More Murdoch crimes revealed

Murdoch's phone hacking scandal, cartoon

By Patrick O’Connor:

Murdoch’s News Corporation accused of pay TV piracy

2 April 2012

Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation has been accused of orchestrating a global pay television piracy operation that successfully undermined its rival networks in Britain, the US, Europe and Australia.

The allegations were aired last week on the BBC’s “Panorama” program and in a series of articles published by the Australian Financial Review. They follow the phone hacking scandal in Britain that remains the subject of a criminal investigation. The accusations of pay TV piracy are potentially even more damaging to News Corporation. While Murdoch’s newspapers are central to his political power, his international pay TV interests generate the largest and fastest growing component of News Corporation’s profits.

The BBC and Australian Financial Review (AFR) focussed on the activities of NDS (News Datacom Services), an Israeli-based software company owned by News Corporation. In the 1990s, NDS established an “Operational Security” group tasked with ensuring the security of Murdoch’s burgeoning pay TV interests. It aimed to prevent hackers and criminal gangs from cracking the encrypted codes and “smart cards” that are used to allow paying customers access to certain programs and channels.

Part of this work involved NDS recruiting hackers to crack its competitors’ codes and security systems—in itself, not necessarily an illegal activity. NDS employees, however, are alleged to have also distributed the cracked codes on the internet and encouraged the production of illegal smart cards that would allow people to access pay TV networks for free. As a result, it is alleged, News Corporation’s rivals lost enormous revenue streams, forcing several of them into bankruptcy.

16 thoughts on “More Murdoch crimes revealed

  1. Reblogged this on pindanpost and commented:
    This is one bad case of reporting that will finish up costing someone huge in the law courts…BBC as well as Fairfax in Australia will be at the receiving end of Murdoch’s lawyers. His tweets show he is rubbing his hands with glee at the prospect.


    • Hi Tom, what proof if any is there that mega-crook Murdoch is right in this? He should have been jailed long ago, just for the Milly Dowler hacking, not even talking about Murdoch’s thousands of other phone hacking cases. Only his bribes to police and politicians so far have kept Murdoch out of jail.


  2. “This topic has nothing to do with the hacking”. Yes, it does, as it makes for a more complete picture of the Murdoch empire as an empire of crime, after the earlier Milly Dowler and other phone hacking revelations, the revelations about bribing police and politicians, etc. Murdoch’s lying propaganda for the Iraq and Afgjhanistan wars, and his propaganda for an Iran war now, also fit in this picture (The BBC is indeed sometimes “biased” , in the sense of pro-Iraq and Afghanistan etc. wars; like the Murdoch media, though mainly with a slightly less hysterical tone).

    The Fairfax media in Australia “extreme leftist”???!! Come on! They are a capitalist, Big Mining-owned, and pro-capitalist business.

    See on Fairfax:


  3. “you know what Fairfax say by reading the Australian…that is the difference between them.”

    It is a myth that the Murdoch media show both sides in controversies. The Murdoch media, like the Sun and their “quality” flagship the Times, did not even show ONE side about their very own Milly Dowler phone hacking scandal and their own similar thousands of other scandals: they showed ZERO sides, that is, they wrote NOTHING about it. Similar with their bribing of police and politicians.

    “Just ask the women in Iraq”: indeed, see

    US soldiers raping Iraqi women, from the conservative Daily Telegraph:

    And ask the US women soldiers raped by their “comrades”:

    Libyan women get sharia humiliation, “thanks” to NATO:

    You mention anti-Semitism in Europe. Indeed, the both NATO and al-Qaeda-backed Albanian nationalist Kosovo “Liberation” Army (KLA) expelled all Jews from Kosovo. The Jews which had not been killed or sent to Auschwitz by 1940s Albanian nationalists, allied to Hitler:

    More on the KLA:


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