British Conservative party bullying scandal escalates

This video from Britain says about itself:

Tory aide accused of sexual harassment expelled from the Conservative party

18 November 2015

Mark Clarke, a senior Tory aide accused of bullying and sexual harassment, has been expelled from the party for life.

A Conservative spokesman confirmed that Mr Clarke, who ran the Team 2015 election road-trip campaign, has had his membership cancelled as a result of a number of complaints against him.

The decision means Mr Clarke can never become an MP for the party.

The party has also confirmed that the Roadtrip campaign is no longer authorised by the Conservatives.

A police investigation into Elliot Johnson’s death is ongoing.

Mr Clarke was dubbed the ‘Tatler Tory’ after being named as a rising star in the party, but he later failed to win the Tooting seat where he ran against Sadiq Khan in 2010.

He was accused of masterminding a plot to blackmail Rob Halfon, a cabinet minister, over an affair the MP had with a Conservative campaigner.

The Minister was reportedly told of an alleged plan to film him and his lover leaving a club where they regularly met, in order to blackmail him with the pictures.

It is claimed that Mr Clarke threatened to take pictures of the pair in a bid to win himself a parliamentary seat in 2020. He previously failed to win the Tooting seat during the 2010 election.

The news forced Mr Halfon, 46, to call off the affair in May. He has a long term partner but is not married.

In a statement the well-respected Conservative MP said: “What I did was wrong, and I feel ashamed. I am not proud of myself. The most important thing to me is to continue to repair my relationship with my partner.”

He [Clarke] is also alleged to have attempted to trick the young female campaigner into taking drugs so that he could take pictures and use them against her.

She has reported Mr Clarke to Tory bosses, a source told The Telegraph. Mr Clarke denies all the allegations.

In a statement the party said: “In the light of information that has come to our knowledge this week, Mark Clarke’s membership of the Conservative Party has been cancelled for life. This means he cannot be a candidate or represent the Party in any way.”

From daily The Independent in Britain today:

Grant Shapps resigns: International development minister steps down amid Tory bullying scandal

The father of Elliott Johnson, the Tory activist who is believed to have killed himself, said his son would still be alive if the party had acted on complains about Mark Clarke’s behaviour

Samuel Osborne

4 hours ago

Grant Shapps, the Minister of State at the Department for International Development, has resigned after claims emerged he failed to act over allegations of bullying by a Tory campaigner.

In a resignation letter seen by the BBC, Mr Shapps told David Cameron “the buck should stop with me” over issues while he was Conservative Party chairman.

The Prime Minister earlier refused to offer his full support to Mr Shapps in the wake of the bullying allegations. He told reporters a statement would be made on the former party chairman today.

The father of Elliott Johnson, the Tory activist who is believed to have killed himself, said his son would still be alive if the party had acted on complains about Mark Clarke’s behaviour.

He and the Conservative MP Ben Howlett claim successive party chairs, including Grant Shapps and the incumbent Lord Feldman, have been aware of Mr Clarke’s reputation for years.

A letter emerged, written by former party chairman Sayeeda Warsi and sent to Mr Shapps, demanding action be taken against Mr Clarke. She said she never received a “satisfactory response”.

The letter appeared to contradict the Tory party‘s claim it was unable to find records of uninvestigated complains against him.

In his letter to the Prime Minister, Mr Shapps writes: “Over the past few weeks – as individual allegations have come to light – I hvae come to the conclusion that the buck should stop with me.

“Given the very serious nature of what has subsequently occurred and my role in appointing Mr Clarke, I cannot help but conclude that the only right course of action is for me to step down as a Minister in your government.” …

It had been reported Mr Clarke attempted to obtain photos of Conservative minister Robert Halfon leaving the East India Club with a woman who was allegedly his mistress, supposedly to blackmail the minister without portfolio.

Mr Halfon, who has a long-term partner but is not married, finished the affair in May, according to The Telegraph.

Mr Shapps courted controversy during his time as Tory party chairman.

He was forced to admit he had “screwed up” over his denial that he held a second job posing as a multi-millionaire under the pseudonym Michael Green while also an MP in 2006.

British Conservative pro-nuclear weapons McCarthyism

This video from Britain says about itself:

Liam Fox resigns as Defence Secretary over Werritty links

14 October 2011

Defence Secretary Liam Fox has resigned over his connections with his close friend and unofficial lobbyist Adam Werritty.

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

Cold war heckle for ‘commie’ peacenik

Wednesday 25th November 2015

THE last Communist MPs, Willie Gallacher and Phil Piratin, lost their seats in the 1950 general election, writes Luke James.

But the spectre of communism was apparently haunting the Commons again yesterday during the debate on Trident renewal.

Arch-Thatcherite Tory MP Liam Fox shouted “communist” at Green MP Caroline Lucas after she argued nuclear weapons are “making us less safe, not more safe.”

It was a cold war-era heckle in defence of a cold war-era defence system.

You wonder whether the Tories are running out of bogeymen to justify the cost of Trident.

British Conservatives, Saudi Arabia and ISIS

This video from the USA says about itself:

ISIL/Daesh terrorists armed by Turkey, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, UAE

4 October 2014

US Vice President Joe Biden openly admits at a speech in Harvard University that ISIS terrorists were armed and funded by Turkey, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and UAE.

By Lamiat Sabin in Britain:

Ashdown: PM must put pressure on Gulf rulers to block Isis funds

Wednesday 25th November 2015

DAVID CAMERON’S cosy connections with rich Gulf rulers means he is scared to pressurise them into cutting off funding to Islamic State (Isis), Lord Ashdown said yesterday.

The Tory PM is being told to urge Saudi Arabia, Qatar and United Arab Emirates (UAE) to stem the flow of cash financing weapons and assets that end up in the hands of Isis murderers.

Mr Cameron needs to address this “failure” when he announces tomorrow how and when RAF air strikes would target Isis in Syria, the former Lib Dem leader said on the BBC Radio 4 Today programme.

Stop the War Coalition convener Lindsey German said there is “no question” that the British monarchy and some Tories have “appalling long-standing” relationships with Saudi Arabian rulers.

Ms German added: “When the Saudi king died, the Union Jack was flown half mast and Prince Charles and the Prime Minister rushed with haste to the capital Riyadh to attend the funeral.

“When there have been human rights outcries, Mr Cameron usually defends the Saudis. Now, he is happy to tell us we need to spend billions on another war while forcing austerity.

“More people are becoming aware of this and I hope enough MPs have enough sense to vote against Syria air strikes.”

Saudi warplanes have been inactive [against ISIS; while being very active killing civilians in Yemen] for three months and Qatari ones have not flown for almost a year despite both countries being members of the US-led coalition against Isis, Lord Ashdown added.

Saudi Arabia unashamedly championed in UK security review. UK defence and security review places emphasis on human rights. Yet describes es yet describes Saudi Arabia as “vital partner”: here.

British students strike against governmental xenophobia

This video from Britain says about itself:

International students’ National Day of Walk-out – November 17

24 September 2015

NUS International Students‘ Officer Mostafa Rajaai explains why students will be participating in a mass walk-out on Tuesday 17 November 2015.

By Joana Ramiro in Britain:

Xenophobic Tory policies provoke strike by students

Wednesday 18th November 2015

STUDENTS across the country went on strike in defence of migrants’ rights yesterday, as tens of thousands feared further toughening of immigration laws in the wake of the Paris terrorist attacks.

College and university students interrupted classes during a day of solidarity with international students, whose lives have become more difficult since the Conservatives came to power.

Actions included rallies, banner-drops and the setting-up of mock checkpoints at the gates of university campuses.

National Union of Students international officer Mostafa Rajaai said: “We want to send a clear message to the government that students in this country overwhelmingly reject the attitude and direction that the UK has adopted regarding immigration.

“The failure to respond adequately to the refugee crisis, the mistreatment of international students and the constant attacks on migrants’ rights are all part of the wider anti-migrant sentiment which is on the rise in the UK political establishment and we wholeheartedly oppose it.”

Stricter rules brought in by the Tories have meant foreign students enduring tougher checks and needing more savings to study in Britain.

From this month, overseas students in further education will no longer be allowed to request a work visa unless they leave Britain and apply from abroad.

Visas’ periods of validity have also been cut, with students applying to British colleges receiving a maximum of two years’ leave to remain.

National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts international rep Alex Norman sent his condolences to Parisian students, many of whom were among the victims of Friday’s terrorist massacre.