Prince Andrew’s Epstein scandal, musical parody

This 17 November 2019 musical parody video of the Prince song ‘When doves cry’ from Britain says about itself:

Prince Andrew – When Dukes Lie

Prince Andrew’s Prince tribute act.


“Explain, if you, will this picture”
Said BBC’s Emily Maitlis
“Is that your hand around her waist?
Can you, Your Highness
Can you explain this?”

I said, “Well, it could be a fake
Not been upstairs at that address
The only thing I clearly remember
Is the time I ate at Woking Pizza Express

“How come you stayed there for four days
With someone who preyed on the vulnerable?”
Well, I only went there to unfriend him
Maybe I’m just like my father: too honourable
That’s not how I dressed in the city
I’d wear a suit and a tie
I couldn’t sweat ‘cause the Falklands
This is what is sounds like when Dukes lie

British Conservative racist, pro-rape candidates

This 21 September 2018 video from Britain says about itself:

The Conservative party is racist | Owen Jones talks …

Conservative members of the European Parliament recently decided to give their backing to the far-right Hungarian autocrat, Viktor Orbán. They were the only centre-right party to back Orbán, who has been accused of both antisemitism and Islamophobia amongst other things.

But we shouldn’t be surprised. The Tories have a long history of racism in their ranks. They’ve recently ignored
Baroness Sayeeda Warsi’s calls to hold an inquiry into the rampant Islamophobia in their ranks, Zac Goldsmith’s campaign to become London mayor was dripping with Islamophobia, Boris Johnson‘s political and journalistic career has been characterised by racist bilge and that’s before we even get into the likes of Margaret Thatcher and Enoch Powell. The Conservative party fans bigotry and divides communities in order to gain political power. It always has done and, I think, always will do.

By Ceren Sagir in Britain:

Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Tory candidate called unfit to stand over ‘disgusting racism’

ANOTHER Tory parliamentary candidate faced calls to stand down today over his “disgustingly racist” views on immigrants whom he blamed for “doubling the rate of HIV” in Britain.

In a 2003 article for the Spectator, South Cambridgeshire candidate Anthony Browne wrote that “letting in too many germs” will claim more lives than “letting in terrorists” through the then Labour government’s migration policy.

The former adviser to Prime Minister Boris Johnson said that immigration “brings the epidemics that blight poorer countries: HIV infection, tuberculosis and hepatitis” and claimed that “infected immigrants” arriving in Britain were “doubling the rate of HIV.”

In his book Do We Need Mass Immigration?, Mr Browne said African immigration “has overtaken gay sex as the main cause of HIV,” and said they should be treated “where they live” rather than “on the NHS.”

Stand Up To Racism co-convenor Weyman Bennett said: “Johnson and Browne have embraced the most racist and disgusting words and taken a right-wing discourse into discussions of the Muslim community and the LGBT community.

“This candidate is not fit to stand in the election and Johnson is not fit to be PM. It’s time to take a stand against racism.”

Shadow women and equalities minister Naz Shah called the claims “disgusting racism” and urged the PM to personally intervene and remove Mr Browne’s candidacy.

A Tory spokeswoman said Mr Browne has apologised for the comments “and sincerely regrets them.”

Wakefield Tory candidate Antony Calvert was pressured to step down on Sunday for his racist and misogynistic Facebook comments days after Broadland candidate Nick Conrad stood down as his rape-apologist comments on live radio re-emerged.

Former Welsh secretary Alun Cairns also resigned ahead of the Tory campaign launch for lying about his knowledge of his aide’s alleged sabotage of a rape trial.

Gower candidate Francesca O’Brien, who said contestants on Benefits Street should be “put down”, has ignored calls to step down.

Neo-Pinochetist repression in Chile

This 6 November 2019 video says about itself:

Chile’s Indigenous Mapuche people demonstrate in central Santiago as anti-government protests continue, despite police repression.

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

Friday, November 8, 2019

Chile’s opposition slams Pinera’s return to repression

CHILE’S opposition has reacted angrily to billionaire President Sebastian Pinera’s announcement of new police powers and harsher sentences for “vandalism” in the wake of weeks of protests against his neoliberal government.

Despite adopting a conciliatory tone last week after 1.2 million people marched in the capital, Santiago, against his government’s brutal suppression of demonstrations that began in response to a rise in Metro fares, Mr Pinera said on Thursday that he would boost “aerial surveillance and police intelligence” and pass legislation through Congress bringing in longer penalties for looting and destruction of property.

This would help “Chile overcome these difficult three weeks and restore social peace, unity and progress,” he declared.

The announcement marks a return to repression following his concessions last week, which included offering the resignations of all his ministers and insisting that he had “listened” to protesters and “changed”.

Mr Pinera had previously described his country as facing a “war” against a “powerful, relentless enemy” and enraged demonstrators by claiming that their protests were masterminded by the Venezuelan government.

Protests and clashes between demonstrators and police continued on Thursday and yesterday across Chile. In Santiago, Health Minister Jaime Manalich was chased from a hospital he tried to visit by angry medical workers who said that spending cuts meant they lacked the supplies to care for demonstrators wounded by the police.

And women from a range of political parties called out Women’s Minister Isabel Pla for double standards after she condemned an attack on two female police officers, despite having failed to make any statement on the dozens of reported incidents of “rape, touching, threats of rape and sexual abuse, beatings and undressing” of female protesters by police.

A letter to the minister organised by Communist Party of Chile women’s officer Natalia Cuevas slammed “mass repression of Chileans, demonstrators killed by agents of the state, people injured by bullets, people losing eyes, torture and humiliation of detainees, children and adolescents detained.”

The letter was signed by over 100 women from parties including the Communists, Socialists, Radicals, the Democracy Party and more, with author Isabel Allende and Communist deputy Camila Vallejo among the signatories.

It “strongly condemned the attack on two policewomen yesterday … however we regret that you, as the minister responsible for watching over women’s rights, have not issued a single word on behalf of women who have been victims of human rights violations by state agents.”

Chilean prosecutors are investigating more than 800 allegations of abuses, including torture, rape and beatings by security forces, during demonstrations over inequality and the high cost of living: here.

Pedophile billionaire Jeffrey Epstein, was he murdered?

This 1 November 2019 video from the USA says about itself:

Jeffrey Epstein Coverup: There’s MURDER In The Air

Joseph Francis reports on the latest Jeffrey Epstein news, with a report out that Epstein’s injuries are more consistent with murder than suicide.

Leaked video reveals ABC News suppressed Jeffrey Epstein story since 2015: here.

Irish revolutionary Constance Markievicz, new theatre play

This December 2018 video says about itself:

Constance Markievicz. 100 Years

Constance Markievicz was the first woman elected to the British Parliament in 1918. As an Irish Republican she would never take her seat there. Instead, her party Sinn Féin elected to form their own government in Dublin on 21st January 1919, commonly known as the First Dáil. Constance was born into a well off family. She sacrificed her wealth, including selling off her possessions, to help the poor of Dublin and to support the revolution taking place there against the British Empire.

By Gavin O’Toole:

Thursday, October 24, 2019

Theatre Review: Antidote to imperial amnesia

GAVIN O’TOOLE sees a timely reminder of the life of Constance Markievicz, titan of revolutionary history and female equality

Rebels and Friends

THE PROBLEM, observed Oscar Wilde, is that the English can’t remember history, while the Irish can’t forget it.

There is a reason for this, of course, residing in the collective trauma suffered by the Irish during 500 years of colonial oppression that eventually tore the island asunder.

But Wilde’s refrain could have been written about Constance Markievicz, who is largely overlooked in Britain yet revered in Ireland.

Her role, as an awkward reminder of Britain’s imperial past, undoubtedly helps to explain her relative invisibility during the centenary commemorations of the suffrage movement in this country last year as the first woman to win a parliamentary election.

Fortunately, Jacqueline Mulhallen’s play Rebels and Friends comes with superb timing, given how Brexit reminds us how little England remembers about the border it manufactured in Ireland.

It subtly explores the many contrasts that defined Markievicz’s life and that of her equally remarkable sister, Eva Gore-Booth.

Eva was a pacifist but “Con” — an artist who married a Polish count — was a revolutionary spared the firing squad for her commanding role in the [1916] Easter Rising.

She was the the first woman elected to Britain’s Parliament and the Dail’s first labour minister, while Eva was a suffragette and trade union activist in England, a poet who formed a committed relationship with another woman.

Originally performed in 1989 and revived for a new tour in Britain with the support of the Irish government and – to its credit – Arts Council England, Rebels and Friends is a thoughtful exploration of one of the 20th century’s great sibling relationships.

Mulhallen tells the sisters’ story in this two-woman show through letters they exchanged during Markievicz’s spells in British jails and there’s an explosive sibling chemistry between Dolores Devaujany as Con and Marianne March as Eva, well choreographed by Sian Williams.

They’re expertly directed by William Alderson, who magically creates an entire era without props.

Tours until November 25, details:

United States ICE officer raped Honduran woman

This 22 July 2018 PBS TV video from the USA says about itself:

While in ICE custody, thousands of migrants reported sexual abuse

As migrant children wait in U.S. immigration detention centers to reunite with their families, public records reveal that in the past decade, thousands of people have reported sexual abuse while in a similar type of immigration custody. Emily Kassie, an investigative reporter and producer with the Marshall Project who obtained the data and spoke to survivors, joins Hari Sreenivasan for more.

‘ICE AGENT RAPED IMMIGRANT FOR YEARS’ An immigration agent threatened a Honduran woman living in Connecticut with deportation if she didn’t have sex with him, then raped her as often as four times a week for seven years, impregnating her three times, the woman says in a federal lawsuit. [AP]