Anti-Semitism whitewashed on Facebook, in Austria

This video from the USA says about itself:

19 July 2018

In a viral interview Mark Zuckerberg … claims Holocaust denial, and Sandy Hook hoaxers like Infowars are fine to stay on Facebook. Hosted by Hasan Piker.

By Alyssa Fisher in the USA:

Zuckerberg: Holocaust Deniers Are Not ‘Intentionally Getting It Wrong’

July 18, 2018

Facebook CEO and founder Mark Zuckerberg defended Holocaust deniers in a recent interview with Recode, suggesting that their posts are not removed from the social network because it is unclear if they were written maliciously or in ignorance.

When addressing the issue of “fake news” and the spread of information, Zuckerberg said content that is “going to result in real harm, real physical harm” shouldn’t be on the platform.

ZUCKERBERG DEFENDS HOLOCAUST DENIERS Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is facing a backlash after saying that Holocaust deniers are not “intentionally getting it wrong.” [HuffPost]

Mark Zuckerberg Falls For Nazi B.S.: here.

So, Facebook is not censoring shoah denial, often by persons who use it as propaganda paving the way for ‘real physical harm’ to Jewish people. On the other hand, Facebook is censoring news sources without Big Business or Big Government support; favouring instead corporate media like the Rupert Murdoch empire (where anti-Semitism and other forms of racism happen). Nevertheless, Facebook claims corporate news is not fake news.

No censorship of holocaust denial. Instead, censorship of an iconic photo of Vietnamese children attacked by United States napalm bombs; censorship even if the conservative prime minister of Norway posts that photo on Facebook. Instead, censorship of a 150-years-old painting by famous artist Gustave Courbet. Instead, censorship of information on the bloody invasion of Syria by the Turkish Erdogan regime. The Erdogan regime, which Facebook also helps by censoring a Turkish Dutch politician. Instead, censorship of information on the genocide of Rohingya, thus helping the regime in Myanmar. Instead of censoring shoah denial, Facebook censors Arizona, USA teachers on strike against bad education policies. Like Facebook also censors British striking workers.

Instead of opposing holocaust denial, they censor feminism. Instead, they censor information on women’s reproductive rights. Instead, Facebook censors a burn injuries survivor.

This Deutsche Welle video says about itself:

Poland Bans Kosher Meat Production | European Journal

5 September 2013

Poland’s parliament has banned the production of kosher and halal meat – and the country’s Jewish community says the decision is outrageous. Polish meat producers are also disappointed. Poland is the EU’s largest exporter of kosher and halal meat – but the country’s constitutional court and parliament decided that the method of slaughter is illegal.

Jews and Muslims in Poland consider the ban an affront to their religion, and they’re trying to find a legal loophole that will allow meat production to continue.

From the Jewish Telegraph Agency, 19 July 2018:

Austrian State Might Limit Sale Of Kosher Meat To Registered Jews

A regional politician in Austria defended a plan to limit access to kosher meat, conditioning its sale on permits that would be individually issued to observant Jews.

The Wiener Zeitung daily reported about the draft decree in the state of Lower Austria, one of nine states that make up the federal Republic of Austria. Gottfried Waldhäusl,

Herr Waldhäusl is a member of the extreme right FPÖ party. A party founded by ex-members of Hitler’s nazi party.

the cabinet minister in the state government of Lower Austria who is in charge of animal welfare and several other portfolios, defended the plan as necessary “from an animal welfare point of view”.

Oskar Deutsch, the president of the Jewish Community in Vienna, warned that, in practice, the plan would require compiling a list of Jews, which he called “like a negative Aryan clause”, referencing racist laws passed by Nazi Germany and implemented in Austria after its [Hitler’s] merger with Germany in 1938.

The FPÖ (and their conservative ÖVP coalition partners) target not only Jews, but also Muslims with this, writes Dutch daily Algemeen Dagblad, 20 July 2018, on the new policy. They write (translated):

“This is reminiscent of an era that I thought would never come back,” says IKG [Jewish community] Chairman Oskar Deutsch, referring to the Jewish register at the time of National Socialism. “These people are not concerned about animal welfare. The FPÖ demonizes ritual slaughter to demonize minorities. Yes, that is anti-Semitic”, he said to [German daily] Bild. There should never ever be a registration of Jews, according to Deutsch.

Why These Orthodox Jews Are Fighting For Muslim Rights: here.

Germany: Anti-Semitism victim beaten by police in Bonn. By Sybille Fuchs, 20 July 2018. Professor of Philosophy Yitzhak Melamed, who teaches at the University of Baltimore in the US, was brutally beaten up last Wednesday in Bonn in an anti-Semitic attack and was then subsequently beaten by police officers. Melamed had wanted to deliver a guest lecture on Spinoza at the University of Bonn: here

Claude Lanzmann, Shoah filmmaker, RIP

This video says about itself:

Shoah (1985) part 1

Claude Lanzmann’s epic documentary recounts the story of the Holocaust through interviews with witnesses – perpetrators as well as survivors.

From the Jewish Telegraph Agency, 5 July 2018:

Claude Lanzmann, one of the world’s foremost makers of documentary films about the Holocaust, has died.

Lanzmann, a French Jew who directed the canonical 1985 film “Shoah”, died at the age of 92 in Paris on Thursday, Le Monde reported.

Although he is best known for the 9-hour-long documentary bearing the Hebrew-language name of the Holocaust, his many projects “have changed the history of film making forever”, a Le Monde author wrote in the eulogy for Lanzmann.

His works about the Holocaust were extensive and innovative in how they tackled early on aspects of the genocide that had been scarcely discussed for their sensitivity, including the role and level of knowledge of locals in Eastern Europe about the mass murder of Jews in their countries. He also dealt with the sensitive and divisive subject of Jews working in the service of the Nazis in the framework of the annihilation.

Lanzmann, who in 2011 received the French Legion of Honor, the country’s highest distinction of merit, had two children, one of whom, Felix, died last year of cancer at the age of 23. Lanzmann was deeply affected by Felix’s death, Le Monde wrote.

One of Lanzmann’s most recent and profound cinematic works — he was a writer, a journalist and columnist in addition to his film making career — was released in 2013. A documentary titled “The Last of the Unjust”, it is based on interviews that Lanzmann conducted in 1975 with Benjamin Murmelstein, the only surviving president of the Jewish Council in the Theresienstadt concentration camp.

Neonazi vandalism of Dutch Jewish monument

Swastikas on Hoogezand Dutch Jewish monument

Translated from Dutch NOS TV today:

Jewish monument in Hoogezand vandalized with swastikas

The Jewish monument opposite the railway station Hoogezand-Sappemeer [in Groningen province] was covered with swastikas last night. From this place Jews were deported to [concentration camp] Westerbork during the war, from where they were deported to the extermination camps. …

Director of the Center for Information and Documentation on Israel Hanna Luden can not understand.

“The entire Jewish community in Hoogezand was wiped out, and then someone does something like this, you just do not understand.”

Besides the swastikas, the name Pegida was daubed on the monument. Pegida is a racist, mainly but not only, Islamophobic movement, founded in Germany by an Adolf Hitler copycat. Pegida has links to the neo-fascist AfD political party. Recently, an AfD politician advocated destroying Holocaust monuments.

Austrian right-wing government anti-Semitism

Anti-Semitic cartoon previously found on Heinz-Christian Strache's Facebook page.Facebook

From daily Haaretz in Israel today:

Anti-Semitic Cartoon Removed From Far-right Austrian Vice Chancellor’s Facebook Page

Heinz-Christian Strache, whose party has controversial Nazi roots, defended the image, which portrays ‘the bankers’ as a man with Star of David buttons, for years and as recently as last month

Ofer Aderet

June 10, 2018 5:38 PM

A anti-Semitic cartoon posted six years ago by Austrian Vice Chancellor Heinz-Christian Strache has been removed from his Facebook page. It could still be seen last month, and Strache defended it in a televised debate with a Jewish student leader in Vienna, but it has since disappeared.

It is not yet clear whether it was intentionally removed by Strache, whose spokesman has not yet responded to a query from Haaretz, or whether Facebook removed the post after complaints were lodged.

A reason for Strache to remove the 2012 cartoon himself, while still being in denial about its anti-Semitism, might be that the cartoon depicts the Austrian government (‘die Regierung’, in the middle of the cartoon, then consisting of Strache’s opponents) negatively. While Strache is now himself the government, and no longer attacking ‘the government’.

As for the cartoon attacking bankers: contrary to the cartoon, most Jews are not bankers, and most bankers are not Jewish. It is rather ‘rich’ of Strache to attack (supposedly Jewish) bankers; as (non-Jewish) bankers in reality, not in anti-Semitic imagination, have been involved in a scandal bankrolling Strache’s FPÖ party.

Strache reminds me of 1920s-1930s anti-Semitic conservative German media tycoon Hugenberg, who helped Hitler to become dictator. Hugenberg used to rail against the ‘Jewish press’, while owning himself most of the German press. Similarly, anti-Semitic media tycoon Rupert Murdoch recently railed against ‘the Jewish owned press’ while himself owning most media.

The cartoon, posted by Strache in August 2012, shows three figures labeled “the bankers”, “the government” and “the people.” The bankers are represented by an overweight, porcine man with a long nose, gobbling up a piece of chicken, contrasted with “the people,” represented by a sad-looking, thin man. Strache posted the cartoon in protest of the policy of the European Union, whose banks, he says, are impoverishing the ordinary Austrian citizen.

The man representing the banks, who has Stars of David on the buttons of his sleeve, recalls depictions of Jews in Nazi propaganda. The Jewish community in Vienna has denounced the cartoon over the years, saying that it recalls illustrations from the Nazi propaganda newspaper Der Sturmer.

Rise of a new far-right: The European ‘philosemites’ using Jews to battle Muslims

Analysis: Netanyahu’s speedy absolution for Austria’s neo-Nazis

Strache has so far refused to apologize for the cartoon, even during his 2017 election campaign, which resulted in his far-right Freedom Party entering the government and Strache’s appointment as vice-chancellor. In a televised debate last month between Strache and the president of Vienna’s student union, Benjamin Hess, the latter said to Strache: “The picture is still on your Facebook page. This picture is an anti-Semitic caricature. You never apologized for it. You never removed it from your Facebook page.”

Strache hit back, saying: “Not everything that people attribute to anti-Semitism, for political reasons because they don’t agree with us, is connected to anti-Semitism. The issue here is criticism of the structure of banks. There’s no anti-Semitism in the text or the picture. You can interpret it however you want, but it’s a mistaken interpretation.” Strache later added: “This is not anti-Semitic. There are no Stars of David on the cuffs as you describe. You need an imagination to claim this.”

The Jewish community in Austria says that even after the election, Strache’s party did not sufficiently distance itself from its Nazi and anti-Semitic past.

Chancellor Sebastian Kurz was expected during his visit to Israel on to try to persuade Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to change his attitude to Strache’s Freedom Party, which Israel has boycotted since last year. The Jewish community in Vienna, which has also boycotted the Freedom Party, believes that it is unlikely that Israel will change its position on the matter.

Seventeen members of the Austrian Identitarian Movement (IBÖ) were acquitted by the Graz District Court on all main charges in their case last Thursday. According to the court, the accused were not guilty of sedition, or the formation of or participation in a criminal association. Only two of the accused were convicted of minor charges. The ruling is yet to come into force. The court’s decision speaks volumes about the sharp rightward shift in Austria and throughout Europe. Seven months after the coalition government made up of the conservative Austrian People’s Party (ÖVP) and the far-right Freedom Party (FPÖ) took office in Vienna, racists and neo-Nazis can present themselves to a court as “concerned citizens” and walk free despite employing methods akin to the Nazi SA: here.

California anti-Semite official Republican candidate

This live music video, recorded in London in 1977, is called Ramones – California Sun.

Unfortunately, in California there is not only sun, but also far-right racist politicians.

By Alyssa Fisher in daily The Forward in the USA:

Anti-Semitic Republican Candidate Sails To General Election In California

June 7, 2018

Even without the support of the California Republican Party, an anti-Semitic Republican running in the state’s 11th District northeast of Oakland has advanced to the general election.

John Fitzgerald won 24.8% percent of the vote in Tuesday’s primary, nearly twenty points higher than the third-place candidate and good enough to help him advance to November due to the state’s top-two primary system. He will face Democratic incumbent Rep. Mark DeSaulnier.

Fitzgerald’s campaign website includes false claims that 9% of U.S. government officials are dual citizens of Israel and that Jews played a “prominent role” in the African slave trade, and celebrates a “courageous” elderly German woman who was sentenced to two years in prison for denying the Holocaust.

“Why is the holocaust the ONLY historical issue that cannot be questioned without fear of fines and/or imprisonment in eighteen countries–and counting– throughout the world?” Fitzgerald wrote on May 16.

And this GOP congressional candidate thinks “diversity is a bunch of crap and un-American”.

Corey Stewart, a politician with associations with neo-Confederates, the “alt-right” and a well-known anti-Semite, is the Republican nominee for Senate in Virginia: here.

A Republican state legislature candidate in North Carolina wrote on his website that God is a racist white supremacist and that Jews descended from Satan, The Charlotte Observer reported. Russell Walker is running for state House District 48, which includes Scotland and Hoke counties: here.

Illinois [Republican] Governor Won’t Call For Vote Against GOP [Republican] Nazi Candidate: here.

‘EUROPE IS WAKING UP… WILL AMERICA… IN TIME?’ Representative Steve King (Republican-Iowa) has been pilloried for retweeting Mark Collett, a well-known British bigot who has described himself as a “Nazi sympathizer.” [HuffPost]. See also here.

THE GOP’S WHITE SUPREMACIST Rep. Steve King of Iowa is a white supremacist. And his Republican colleagues just don’t care. [HuffPost]

GOP Congressional Nominee Seth Grossman Shared White Nationalist Articles: here.

A British politician who has been accused of anti-Semitism for his remarks about the “Jewish lobby” will head to Pennsylvania next month for a private fundraiser for Republican Senate candidate Lou Barletta, The Citizens’ Voice, a local newspaper, reported Thursday. Nigel Farage, an ally of Donald Trump who was one of the biggest backers of Brexit, will help raise money for Barletta, a congressman from Hazleton, Pennsylvania who is trying to unseat incumbent Democrat Sen. Bob Casey: here.

These 9 Candidates Have Ties To White Nationalists Or Nazis — And They’re All Republicans. By Juliana Kaplan and Alyssa Fisher.

‘WHO IS AMERICA?’ EXPOSES GEORGIA REP. Jason Spencer, a state representative from Georgia, is likely updating his resume after appearing on Sacha Baron Cohen’s “Who Is America?” shouting the N-word, flashing his buttocks, and making fun of Chinese people. [HuffPost]

Rhode Island Democratic Party Endorses ‘Alt-Right’ Supporter: here.

Judaism, atheism, Islam, liberalism ‘dangerous’, Texas preacher says

This 30 October 2016 video from Arizona in the USA says about itself:

Trump supporter yells anti-Semitic chant

Video shows a Trump supporter shouting “Jew-S-A” at the press, calling reporters “the enemy” during a rally in Phoenix.

From Jewish daily The Forward in the USA:

Texas Church Will Hold Lecture On ‘Dangerous’ Judaism

June 4, 2018

By Haley Cohen

A Texas church’s summer lecture series includes Judaism as one of many “dangerous isms” — putting it in the same category as Islamism, alcoholism and pessimism, the Dallas Morning News reported.

Greenville Avenue Church of Christ in Richardson, Texas will hold its “Dangerous Isms” summer series beginning on June 13, church minister, Shelton Gibbs III explained. Gibbs acknowledged that using the term “dangerous” while promoting the program might not have been the best idea. The church has already received backlash, with some on social media calling the church a hate group.

Other topics being covered in the series include denominationalism, materialism, atheism,

Spelled by the Reverend Shelton Gibbs III as ‘atheisim’.

liberalism, and emotionalism.

As far as I can see, the Reverend Shelton Gibbs III does not consider conservatism, Trumpism, nazism or fascism ‘dangerous’. Racism, anti-Semitism, sexism, homophobia; or religious adulation of firearms, like in the ‘Moonie’ church, and not only there; also seem to be not ‘dangerous’, according to the gospel according to the Reverend Shelton Gibbs III.

Gibbs said topics such as racism or sexism won’t be discussed because “there are only so many Wednesdays in a summer.”

And now, also from the Forward, about something really dangerous:

UC San Diego Hillel Sign Vandalized With Threatening Graffiti

June 5, 2018 By JTA

(JTA) — Threatening graffiti was written on a sign announcing the future home of the University of California San Diego Hillel Jewish Center.

The graffiti discovered early Monday morning read “F—- You All” in letters resembling Nazi swastikas, according to local media.

Hillel staff members washed the graffiti off, according to the NBC San Diego affiliate.

“I was disappointed, I was sad. I grew up here in La Jolla I don’t want to see that graffiti on any institution”, Hillel Center Executive Director Rabbi David Singer told NBC 7.

Singer reported the graffiti to the local police and to the local office of the Anti-Defamation League. Police told NBC 7 that the graffiti incident is under investigation, but that so far they do not consider it a hate crime.