British environmentalist women, sexually abused by police spies

This video says about itself:

UK ‘Special Demonstrations Squad’ Undercover Police Used Identities of Dead Children For 30 Years

4 February 2013

The ‘Special Demonstrations Squad’ are reported to have been under-cover police officers who infiltrated protest groups from the late 1960’s to the mid 1990’s- and it is claimed by Scotland Yard that the Squad has now ‘disbanded’.

By Faye Lipson in Britain:

Spies’ victims ‘still waiting for justice’

30 November 2015

Met apology not enough, says campaigner

A WOMAN who exposed “state-sponsored deceit” of female campaigners by undercover police officers said yesterday that she and other victims were still waiting for justice.

Helen Steel, who was tricked into a relationship by a police spy, described a recent apology and compensation from the Metropolitan Police as a “massive victory” but said it was “absolutely not enough” as other women had been abused.

Met assistant commissioner Martin Hewitt admitted last week that the way Special Demonstration Squad officers targeted seven female campaigners was “a violation of the women’s human rights, an abuse of police power and caused significant trauma.”

But the apology came under fire from sexual abuse campaigners after Mr Hewitt suggested undercover officers could still form sexual relationships as an operational tactic if it was a “matter of life or death.”

Ms Steel said the suggestion was “completely ludicrous” and couldn’t be used to justify further abuses.

“None of us can see any circumstance where it could ever be justified and nobody yet has put forward any set of circumstances where it would make a difference to [an officer’s] life,” she said.

Dignified Ms Steel received a two-minute standing ovation and held back tears as she recalled her struggle for justice at Women Fighting Back, a conference of socialist and human rights lawyers.

She became a hero of the environmental movement after defending herself in court during the 1997 “McLibel” case brought by fast-food giant McDonalds.

However she was targeted by “John Barker,” a man she met through environmental justice activism, who formed a romantic relationship with her.

He was in fact John Dines, an undercover officer using the identity of a dead child in order to spy on her campaigning activities.

He later disappeared after feigning a mental breakdown.

On discovering his true identity years later she was accused of being “paranoid” for fearing she was spied on, but co-ordinated a campaign with other victims to expose the relationships as an operational tactic.

“It was effectively body hacking,” said Ms Steel. “They invaded our bodies and our minds.”

Undercover policing tactics are currently the subject of a public inquiry.

Helen Steel works with the support group for women’s legal action against undercover policing Police Spies Out of Lives.

10 thoughts on “British environmentalist women, sexually abused by police spies

  1. The incident of a police undercover agent impregnating what would have been a group that as far as I know were no more than a environmental group from my point of view the officer is depraved and corrupt in impregnating someone who is innocent, since 1967 the police have gone past the call of duty. they have in 1967 threatened me and told me they were going to close me down, I had no charges laid against me and no one had enforced any prosecution against me one of the persons who made a accusation me later apologized to me for wrongful doing, the police are a perverse lot whom are dangerous to those who having committed no crime can become persecuted by police, the MI5 were connected to the CIA who were involved with drugs such as LSD, as far as I know no investigation of MI5 and the CIA exists of these two forces working together in the 1960s, they would have ruined many peoples lives and on prosecution has been made against either of these organizations, they have been trained as a ruthless and danger to individuals rights and democracy, also they scoff at democratic rights because basically no one has them, since the late 60s a deviant atmosphere has become the norm for many, this has now become a political situation whereby the controlling assets of the Western Alliance has be come deviant, mainly for the controlling elite not to lose privileges and this requires the police to indoctrinated to carry out subversive activities, as a result of public opinion such as these columns the authorities are having to become more cunning and deviant.
    The main ploy of the police to divert public attention away from their nefarious activities? that is the main ideology of the terrorist is the police are protecting you against them, what they omit to let on is the British police are your terrorist? the rest is propaganda to brain control what you are to think.


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