11 thoughts on “Impunity for British sexually abusive spying police?

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  3. Wednesday, April 11, 2018

    Probe names undercover cops Stewart and Peter

    THE COVER names of two more former undercover police officers were released by the spycops inquiry yesterday.

    The inquiry named “Stewart Goodman” as having infiltrated the Anti-Apartheid Movement and the International Socialists, later renamed the Socialist Workers Party, in 1970 and 1971.

    However, campaigners said that he had previously been listed on the inquiry’s website as HN339, active between 1970 and 1974.

    The inquiry also revealed the cover name of “Peter Fredericks,” who had infiltrated the black power movement, Operation Omega and Young Haganah in 1971.

    The inquiry announced that, “subject to final checks,” it planned to publish five further cover names next Monday.

    The spycops inquiry’s credibility was severely damaged last month when core participants staged a mass walkout to show their frustration with chair John Mitting, accusing him of erecting a “brick wall of silence” by granting full anonymity to the vast majority of undercover officers.

    It is next due to sit on May 9 to consider further anonymity applications by former spycops.



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