Are being Green, journalism ‘terrorism’?

This video from England says about itself:

Jenny Jones, Green Party, on protesting

29 May 2015

I spoke to the Green Party peer, Jenny Jones, about her thoughts on protest and activism.

Jenny Jones is a significant member of the Green Party and serves as a member of the House of Lords in the UK.

Jenny has extensive experience of activism and dealing with the police. Until recently, she worked as a part of a committee to attempt to introduce oversight into the powers and actions of the Metropolitan Police.

By Lamiat Sabin in Britain:

Peer seeks answers from Met after being branded ‘extremist’

Friday 18th December 2015

A Green politician marked by the Metropolitan Police as an “extremist” took the force to task yesterday at a counterterrorism meeting in London.

This music video is called Muppets – Kermit – Its not easy being green (original).

Kermit the frog uses to sing: it’s not easy being green. This adds a new meaning.

Jenny Jones grilled Metropolitan Police Commissioner Bernard Hogan-Howe about suspicions that data had been deleted from her files, which had been compiled to paint her as a “domestic extremist,” after she had made two requests to see information held on herself.

Mr Hogan-Howe insisted he and his deputy Craig Mackey would only answer complaints in private, despite Ms Jones giving him permission to talk about her case at the public meeting in City Hall.

Baroness Jones, a member of the London Assembly and the House of Lords, said: “I’m curious. Has the intervening material been deleted? If you’re treating me like this, then you could be treating others in the same way — or possibly even worse.”

When Mr Hogan-Howe refused to budge, she added: “Well I am not happy with that answer because I am asking about myself and I do feel that something has gone wrong.”

She also spoke out against her treatment under the government’s controversial Preevnt programme in a minority report published yesterday.

Baroness Jones wrote: “The Met has previously included myself and several journalists in their database of ‘domestic extremists.’ This shows how words such as ‘extremism’ can be interpreted in a surprisingly broad brush way.”

Counterterrorism strategies are also creating barriers around Muslim communities and would further isolate those susceptible to radical rhetoric, she added.

The committee also touched upon the rising number of Islamophobic crimes in the wake of the Paris shootings.

According to the Met, 76 incidents in London were reported two weeks after the attacks, compared to 24 the week before, including an arson attempt at Finsbury Park mosque.

Mr Hogan-Howe admitted there was a spike in anti-Muslim violence and abuse but said the numbers were “relatively low for a city of this size.”

Labour Assembly Member Jennette Arnold asked him what the force was doing to catch the arsonists. He said police had increased patrols.

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  3. Saturday 9th January 2016

    posted by Luke James in Britain

    THE GREEN Party raised questions over police accountability yesterday after reports emerged that secret files kept on peer Jenny Jones were destroyed in a cover-up of spying operations on political activists.

    Baroness Jones of Moulsecoomb, who is also a member of the London Assembly, discovered two years ago that she had been placed on the Metropolitan Police database of “domestic extremists.”

    Files obtained through data laws revealed that records were kept of her movements between 2001 and 2012 — even as she sat on the committee that scrutinises Met operations.

    Now serving police officer Sgt David Williams has turned whistleblower to expose how other files were deleted to prevent the extent of spying being found out.

    Mr Williams, who worked in the “domestic extremism” unit for five years, wrote to Mr Jones as a “last resort” after Met bosses dismissed his concerns.

    The officer wrote: “I didn’t become a police officer to monitor politicians or political parties, nor to pay casual disregard to policy and procedure.”

    The Met admitted that files were destroyed but claimed it was part of an improvement in its record-keeping and insisted it did not act “inappropriately.”

    But a Green spokesman said: “These fresh allegations — that some of those files have been erased in a highly irregular fashion — are deeply concerning and demand thorough investigation.

    “If proved correct, it brings into question the entire democratic accountability of the police and their role in protecting all of our basic rights.”


  4. Thursday 14th January 2016

    posted by Luke James in Britain

    THE head of the Metropolitan Police was confronted live on radio yesterday by Green peer Jenny Jones over why spooks’ records on her were destroyed.

    Ms Jones rang in to Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe’s weekly phone-in on LBC radio to demand answers over the cover-up of the documents.

    The Green peer has obtained some of the records kept by the domestic extremism unit between 2002 and 2012 on her, which largely contained inane observations on her participation in protests or public statements.

    But a serving police officer bravely revealed last week that other potentially more damaging documents had been destroyed.

    In an astonishing on-air exchange, Ms Jones challenged the Met commissioner to clear up if and why the files were deleted.

    The bumbling bluebottle repeatedly refused to answer the question, insisting: “I can’t discuss individual cases in that detail.”

    He said the conclusions of an internal investigation should have been given to Ms Jones and accused the peer of “abusing” her position.

    “You’ve got access to me, 8.6 million people haven’t,” he said. “I wouldn’t give you special treatment.”

    But Ms Jones stormed: “Well the investigation certainly hasn’t been shared with me and I understand you’ve had a report on all of this.

    “You haven’t spoken to me about it. You haven’t made any attempt to clear up the mess.

    “And so I’m just very curious about why the Met’s being so, you know, so slow to admit that they’ve done something stupid.”


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