Austrian extremist Haider dies

This video, in French, is about Jörg Haider and other extreme Rightists in Austria commemorating the “heroes” of Adolf Hitler’s Waffen SS.

From British daily The Guardian:

Austrian far-right leader Jörg Haider dies in car crash

Austrian president says death of controversial politician is a ‘human tragedy’

This may indeed look like a tragedy to Haider’s family and friends. But others may think that the end of Haider’s political career is in itself not a bad thing, though they may prefer that it would have happened not by death, but by Haider’s withdrawal from political life; or, better still, Haider’s repudiation of his praise of Adolf Hitler’s SS and economic policies, his anti-Semitism and other racism, and other disgusting policies.

Already, neo nazis on the Internet are propagating the newest of their myths: this time, of Haider supposedly having been killed by “the Muslims”. Yeah right, “the Muslims” and/or “the Jews” and/or “the communists” and/or “the liberals” etc. etc. etc. are to blame fo EVERYTHING; from your girlfriend breaking up with you to rainy weather to dry weather etc. etc. etc. [sarcasm off] The Austrian police has stated that Haider died while driving too fast while overtaking another car in a curve. But blaming “the racial enemy” is so much easier …

See also here.

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