British Conservative bullying, sexual abuse scandal, continued

This 30 November 2015 video from Britain is called Elliott Johnson’s father calls for independent inquiry into Tatler Tory scandal.

By Luke James in Britain:

Tory chair Feldman faces new quit call over bullies

Thursday 10th December 2015

Party activist says peer knew of abuse allegation 5 years earlier than he claimed

TORY chairman Lord Andrew Feldman faced renewed pressure to resign yesterday over claims the party covered up evidence of bullying, blackmail and sexual abuse in its youth section.

Ray Johnson, the father of Elliott Johnson, the 21-year-old Tory activist who killed himself in September after alleged bullying in the party, made the accusation after new evidence emerged suggesting that Mr Feldman knew about bullying but failed to act.

A former Conservative youth activist told BBC 2’s Newsnight programme that a dossier detailing a culture of bullying within the party was presented to Mr Feldman in 2010.

That contradicts the chairman’s claim that he was not made aware of the allegations until August 2015.

“He really should look to his responsibility to the Conservative party and for my family and take the decision to resign from his position,” Mr Johnson told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme.

The bereaved dad said the only personal correspondence he had received from Mr Feldman was a “very vague, bland letter” offering sympathy for his son’s death.

Mr Johnson also revealed that the Tories had left him to find out through the media that they had ditched an internal party probe for an independent inquiry.

In a scathing assessment of the Conservative Party’s response to the scandal, he said: “They really have not bothered to keep us in the loop at all.

“It’s almost as if they closed the door — shut the doors and closed the windows to weather the storm.

“I think they hoped this was going to go away and if it wasn’t going to go away, they were intent on a cover-up.”

The issue showed no sign of disappearing yesterday though as George Osborne faced questions on the scandal as he stood in at Prime Minister’s questions.

Grant Shapps resigned as international development minister in November in a bid to take the blame for the scandal and save Mr Feldman, longtime friend and tennis partner of David Cameron.

But Labour’s Jonathan Ashworth said: “Grant Shapps’s resignation cannot be used to draw a line under this. Lord Feldman, the man charged by David Cameron to run the Conservative Party, still has very big questions to answer.”

Tory bullying scandal: Donal Blaney ‘can’t sleep at night’ over failure to ‘get rid’ of Mark Clarke before Elliott Johnson’s death. Influential right-winger said he wished he had never met Mark Clarke, who he had once witnessed ‘punch someone in the face’: here.

New Tory bullying scandal breaks out as Conservative MP Lucy Allan ‘threatens to sack staff member’ for taking sick leave. Telford MP accused female member of staff of having an ‘alcohol problem’ after she phoned in sick: here.

9 thoughts on “British Conservative bullying, sexual abuse scandal, continued

  1. Saturday 12th December 2015

    posted by Morning Star in Britain

    DAVID CAMERON was dragged into the Tory abuse scandal yesterday by evidence that his Downing Street aides used disgraced bully Mark Clarke as a “hatchet man.”

    Emails leaked to the Sun suggest the Prime Minister’s chiefs of staff used Clarke to stop a controversial activist becoming chair of the party’s youth section.

    Lawrence Mann, now an MP and Mr Cameron’s political secretary, is alleged to have colluded with senior apparatchiks Oliver Dowden and Catherine Fall in the takedown plot.

    Liam Walker, an activist in Mr Cameron’s Witney constituency, had embarrassed the PM by claiming people use foodbanks so they can spend money in the pub.

    A Tory party official allegedly ordered Mr Clarke to wreck the political prospects of Mr Walker as a result.

    Labour shadow cabinet minister Jonathan Ashworth said Mr Cameron must now “look at the role of his office in relation to Mark Clarke’s activities.”


  2. Monday 14th December 2015

    posted by Morning Star in Britain

    THE parents of the young Tory activist who killed himself after claiming he was being bullied within the party are boycotting an inquiry into the allegations, claiming it’s another Conservative cover-up.

    Ray and Alison Johnson told the Mail on Sunday that lawyers Clifford Chance, brought in to carry out an “independent” inquiry into their son Elliott’s allegations, had failed to answer “basic” questions on their past links to Tory HQ.

    “For all you have told us the Prime Minister could be a client and Lord Feldman good friends with senior partners of Clifford Chance,” they said.

    And the couple poured further scorn on party chair Lord Feldman’s claim that he was “wholly unaware” of alleged bullying in the Tory youth wing until August.

    “As each day passes we believe it becomes clearer that Tory HQ is complicit in a cover-up to protect its chairman,” they said.

    Party co-chair Grant Shapps resigned in response to the scandal and alleged bully-in-chief Mark Clarke has been kicked out of the Tories for life.


  3. Monday 21st December 2015

    posted by Luke James in Britain

    THE CONSERVATIVE Party could learn from trade unions about how to deal with workplace bullying, according to Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.

    Mr Corbyn told the Morning Star that he was “terribly shocked” by the death of young Tory activist Elliott Johnson.

    The suicide of the 20-year-old, who was found on railway tracks in September, has sparked a string of allegations of bullying, blackmail and sexual abuse in the Tory Party.

    Mr Corbyn was keen not to score political points from the tragedy, saying: “Bullying in general is appalling in any organisation.”

    But he spoke passionately of the need to combat bullying, adding: “It’s appalling in the workplace.

    “It’s appalling in politics and sometimes, when parties offer strong, macho politics, it ends up simply as abuse. It should not be the case.”

    And he held up the anti-bullying hotline established by the Communication Workers Union for its members as an example of action to be followed by others.

    The Labour leader spoke out after new details of the bullying scandal gripping the Tories were revealed at the weekend.

    Daniel Blaney quit as chairman of the Conservative Way Forward group after the Mail on Sunday linked him to the harassment of Mr Johnson.

    They revealed Mr Blaney fired the young activist from his role at the group and tried to charge him £400-an-hour for legal advice about a separate matter.

    Mr Blaney said he is now going to live and work in the US.

    His departure throws into jeopardy plans for a museum dedicated to Margaret Thatcher, because Mr Blaney personally owns much of the memorabilia set to be displayed.


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