Islamophobia Awards ceremony soon

This video from Britain says about itself:

Theresa May wins 2015 Islamophobia Award

10 March 2015

Centred around a gala dinner, the Islamic Human RIghts comission organise their yearly Islamophobia awards through comedy while simultaneously addressing a serious and significant issue in a creative manner.

This year the awards have been split into four separate categories: UK, International, News Media and Film/Book/TV Series. Nominees were submitted by the general public.

The list included UKIP leader Nigel Farage, Maajid Nawaz, the Metropolitan Police, Birckbeck university and others.

And despite his yearly address to all Muslims in the UK during Eid, the Prime minister was on the list of Islamophobes nominees too.

By Joana Ramiro in Britain:

PM leads shortlist for Islamophobia gongs

Wednesday 27th January 2016

Loudmouth Hopkins also in with a shout

DAVID CAMERON, Katie Hopkins and the Daily Mail are all up for a gong at this year’s Islamophobia Awards, organisers announced yesterday.

The Prime Minister is a previous winner of the prize, receiving it last year for his “overall Islamophobic” rhetoric.

Other contenders for recognition at the March 5 gala dinner include Home Secretary Theresa May in the “UK” category, US tycoon and potential presidential candidate Donald Trump in the “international” category and BBC One’s sitcom Citizen Khan in the “movie/book/TV series” category.

Ms Hopkins, who is up against the Prime Minister, Ms May and Ukip MEP David Coburn, reacted to her nomination with a tweet reading: “I’ll be there to accept it in person. I’ve just the outfit. Will I have to sit at the back?”

Attached to her message was a picture of three women in dark blue burkas.The Islamic Human Rights Commission (IHRC), which organises the annual event, said the awards aim “to subvert Islamophobia through comedy and revue, while simultaneously addressing a serious and significant issue in a creative manner.”

Nominations are made by the public and often refer to incidents where prejudice towards Muslims was blatant.

This year, Channel 4 News’s Cathy Newman has been nominated in the “news and print” section of the awards after lying about being “ushered out” of a south London mosque.

An IHRC spokeswoman told the Star: “Through the Islamophobia Awards we challenge that stereotype that Muslims have no sense of humour and are always angry.

“It is sure to be an entertaining evening of mockery, but also one where we’ll shed light on serious issues.”

Mr Trump recently called for all Muslims to be banned from entering the US, leading to him being mocked in Parliament.

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