Women’s March against Trump, Amsterdam, elsewhere

Demonstrators in Amsterdam today, ANP photo

Today, many demonstrators have gathered on the Museumplein square in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, for the Women’s March against Donald Trump.

A report is here.

Anti-Trump demonstrators in Rome

This photo shows anti-Trump demonstrators in Rome, Italy, today.

Anti-Trump and Wilders demonstration, Amsterdam

This is a video about the demonstration against Donald Trump and his Dutch fan Geert Wilders in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, on 20 December 2017.

This video is an interview with Ms Anne Fleur Dekker, organiser of the 20 December Amsterdam demonstration. A report on that demonstration is here.

Today, at 12 at noon at the Museumplein in Amsterdam, there will be one of the many women’s marches against Trump all over the world.

Anti-Trump demonstration, Antarctic, 21 January

Women's March Antarctica

Tomorrow, 21 January 2017, the day after Donald Trump’s inauguration as president of the USA, there will be the Women’s March on Washington against his policies.

There will be at least 616 ‘sister marches’ to that event all over the world. Like in London, England. And in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. And in The Hague, the Netherlands (march from the Malieveld to the US embassy). And in Aruba in the Caribbean.

And, like there was a demonstration in Antarctica in 2003 on the same day millions of others demonstrated all over the world against George W Bush’s plans to invade Iraq, there will be a demonstration against Donald Trump in the Antarctic tomorrow.

From the Women’s March site:

Women’s March – Antarctic Peninsula

Start: January 21, 2017•10:00 AM

Off the coast of the Antarctic Peninsula• Neko Harbor, Antarctic Peninsula, Antarctica

Host Contact Info: Linda790@yahoo.com

We are an international group of eco-minded visitors on an expedition ship to Antarctica.

We will be “marching” on our ship, off the coast of the Antarctic Peninsula on January 21, location still unknown. Unfortunately due to this constraint, we can’t invite the public, but welcome all ship-board guests and staff to join us.

We welcome signs and hats. Ideas:

Penguins for Peace

Cormorants for Climate

Seals for Science

Women for Earth”

Due to the environmental sensitivity of the area, we can’t leave any marks, trampled messages, etc.

London women’s anti-Trump march, 21 January

London women's anti-Trump march, 21 January

There will not only be anti-Donald Trump demonstrations on the day of his inauguration, 20 January, in Washington, DC, elsewhere in the USA, and, eg, in Amsterdam, the Netherlands; and in London, England.

There will not only be women’s anti-Donald Trump demonstrations on the day after his inauguration, 21 January, in Washington, DC; and, eg, in Amsterdam, the Netherlands; also in London, England.

From British anti-nuclear weapons peace movement CND, on Twitter:

CND is proud to be joining the Women’s March in London on 21 January. We’re marching to say No to Trump’s Arms Race.

CND anti-Trump demonstration

See also here.

Chicago, January 20: Protest the Inauguration of Donald Trump! Say No to Racism: here.

Koreans commemorate crimes against ‘comfort women’

This Dutch language video says about itself (translated):

January 12 2017

Sometimes they were raped 20 times a day, 200 thousand Korean “comfort women” who were brought to Japan between 1910 and 1945 to sexually serve soldiers. This statue in Busan symbolizes the drama. But as [the governments of] South Korea and Japan want to bury the hatchet, the government threatens to dismantle the statue. Hans Aarsman about the protest which that decision causes.

Filipina ‘comfort women’ protest Japan’s Abe

This video says about itself:

Comfort Women Survivors Protest Against Japanese Prime Minister’s Visit

12 January 2017

Some surviving comfort women in the Philippines rallied on Thursday to protest against the Japanese prime minister’s visit to the country, asking for apology and compensation for the crimes the Japanese invaders committed against humanity during World War II.

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

Philippines: Comfort women lead protest against Abe

Friday 13th January 2017

PROTESTERS led by four World War II Filipino sex slaves gathered in front of the Japanese embassy in Manila yesterday against a state visit by Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

Left-wing umbrella group Bayan, which is among the organisations supporting the “comfort women,” said Mr Abe’s trip was not a mere “social visit.”

Comfort women and girls were forced into sexual slavery by the Imperial Japanese Army in occupied territories before and during the second world war.

Bayan said: “The visit of the Japanese PM is another step to slowly establish its military presence” through regular naval port calls and joint military exercises with US forces.

Japan wants to flex its military muscle in the region as a junior partner of the US. It has passed security legislation that goes against the spirit of its peace constitution.”

Racism, sexism in Dutch armed forces

This video from Britain says about itself:

Sexism in the British armed forces – Channel 4 News, 15 01 16

Rebecca Crookshank was a member of the RAF, where she experienced sexual harassment.

See also here.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV:

Soldiers sick of discrimination and sexism

Today, 11:38

Thirteen (former) soldiers have complained to the Ministry of Defence because they suffer from discriminatory or sexist remarks. This confirms lawyer Michael Ruperti in response to an article in the Algemeen Dagblad daily.

In the newspaper, eg, an Antillean soldier complains that he was told that he “should go back to the monkey rock”. A female soldier was told that she was a “tampon“, and was called a “first aid kit cunt” as she had to keep her mouth shut.


Ruperti speaks of more than 32 cases, and also today still people with stories about the culture in the armed forces are reporting. Some immigrant soldiers according to him have already asked themselves for a transfer because they are sick of the discriminatory harassment. …

In 2006 there already was research on discrimination in the military. It showed that many Dutch soldiers were against immigrants. According to Ruperti, little appears to have changed in ten years.