahead of the launch today of a crowdfunding campaign to help almost 200 activists and protest groups participate in the forthcoming public inquiry into police spying.

    Officers serving with elite covert police squads are thought to have deceived dozens of women activists into sexual relationships.

    The “spycops” used the relationships as part of their cover stories in order to infiltrate environmental campaigns, left-wing organisations and trade unions over three decades.

    The Metropolitan Police issued an apology in November 2015 to the seven women taking the case to the UN. But it is thought that none of the officers concerned have been sanctioned, and British law still does not rule out the disturbing practice.

    Activist Helen Steel, who was a defendant in the famous McLibel case in 1997, had a two year relationship with John Dines, a member of the Met’s Special Demonstration Squad.

    “The repeated use of women in this way by undercover policemen is a form of discrimination against women and a barrier to women’s rights to participate in protest activity,” she said.

    Britain is a signatory to the UN’s Convention on the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW). The women are hoping that the committee charged with overseeing the convention will rule that the government is in breach by allowing the practice to go on.

    Solicitor Harriet Wistrich, who is representing the women, said: “CEDAW has a complaints procedure which is broad in reach, enabling the women to cite gender-based violence, gender stereotyping and the impact on reproductive rights, as part of a pattern of institutionalised discrimination by the state in this case.”

    The public inquiry, which is now being chaired by Sir John Mitting following the death of Sir Christopher Pitchford earlier this year, has provoked anger from victims of police spying due to its slow progress.

    The inquiry has also only funded one counsel to represent over 180 “non-police, non-state core participants” — who include blacklisted builders, the families of murdered teenagers Stephen Lawrence and Ricky Reel, MPs, environmental activists and women deceived into relationships.

    This morning activists Kate Wilson and Kim Bryan will launch an online crowdfunder to pay for the costs of core participants and a legal observer to attend the inquiry hearings.

    The funding campaign can be viewed at:


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