German police not catching racist anti-refugee criminals

This video, recorded in Germany, says about itself:

20 October 2015

Four people were killed and four injured in a suspected arson attack on a refugee shelter in Pforzheim, north of Stuttgart, in the early hours of Tuesday.

Translated from NOS TV in the Netherlands:

Attacks on asylum seekers hardly ever punished in Germany

Today, 19:08

by Judith van de Hulsbeek

Almost none of the cases of violence against asylum seeker centers in Germany is ever resolved. Of the more than 200 violent attacks on centers in Germany in 2015, persons were convicted in only four cases; according to research by the German magazine Die Zeit.

Journalists from the magazine have mapped all attacks involving casualties or potential casualties. These include incendiary bombs, arson or rocks through windows. In the vast majority of crimes no trace of the perpetrators was found.

The number of attacks against refugee reception centers has increased dramatically this year. Especially arson attacks have increased. In January there were still only two, in October this year twenty. The survey shows that most firebomb and arson attacks are in Saxony.

Perpetrators now more often choose an inhabited building for refugees as a target. In the attacks 104 people were injured.

Especially at night

It is according to Die Zeit so difficult to find perpetrators because the crimes are often committed at night and the perpetrators disappear quickly. Sometimes molotov cocktails are thrown from moving cars to the shelters. When the fires are burning they often destroy the evidence.

Another reason may be that German police, like their French colleagues, and their British colleagues, and their United States colleagues, are so busy monitoring, infiltrating or stopping peaceful environmental, pro-peace, pro-refugee, anti-racist, squatting, and other movements, that they hardly have time left to find the culprits of racist anti-refugee crimes.

CHILD refugees are being left stranded without support at Britain’s main point of entry as the situation reaches “breaking point,” officials revealed yesterday. The number of unaccompanied children requesting asylum grew by more than half in the last five months, from 630 in August to 980 this week, said Kent County Council: here.

Not since the depredations of World War II have the peoples of the world witnessed scenes like those now on display in Europe. Hundreds of thousands of desperate refugees have fled war and destitution, only to be met with closed borders, razor wire, tear gas and water cannon. Despite sympathy and support for the refugees from their own residents, as well as many millions internationally, European governments have mobilised thousands of border police and soldiers. While some European leaders initially feigned concern for the refugees’ plight, they have all moved to block further arrivals: here.

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