Gambia bans female genital mutilation

This is a video about Ousmane Sembène‘s film Mooladé, against female genital mutilation. Ousmane Sembène is from Senegal.

Good news now from a country bordering on Senegal.

Translated from NOS TV in the Netherlands:

Gambia bans female circumcision

Today, 13:06

In Gambia female genital mutilation has been banned. President Jammeh said in a speech that it is banned with immediate effect.

Opponents of female circumcision are reluctant because the ban has not yet been legally defined. “President Jammeh’s statement sends a strong signal to the world, but a law is a stronger signal,” said anti-FGM activist Jaha Dukureh. “A law can save countless lives in Gambia.”

Dukureh has long campaigned for this ban in Gambia. …

Earlier this year, Nigeria also introduced a ban. In countries such as Sierra Leone, Liberia and Mali it is still allowed.

Pregnant refugee woman attacked by xenophobes

This video from the USA says about itself:

Anti-Refugee Camerawoman To Sue The Man She Tripped

21 October 2015

The Hungarian camerawoman

working for a TV station owned by neo-nazi party Jobbik

who made international headlines for tripping a Syrian refugee carrying his young son

and for kicking refugee children

is now suing that refugee…and Facebook. She is claiming that the incident has ruined her reputation and she wants to clear her good name. John Iadarola (Think Tank), Hannah Cranston (Think Tank), Hasan Piker (Pop Trigger), and Karamo Brown hosts of The Young Turks discuss.

“A Hungarian camerawoman who was fired after shocking video emerged of her intentionally tripping refugees says she plans to sue Facebook and one of the refugees she kicked.

The footage of Petra Laszlo enraged the international community when it surfaced in early September.

From daily The Morning Star in Britain today:

Teens probed for attack on woman

GERMANY: Three teenagers are being investigated for hate crimes after allegedly attacking an eight-months-pregnant Somalian refugee, police said yesterday.

The woman was on her way back to a refugee shelter in the town of Bad Belzig on Wednesday afternoon when she was attacked by two boys and a girl aged 14 and 15, police said.

They grabbed the sack of potatoes she was carrying on her head, threw her to the ground and assaulted her.

Dutch ex-Geert Wilders acolyte suspected of paedophilia

Ex-PVV politician Daniël van der Stoep

Translated from Telstar TV in Pijnacker, the Netherlands:

Politician from Pijnacker suspected of grooming underage girls

Wednesday 11 November 2015, 16:19

Pijnacker – The justice department suspects former MEP Daniël van der Stoep (35) from Pijnacker of attempts to induce underage girls into having sex with him. A spokeswoman for the public prosecutor confirmed this on Wednesday to the ANP news agency.

The politician, born and bred in Pijnacker, is said to have tried this with at least three girls by promising them gifts. Van der Stoep is said to have promised the girls, inter alia, money and cocaine and to have abused his status, so write national media. This happened in the years 2012 until the beginning of 2014. The alleged victims in the early attempts were only fifteen or sixteen years [or fourteen years] old. Van der Stoep has to appear in court on November 24.

Van der Stoep was from July 2009 to July 2014 for two periods in the European Parliament. First for the PVV [of Geert Wilders], where he gave up his seat after he caused a traffic accident under the influence of liquor, then from December 2011 on as an independent member.

While busy with his paedophile grooming, Daniël van der Stoep on Facebook hypocritically attacked his European Parliament (Green party) colleague Daniel Cohn-Bendit as a ‘piece of shit’ for paedophilia.

Japanese government homophobia, local LGBTQ rights support

This Japanese language video says about itself:

Japan Tokyo’s Shibuya Ward accepts applications for recognition of LGBTQ couples

28 October 2015

Tokyo’s Shibuya Ward on Wednesday began accepting applications from same-sex couples for recognition of their relationship.

The first such program in Japan, it grants recognition of same-sex partnerships as being “equivalent to marriage.”

The first to apply on Wednesday were a female couple, local residents Hiroko Masuhara, 37, and Koyuki Higashi, 30.

“Administrative procedures pose hurdles for same-sex couples, but I was happy because ward office staff welcomed us,” Higashi said.

Couples need to submit notarized documents that prove their relationship is based on love and trust. Shibuya Ward will issue certificates from Nov. 5.

Today, 5 November 2011, Ms Masuhara and Ms Higashi have received their certificate. This video in Japanese is about it.

Dear Koyuki, dear Hiroko, I wish you a happy life full of love together! And let us hope that the present homophobic right-wing Shinzo Abe government in Japan will be gone soon.

Translated from NOS TV in the Netherlands:

First ‘relationship certificate’ for LGBTQ couple in Japan

Today, 17:11

A district of Tokyo has put a step toward recognizing homosexual couples. They can in Shibuya request a “relationship certificate”. Two women, Hiroko Masuhara and Koyuki Higashi, are the first couple in Japan that has received the document.

The two women see the presentation of the document as an important signal towards LGBTQ people in Tokyo. “I hope this is not just a step forward for Tokyo, but that all of Japan will become a better place to live,” said Higashi.

Better society

Shibuya is known in Japan as a relatively liberal neighbourhood with many foreign residents. At the train station was a large billboard that read: “We support Shibuya, pursuing a better society with a certificate, respecting men, women and diversity.”

The initiative in Shibuya has been immediately followed in the adjoining district of Setagaya. There also the relationship certificate was introduced after the announcement of Shibuya.

The government is not legally bound by the document, but it is hoped that the certificate will give LGBTQ couples the same social status as married couples. In addition to its symbolic value, the document according to Japanese media also has a practical purpose: it could help LGBTQ couples to simplify procedures in hospitals and in the rental housing sector.

In Japan, only heterosexual couples can marry. The Japanese constitution stipulates that a marriage can only happen if it is a straight marriage. Higashi and Masuhara say they are still dreaming of the day when equal marriage will be accepted in Japan.

This video, in English, says about itself:

Japanese LGBT Group Claims Not Legalizing Same-Sex Marriage Violates Human Rights

8 July 2015

The Japan Federation of Bar Associations was asked to investigate the Japanese government’s non-recognition of gay marriage as a human rights and constitutional violation.

Australian police drag breastfeeding pro-refugee mother away

From daily The Independent in Britain today:

Breastfeeding woman dragged from refugee sit-in protest

The woman said of the incident: ‘There are far worse things going on in detention camps

Olivia Blair

A woman was dragged from a refugee sit-in protest by police while breastfeeding her son.

Video footage shows the woman, known as Jill, being removed from the Immigration Department offices in Melbourne after participating in the sit-in.

The woman was part of the group Families, Friends and Feminists Against Detention (FFFAD) who held a ‘Pram Jam’ at the offices to support a Somalian refugee who was allegedly raped on the island of Nauru, where many asylum seekers are held.

The group state on their Facebook page they want the woman “to be give permanent resettlement options in Australia with her family”.

Jill told Buzzfeed: “I took my 22 month old son Manny to a protest… I was breastfeeding him when the police came in to remove us, and I continued while they carried me out.”

She reportedly said of the incident: “There are far worse things going on in detention camps.”

“It raises the question, why are my son’s feelings so important, while the well-being of children in detention is a matter of indifference?” she said.

The protest was in support of a refugee woman who was allegedly raped while being held on the Pacific island of Nauru.

According to the BBC, the Australian government said she could come to the country to terminate the pregnancy, however later left without doing so.

There are conflicting reports as to whether this was disallowed by the government, they state that the refugee changed her mind — which she denies.

According to Buzzfeed, she is now in an Australian hospital.

The Independent has contacted Victoria Police for comment.

In the latest outrage on Christmas Island—Australia’s notorious immigration detention outpost in the Indian Ocean—security guards provoked rioting by inmates on Sunday following the suspicious death of an Iranian Kurdish refugee, Fazal Chegeni: here.

AUSTRALIAN police smashed a protest yesterday at a refugee prison on Christmas Island. Cops sent to the Indian Ocean territory, just 230 miles from Indonesia but 1,000 miles from Australia, reported using “some force,” including tear gas, against people who had built barricades in the camp: here.