American conservative Ann Coulter’s anti-Semitism

From Jewish daily Forward in the USA, 12 December 2018:

Arch-conservative pundit Ann Coulter is fingering Jews as a key part of a liberal “hate white men” coalition that she claims runs the Democratic Party.

The right-wing talking head posited that Jews and other Democratic voting blocs like LGBT people and black women actually despise one another — but unite around an implicit shared hatred for white men.

“I mean, you have the Muslims and the Jews and the various exotic sexual groups and the black church ladies with the college queers. The only thing that keeps the Democratic base together is for them to keeping focusing on, ‘No, white men are the ones keeping you down. You must hate white men.’” she said on Laura Ingraham’s show [on Rupert Murdoch‘s Fox News]. “It’s the one thing they have in common.” …

Coulter herself frequently complains about Jews and holds white-nationalist views.


Fighting anti-Semitism in Ukraine

This video says about itself:

Ukrainians celebrating 75th anniversary of the Nazi SS Galician Division

“War Diary” project | Lvov, Ukraine | April 20th 2018

From Jewish daily The Forward in the USA:

Meet The Lonely Ukranian Jew Fighting His Country’s New Fondness For Nazis

By Sam Sokol

December 2, 2018

Eduard Dolinsky went online about a year and a half ago and saw an image that shook him to his core. A large crowd, some in Nazi uniforms, was parading in the Ukranian city of L’viv to commemorate the establishment of a militia loyal to Hitler.

“Division Galicia – the heroes of Ukraine”, the marchers chanted as they walked.

As head of one of Ukraine’s leading Jewish advocacy groups, Dolinsky was livid at the idea of celebrating Nazi collaboration. For the same reason, he could try to do something about it.

“When the government, state and civil society start to promote these organizations as heroes and those who fought for Ukrainian independence and whitewash their participation in the Holocaust actively and aggressively, I decided that my obligation and duty was to speak out against this,” Dolinsky told The Forward. “This is a denial of basic moral sense.”

Today, Dolinsky, the 49-year-old director of the Ukranian Jewish Committee, is immersed in a campaign against the valorization of the SS as anti-Communist heroes.

“When I was a kid someone told me that I’m a Yid,” recalled Dolinsky in a recent interview with the Forward. “I came home and asked my mom what it meant. She told me that we are Jews and we are different, don’t pay attention. For a long time afterwards I was confused and ashamed that I’m different and not like other kids.”

Ukrainian Jews are about 0.1% of the country’s 44 million people.

The country, which sits on the Black Sea, is bordered by Russia on its east, Belarus to the north and various eastern European countries to its west. Its relationship with Russia has dominated its politics for hundreds of years; it was a member state of the Soviet Union, and since its dissolution, the two countries have experienced periods of cooperation, tension and even armed conflict. The current government has no diplomatic relations with Russia and is actively resisting its influence. That’s where the Nazis — and Dolinsky — come in.

The current anti-Russian government has enlisted history in its cause, and has embarked on an active campaign to suppress Communist symbols and to rehabilitate people and groups that fought against the Soviet Union — no matter what crimes they may have committed against the Jews.

Born in 1969 to an active, if non-observant, Jewish family in the former Polish city of Lutsk in the country’s northwest, Dolinsky served two years in the Soviet Air Forces and was discharged shortly before the collapse of the Soviet Union.

While many Ukrainian Jews fled the country at that time, the pugnacious Dolinsky decided to stay. He said that he has been asked many times over the years, mostly by American Jews, about why he remained behind.

“First of all, you were born here, you were raised here, your son was born here, your parents are buried here, so all your heritage and legacy is here and this is the country of your language and your friends and family. You can play a role here. I can be much more effective in life and in my professional activities here than anywhere abroad,” he said. Dolinsky is married, and the father of a 25-year-old son who studied in Israel and works in finance in Ukraine.

It was during and just after the collapse of the Soviet Union, when anything seemed possible, that he first became actively involved in efforts to rebuild his country’s moribund Jewish communal life, first serving in administrative roles in the newly established Jewish Foundation of Ukraine and the All-Ukrainian Jewish Congress before moving on to establish the Ukrainian Jewish Committee together with minor oligarch and lawmaker Oleksandr Feldman.

Dolinsky is known as a firebrand, willing to speak out harshly against perceived threats to the community even when others prefer a more conciliatory approach.

His high profile, bolstered by the use of social media and his close contacts with journalists, belies his small staff (only three full time employees and twenty volunteers spread across the country). His posts on Facebook are often picked up and used as the basis of stories in outlets such as The Jerusalem Post and the Jewish Telegraphic Agency. He also collaborates with the ADL, American Jewish Committee and National Coalition Supporting Soviet Jewry.

Now, Dolinsky is taking aim at his government’s public awareness campaigns that praise organizations that collaborated with the Nazis and engaged in the widespread ethnic cleaning of Jews and Poles, such as the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists and its militant offshoot, the Ukrainian Insurgent Army.

He faces a major obstacle, however, in Ukraine’s “Decommunization Laws,” which banned a slew of Communist — and some Nazi — symbols.

This 2017 music video is the song ‘The Internationale‘ in Ukrainian. All over the world, it is the song not only of communist, but also of social democrastic and other labour movements. If you sing the Internationale under the present Ukrainian right-wing government, then you will be punished with years in jail. Even five years in jail, if you sing it together with others; eg, in a choir.

The Decommunization Laws only list a limited number of Nazi symbols whose use is prohibited. That means by law, some are allowed, and that means Dolinsky’s quest is a bit quixotic.

Azov battalion symbol

This picture (also reproduced on the Facebook page of the Dutch NVU nazi party) shows the symbol of the Ukrainian Kiev government’s Azov battalion; source: here. It is the wolfsangel, or wolf’s hook. Which used to be a symbol in Adolf Hitler’s Waffen SS. It was also the symbol of the Dutch nazi party NSB in the 1930s and 1940s.

Wolfsangel on Dutch NSB nazi flag

On the Dutch NSB 1930s-1940s nazi flag for their paramilitary organisation, the WA, the same wolfsangel, in a different direction.

The Azov battalion logo has, behind its black wolfsangel, also another nazi SS symbol, depicted in white: the ‘schwarze Sonne‘ or black sun.

He believes that the Galician Division’s symbols should be included in the ban because the unit was a part of the SS and its members “all made an oath to Hitler.” And even if their logo ends up being declared legally acceptable, he isn’t deterred. “First of all, I want to bring attention to the issue of Nazi collaborators and those who perpetrated the Holocaust,” he explained.

An avid reader who devours books on Jewish history, Dolinsky is one of a class of what can be called professional Jews, people whose entire Jewish identity is wrapped up in their work for the community.

“It’s like an inseparable part of my life,” he said of his work. “It’s my whole life. I can’t even imagine myself outside of this. The work isn’t just work. The Jewish community isn’t about the work as a profession, it’s a passion that haunts all your life. It’s not about nine to six. It’s 24 hours, seven days a week.”

As a representative of the UJC, he makes frequent media appearances, taking to the airwaves to make arguments that strike at the core of Ukraine’s self-image.

In 2017 he publicly (and unsuccessfully) demanded that the local state prosecutor prosecute organizers of the SS march for their “malicious and demonstrative violation” of the law. Volodymyr Viatrovych, Dolinsky’s longtime nemesis and the official in charge of implementing Ukraine’s national memory policy, maintains that that the Galicia Division’s symbols are not legally problematic.

And while many Ukraine scholars are critical of Viatrovych’s glorification of Nazi collaborators, most say he’s right about what the Decommunization Laws do and do not prohibit.

Refusing to accept Viatrovych’s explanations, Dolinsky escalated their dispute, publicly calling on Ukraine’s national prosecutor to bring a lawsuit against Viatrovych himself for violating the law against Nazi glorification. It was not the first time the two had tangled.

Only weeks earlier, Dolinsky had written a caustic op-ed in The New York Times in which he accused the Ukrainians of “whitewashing” history and linked such revisionism to a growing “climate of anti-Semitism”. In response, Viatrovych took to Facebook to accuse Dolinsky of making up Ukrainian anti-Semitism and selling it “in the country and abroad to everyone who will pay for it,” calling him even worse than those who “made money by hiding Jews from Nazi persecution.”

Given their history and diametrically opposite points of view, it is unsurprising that Dolinsky would end up ratcheting up the conflict. While not suing Viatrovych himself, Dolinsky is backing a lawsuit against him alleging that Viatrovych, in his capacity as a civil servant, violated a Ukrainian law prohibiting him from publicly interpreting the law. There is a Ukrainian law prohibiting civil servants from issuing pronouncements on legal issues that are in the jurisdiction of the courts, and Dolinsky believes that by claiming the SS Galician Division’s symbols are legal, Viatrovych has broken that law.

Several Ukrainian Jewish groups, including the Jewish Confederation of Ukraine, have expressed support for Dolinsky’s efforts, although privately some have expressed doubts about his harsh rhetoric and confrontational style.

But Dolinsky says that he is compelled to continue.

“When you say the guy who murdered a Jew is a hero, this is the second murder of Jews,” he said, explaining that whitewashing the legacy of those who slaughtered Jews is tantamount to killing them all over again.

Sam Sokol is a freelance journalist based in Israel. A former Jerusalem Post and IBA News correspondent, he is currently writing a book on the destruction of the Jewish communities of eastern Ukraine.

French Macron government quotes anti-Semite Maurras

This 2013 French video is about the 1898-1945 history of the extreme right Action Française movement and its leader Charles Maurras.

By François Dubois in France:

French government spokesman explains Macron’s policies by quoting anti-Semite Maurras

23 November 2018

Speaking on the France Inter radio station last Thursday, French government spokesman Benjamin Griveaux quoted monarchist anti-Semite and Pétainist ideologue Charles Maurras, falsely attributing the latter’s statement, “the legal nation meets the real nation” to the historian and resistance fighter, Marc Bloch. The media’s explanation, that Griveaux had committed a gaffe out of historical ignorance, is not tenable.

It is remarkable that a close aide to President Emmanuel Macron utilized a formulation directly inspired by Pétain’s fascist program under the Nazi occupation. The writings of Maurras have long been relegated to the exclusive province of the French extreme-right.

In the interview, Griveaux declared that “it is the legal nation that meets the real nation” to explain the insistence by Macron, now facing record-low poll ratings, that his ministers travel out to regions of the country. Responding to mocking criticisms by media commentators, Griveaux gave the absurd excuse that he had still “not woken up” at the time of the interview, and, without retracting his earlier quotation, recommended “rereading Strange Defeat”, Bloch’s 1940 work. He did not explain how he came to quote Maurras, or what Bloch’s 1940 book had to do with it.

Strange Defeat is Bloch’s account of his experience in the defeat of the French army in 1940, and a scathing critique of the policies of the French military command and government. It has nothing remotely to do with the theme of Griveaux’s interview—unlike Maurras. The most likely explanation for Griveaux’s “error” is that Maurras is intensively read and discussed within the government.

Unlike Bloch’s book, the quote from Maurras corresponded closely to the issues that Griveaux was discussing. He had just noted that Macron asked that ministers “go out every week into the regions … but to bring there our directors of our central administration, who sometimes have a somewhat Jacobinist view of what happens in the country.”

The “Jacobin state” is the “legal state” denounced by Maurras as being dominated by Jews, foreigners, Protestants and Freemasons. He opposed to it the “real country”, that is, the monarchism of rural and catholic regions of the country.

For Griveaux, the “real country” that had to be “listened to” were “elected officials, associations, companies, those who live in the country and find concrete solutions to the problems of the people.” He made this statement just before citing the controversial quote, demonstrating at the same time his contempt for the working class.

The “falsely attributed” quote is part of a series of similar episodes, the last and most provocative of which was Macron’s celebration of the collaborationist dictator Phillippe Pétain as a “great general,” prior to the WWI centenary commemorations on November 11.

Maurras was the dominant ideologue of the French bourgeoisie from the time of the Dreyfus affair to the Second World War. He is the founder of the anti-Semitic, anti-Dreyfusard and antidemocratic party, Action Française. Its program of a “total nationalism” advocates the abolition of the Republic in favour of a monarchy, where the “real nation” asserts itself against the “legal nation”.

Maurras hailed the military collapse of the Third French Republic in 1940 in the face of a Nazi invasion, calling it a “divine surprise.” Throughout the Nazi occupation, he was one of Pétain’s close supporters, dining with him regularly. The French militia, which hunted down resistors and delivered them to the Gestapo, was founded by followers of Maurras, many of whom swore an oath to Hitler and rallied to the SS. Maurras called for the execution of resistance members and their families.

In 1945, he was condemned to the forfeiture of his civil rights and sentenced to death, later reduced to life in prison, for high treason and providing intelligence to the enemy.

The fact that high government officials in France adopt the conceptions of such a figure, and publicly cite them, underscores the crisis of capitalism in France and Europe. Facing US President Trump and ever-more intense economic and strategic rivalries over world markets, the French ruling class, like its German counterparts, wants to construct a European army capable of securing European hegemony against its American and Asian rivals.

To rehabilitate militarism and justify the gutting of what remains of the social gains won following French liberation and the defeat of fascism—pensions, social security, etc—the bourgeoisie is compelled to rehabilitate the fascist intellectuals and leaders of the 20th century.

Before the French military brass had proposed to celebrate Pétain in October—a proposal repeated by Macron the following month—the minister of culture had already approved an official celebration of Maurras in January, before backpedaling in the face of protests by Jewish and anti-racism associations. While Maurras’ name was removed from the commemoration, Jacques Chardonne, a pro-Nazi and ardent supporter of Pétain, was kept on.

At a dinner with the Representative Council of Jewish French Institutions (CRIF) at the start of March, Macron insisted upon honouring “Maurras the author.” “We must see [the figure of Maurras] as part of the history of France”, he declared, without provoking any outrage from this organization. Under the leadership of Jean-Christophe Buisson, the joint director of Figaro Magazine, the Robert Lafont publishers re-edited the works of Maurras in April.

In 2016, Emmanuel Macron, then the economy minister in the Socialist Party (PS) government of Francois Hollande, provided an apology for the monarchy. “In French politics, this absence is the figure of the king, whom I fundamentally believe the French people did not want to see killed. The Great Terror created an emotional, imaginative and collective vacuum—the king is no longer here!” he said, before adding: “We have since tried to fill this vacuum, to put other figures in its place: such were the Napoleonic and Gaullist periods in particular. The rest of the time, French democracy has not filled the space.”

The transfer of power to Macron in May 2017 resembled more the enthroning of a king than the installation of an elected representative. The corporate media were seized by a militarist and monarchist fever, comparing Macron to a king who would heal the sick—“made”, wrote Le Monde, “of another metal.”

This extreme-right folly, which seized the entire ruling class, underscores the correctness of the position taken by the Socialist Equality Party (PES) in the last presidential elections. In 2017, Macron and Le Pen were two rival candidates representing the same politics of the financial aristocracy: to establish a police state and impose war and austerity on the working class.

Facebook’s anti-Semitic smear campaign after privacy scandal

This video about the USA says about itself:

Facebook reportedly used anti-Semitic attacks to discredit its critics

14 November 2018

Criticized for months about how it provides a platform for hate speech,

eg, for the Hitler fans of Dutch neofascist party Nederlandse Volks-Unie (NVU)

Facebook reportedly took a novel approach to answering its attackers: Dabbling in anti-Semitic and extremist speech itself. Facebook and its executives, Mark Zuckerberg and Sheryl Sandberg, spent the last year and a half trying to protect the company’s reputation by calling in favors from high places and using questionable back channels to manipulate its public narrative, according to a blockbuster new report by the New York Times. But it seems those plans are starting to backfire even more. The report outlines damning allegations that Facebook accused its critics of anti-Semitism, all while it financed groups that peddled notoriously anti-Semitic conspiracy theories on its platform.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV today:

‘After the data scandal, Facebook had public relations firm smear critics’

When the criticism of Facebook reached its peak earlier this year, an aggressive lobbying operation was set up in the background. The goal: to counter criticism. In the same period [Facebook boss] Mark Zuckerberg was working on his sorry campaign, following the data scandal with Cambridge Analytica.

This is evident from a large study by The New York Times. The newspaper reconstructed how the social network went from crisis to crisis over the past three years and how the company tried to manage it.

Sheryl Sandberg, operational director and Zuckerberg’s right-hand woman, oversaw a strategy whereby, eg, a public relations firm was hired to discredit opponents. This happened partly by linking them to the billionaire George Soros, writes the paper.

Anti-Semites accuse Jewish George Soros of being secretly behind all sorts of things which they hate. United States President Donald Trump accused Soros, without any evidence, of being behind the caravan of refugees from Central American regimes. He called these Central Americans ‘invaders’ and threatened to kill them. That was the inspiration for the anti-Semitic mass murder at the Pittsburgh synagogue (a synagogue which did help Central American refugees).

FACEBOOK EXEC ‘ASKED FOR DIRT ON SOROS’ Facebook executive Sheryl Sandberg reportedly asked communications staff to dig up information on George Soros in response to the billionaire liberal donor’s remarks against the social media giant, according to a New York Times report. [HuffPost]

It is paradoxical that Mr Zuckerberg and Ms Sandberg, both from Jewish families, use the anti-Semitic conspiracy theory that Soros is supposedly under all beds. So does the son of Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, so they are not alone. Facebook also does not censor anti-Semitic Holocaust denial, but does censor critics of Trump’s xenophobia.

Anti-Facebook movement

The firm is said to have distributed a research paper among journalists in which Soros was depicted as an “unrecognized force” behind an anti-Facebook movement. …

The PR agency also urged journalists to investigate financial ties between Soros and organizations that were members of ‘Freedom from Facebook’. …

The agency, Definers Public Affairs, was initially hired by Facebook in October 2017 to monitor reporting on the platform. At Definers, people who were involved in this process work with Republican presidential campaigns.

Negative messages about Apple and Google

According to The New York Times, the agency also distributed messages on a news website – NTK – which was linked to them in which Google and Apple were accused of wrong practices.

Before she was at Facebook, Ms Sandberg used to be at Google. Was this a settling of old scores with her ex-employer?

JANE EISNER: I believed the Facebook exec [Sandberg] when she portrayed herself as a force for good. Now she looks more like a run-of-the-mill corporate villain: here.

NTK itself is not that big, but the messages were picked up by, eg, [also far-right site] Breitbart, writes the newspaper.

Hours after the publication, the newspaper reported that Facebook stopped working with the company. …

The New York Times story comes a day after The Wall Street Journal published an internal survey of optimism among employees of the corporation. This showed that this has dropped sharply: from 84 percent last year to 52 percent now. Add this story and Facebook does not seem to be finished with its crisis mode for the time being.

What further consequences the investigation by the newspaper will have is unclear. Techsite Recode is already addressing the question asked this year: should someone be fired? Zuckerberg can not really be dismissed because he has a majority vote in the supervisory board. So he would have to leave himself and he said earlier this year he would not. Whether his right hand Sandberg will leave is also very much the question.

Anti-Semitism in the USA and the Netherlands

This New York Times video from the USA says about itself:

The Rise of the Ironic Racist | Internetting with Amanda Hess

21 November 2017

If white supremacists used to hide their faces under hoods, today’s internet-savvy racists cloak their ideology in irony, provocation, and trolling.

Translated from Dutch daily De Volkskrant, 9 November 2018:

How alt-right online disseminates hatred of Jews

Antisemitism is very common on extreme right-wing Internet platforms. But also in circles considered to be mainstream, pointing the finger at Jews is no longer taboo. How is that possible?

By Annieke Kranenberg and Hassan Bahara

‘As a fervent /pol/ visitor I can say that I have also become anti-Semitic‘, Roel wrote, a graduate in his early thirties …

A few emails later Roel appears to be open to a discussion about his radicalization process – although he prefers to talk about a process of ‘waking up’ – on the 4chan online platform, and in particular on the ‘politically incorrect’ discussion forum /pol/, which is notorious for the extreme right-wing expressions of its anonymous users ….

That ‘core of the matter’ that Roel is talking about, goes back to the National Socialism of the nineteen thirties. Only this is now packaged in a new package, with new words, symbols and forms of expression. ‘The basic idea’, says Roel enthusiastically, ‘is that Jewish people are busily undermining the white Christians so that the white race will disappear. They are behind everything: they push immigration, promote all kinds of fetish habits, stimulate homosexual relationships and indoctrinate children with gender neutral education so that they become confused about their sex.’…

Online anti-Semitism is not limited to the outer flanks of the alt-right, an ‘intellectual’ right-wing extremism based on racist doctrine. The Volkskrant – which could watch for months on closed chat groups on Discord and Whatsapp – also found this new Jew-hatred in online discussions between Forum for Democracy members and supporters. …

The Forum for Democracy is a misogynistic Islamophobic far-right party with two MPs in the Dutch parliament. They have links to US American racist and anti-Semite Jared Taylor and French neofascist Jean-Marie Le Pen.

After analyzing 30,000 Twitter accounts within the alt-right domain, Vox-Pol discovered that Dutch is the second biggest language group with 6 percent. At first place is English with a share of 75 percent. Probably the percentage of Dutch alt-right‘ers is actually higher, since many of them – like Roel – communicate online only in English. The Dutch alt-right scene is very focused on what happens in the US. …

Before [Roel] made the crossing to 4chan … he mainly read [Dutch far-right site] GeenStijl. Politically he feels most at home with Forum for Democracy (FvD). …

Jews, Roel believes, are the source of all identity-political troubles. Examples include: “The discussion about Zwarte Piet [Black Pete, a blackface character in the Dutch Saint Nicholas holiday] is a Jewish trick. They (Jews, ed.) want to undermine that tradition because it is a white tradition. “And take all those films on which Jews make their mark”, Roel continues. Like the latest Star Wars film, The Last Jedi: ‘In this they wanted to promote diversity, all leaders were female! Then we (the anti-Semitic people on 4chan, ed.) will push back.’…

In the book (((Semitism))), Being Jewish in America in the Age of Trump, [Jonathan] Weisman discovered, among other things, that a lot of online anti-Semitism has a link with Trump. Eg, he describes a meme that he and many other Jewish journalists have received, in which the face of the upset journalist is stuck into a gas chamber. In addition, a smiling Trump in Nazi uniform pushes the switch for the gas chamber.

In Trump’s defense, it is often stated that he can not be anti-Semitic because his daughter Ivanka has converted to Judaism, some of his grandchildren are Jewish, and because his government has a pro-Israel policy. … But according to Weisman, two things can be true at the same time: Trump may not be an anti-Semite, but his behaviour on social media does legitimize anti-Semitism. He does this by, among other things, maybe consciously retweeting tweets by anti-Semites.

Moreover, the logic of alt-right anti-Semitism fits perfectly with Trumps pro-Israel stance. They want the Jews to leave, that they leave towards their own state. Along that line, it can not hurt that Trump helps Israel build a strong nation-state.

The biggest neo-nazi site in the USA, the Daily Stormer, says: ‘Fellow nazis, don’t worry too much about Trump’s Jewish son-in-law and pro-Netanyahu policies. Important is that Trump fights the [so-called] ‘Jewish agenda’ by fighting LGBTQ people, fighting liberals and socialists, hating Muslims, hating Latin Americans etc. That is more important than going no further against Jews directly than dog whistles‘.

Trump promotes anti-Semitism indirectly even when not mentioning Jews at all. By maligning refugees from Central American dictators as ‘invaders‘ and criminals, he inspired the bloodbath in the Pittsburgh synagogue. Which was not just any synagogue, but a synagogue helping Latin American refugees. If it is supposedly OK to hate one ethnic group ‘because the president says so’, then it will become supposedly OK to hate other groups.

BIDEN BLAMES TRUMP FOR GROWING ANTI-SEMITISM Former Vice President Joe Biden delivered a blistering critique of Trump’s administration, blaming the White House for the huge rise in “anti-Semitic incidents.” [HuffPost]

Trump Accuses Jews Of Loving Israel Not America — And His Fans Cheer. BATYA UNGAR-SARGON: It’s an anti-Semitic trope to claim that Jews are secretly more loyal to Israel than America. Trump said just that at the White House Hanukkah party. And many applauded: here.

The ADL does not hold the president personally responsible for the resurgence of anti-Semitism. But, like Weisman, they see a strong connection. Before Trump’s election, “anti-Semitic attacks were rare and unexpected” in the USA. In the Trump era, anti-Semitism has been ‘normalized and became a daily practice’. One indication for this, according the ADL, in the top five of words that appear in biographies of Twitter users who spread anti-Semitism: ‘Trump’ is one of those five words.

Marilyn Mayo [of the ADL] sees another example of how Trump and other Republicans indirectly promote anti-Semitism in the demonization of the billionaire … George Soros, who – like Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama- received a pipe bomb by mail from the radical Trump fan Cesar Sayoc.

Anyone who visits the Dutch language /pol/ on 4chan – also called /polder/ – immediately knows that he is entering anti-Semitic territory. “Jews not allowed” is in the introduction. …

Recently, a user found it interesting to place the front page of Storm, magazine of the Dutch SS (the edition of September 25, 1942) on the forum. …

All the time you notice how much attention goes to FvD politician [their leader Thierry] Baudet. So his remarks about Soros are received with great enthusiasm …

“I’m sure Thierry is a White Nationalist, the question is whether he can become the biggest party (sic).” …

The greatest common denominator is that they speak in favour of Forum for Democracy. … Sometimes they post photos of the JFvD [FvD youth branch] events they visit, some of them share a picture of a FvD membership card. …

Most attacks by Dutch anti-Semites focus on American Jews, and less on Dutch Jews, although sports journalist Barbara Barend this week on Twitter was attacked as a ‘stinking Jewess’ ….

Why the Dutch Jews receive little attention so far is explained in a podcast of [extreme right organisation] Erkenbrand. Fausto, a prominent member, says that the ‘Jewish power’ only is a factor in Amsterdam, but according to him they are not a problem elsewhere in the Netherlands. Between the lines the message is clear: the ‘problem’ in this country has been resolved years ago. “Although I will not shed any tears if the trains to the east will ride again“, he adds.

Raging Trump Fan Shouts ‘F—ing Jews’ At Florida Recount Protest: here.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation’s count of hate crimes against Jews jumped significantly in 2017, according to an annual report released Tuesday morning: here.

Tuesday, November 13, 2018, by Common Dreams. ‘Hate Is Rising in America’: During Trump’s First Year in Office, Largest Spike in Hate Crimes Since 9/11. “Words matter—hate speech has consequences.”

Ultra-orthodox rabbi blames gays for anti-Semitic massacre

This 30 October 2018 video from the USA says about itself:

🇺🇸 ‘Leave Pittsburgh’: Protesters greet Trump after synagogue attack | Al Jazeera English

The US president has paid tribute to the 11 people killed in a shooting attack on a synagogue in Pittsburgh. Donald Trump visited the scene – as the first funerals were held for victims targeted by a right-wing extremist on Saturday.

But there’ve been protests against the visit with calls for Trump to denounce white nationalism. Al Jazeera’s Shihab Rattansi reports from Pittsburgh.

From Jewish daily The Forward in the USA:

Orthodox Rabbi Blames Pittsburgh Shooting On Gay Parents’ Bris

November 4, 2018

By Aiden Pink

A prominent Orthodox rabbi said the Pittsburgh synagogue massacre was caused by the circumcision ceremony of a gay couple’s son that he believed took place on that day.

“This is a brit milah [ceremony] in a Conservative [in Jewish religion, a moderately reformist tendency] shul [synagogue] and the two men adopted the boy and did the brit milah, and you wonder why there was a massacre?” asked Rabbi Mordechai Aderet during a taped sermon last Sunday, which has been viewed more than 11,000 times on Facebook.

“I’m not sorry for this disaster”, he added. “You attend a brit milah of two men?”

The widely-spread story that the massacre took place during a brit milah, let alone the brit milah of a gay couple’s son, is not true, according to Pittsburgh Jewish community members.

Aderet also said that Jews should not attend vigils for the victims, who were killed at the Tree of Life synagogue, affiliated with the Conservative movement.

“Somebody came over to me and told me today that he got an email that people should go gather someplace here in town to give the Shema for those 11 people who got killed”, Aderet said. “And I still said, I heard it’s a Conservative shul, I heard people drove on Shabbat, and I don’t think people should join these things.”

He also opposed people saying Psalms, or Tehillim, for the dead, as is customary in Jewish tradition.

“This is not Tehillim, this is spitting in Hashem’s [God’s] face. And you like it or you don’t like it, that’s the emet [truth],” he said, adding, “Those people do not let Moshiach [the Messiah] come. If you don’t go on the straight… thing, Hashem won’t bring the Moshiach.”

He connected the Pittsburgh incident to the 2016 massacre of 49 people at the gay nightclub Pulse in Orlando, for which Aderet said he also opposed saying Psalms. He called the Pulse victims “sinners” and “trash.”

Aderet previously made news in 2010 when, according to the New York Jewish Week, he stormed in uninvited to a Jewish child’s first birthday party and screamed at those in attendance for engaging in mixed dancing. He allegedly said that those who remained at the party would be cursed with “illness, bankruptcy and tragedy for eternity”, according to a document signed by witnesses.

Our columnist argues that white supremacy can’t be untangled from anti-Semitism.