Germany, from Auschwitz to today

This 2012 video is called Jewish Survivor Anita Lasker-Wallfisch Testimony.

By Johannes Stern in Germany:

Nothing learned from Auschwitz

6 February 2018

On the 73rd anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz, the German parliament (Bundestag) held a special sitting to commemorate the victims of Nazism. Many people around the world mark this day. The name of the concentration camp, which was liberated by the Soviet Red Army on 27 January 1945, is a synonym for the greatest crimes in human history and the barbarity of capitalism in its most extreme form.

The commemorative meeting was dominated by a massive contradiction. The main speaker this year was the German-British cellist and Holocaust survivor Anita Lasker-Wallfisch, who spoke with penetrating words recalling the horrific regime that drove her, her older sister Renate and millions of Jews and other persecuted people into the Nazi extermination camps. At the same time, she made a connection between that period and today’s “world full of refugees”, calling for more humane treatment of immigrants fleeing repression and poverty.

While some in the audience sitting on the sidelines were visibly moved, the applause Lasker-Wallfisch garnered from the assembled politicians of all parties could only be described as dishonest and cynical. Just a cursory glance at the Bundestag makes clear that the same ruling class that made Hitler chancellor 85 years ago is returning to its infamous traditions.

Participating in the commemorative meeting were some 90 deputies from the Alternative for Germany (AfD), an openly right-wing extremist party that embodies all of the filth that led to the mass murder of European Jewry: racism, nationalism and extreme militarism.

The president of the Bundestag, Wolfgang Schäuble, who has been at the forefront of the austerity diktats of Brussels and Berlin, which have plunged millions into poverty in Greece and other countries, did not utter a single word about the AfD in his speech. Instead, he indulged in platitudes, such as, “It must disquiet us when, every day, people are attacked only because they appear different”, and “witch hunts and violence should have no place in our society.”

The hollowness of these phrases is shown by the failure of the establishment parties to in any way distance themselves from the AfD on this memorial day. Instead, they have integrated this far-right, racist party more deeply into the structures of government.

Peter Boehringer, Sebastian Münzenmaier and Stephan Brandner, three representatives of the AfD’s extreme right, were given the chairmanship of important parliamentary committees. Boehringer, who will now head the budget committee, is a neo-liberal racist; Münzenmeier is a convicted hooligan; and Brandner a confidante of the neo-Nazi Björn Höcke, who describes the Holocaust Memorial in Berlin as a “Monument of Shame.”

It is no accident that the German ruling class, in attempting to install a right-wing government behind the backs of the people, is directly resting on the AfD. In recent days, it has become ever clearer that the next grand coalition between the Social Democrats (SPD) and Christian Democrats (CDU/CSU) will seek to implement the programme of the extreme right. Already in the paper produced during the initial coalition talks, the SPD and CDU/CSU adopted the demand for an upper limit on the number of refugees. Last Tuesday, they agreed to abolish the right of family reunion for refugees.

The central task of the next government will be to revive German militarism and drive forward the great power politics that twice lead to the catastrophe of world war in the 20th century. The aggressive comments of military brass and influential media outlets leave no doubt of this.

At the start of the week, the former inspector general of the Bundeswehr (armed forces), Germany’s most senior military officer, Klaus Naumann, wrote a guest column for the Süddeutsche Zeitung in which he made clear what he expects from the next grand coalition. “In the coming years, at least one of the three Army divisions must become combat ready, helicopters must be able to fly again and U-boats sail”, wrote Naumann. At the same time, “the motto ‘train as you fight’, the principle of realistic training and exercising, must once again become part of the everyday experience of the Bundeswehr”, he added.

Shortly after the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, Naumann, the author of the 1992 Defence Guidelines, called for Germany to use military means to pursue its economic and political interests. Today, he dreams of imperialist campaigns of conquest, including in the Artic. With a potent army, he writes, Europe could “begin to extend the protection of its sea lanes in the Arctic Ocean, as well as along the new maritime silk road in the Indian Ocean.” These are “matters of survival for an EU dependent on foreign trade, which lacks any Asia strategy”, he continues.

Naumann is not alone in behaving as if the crimes of German imperialism in two world wars had never happened.

In the current edition of the newsweekly Der Spiegel, under the headline “Unwilling World Power”, a certain Ullrich Fichtner complains that Germany, “70 years after the war, and soon 30 years after the fall of the [Berlin] Wall”, has “still not learned to define its interests on the basis of its values and actively pursue them.” Instead, “a majority of the citizens [live] in the belief that foreign policy can be avoided somehow, and hardly anybody convincingly opposes such nonsense.”

The author—perhaps he should be greeted with “Heil Fichtner”—finds himself overwhelmed by old Nazi fantasies. “Every child should know that a colossus like Germany has no choice as to whether or not to exercise power”, he thunders at his readers. Germany, after all, is “an 800-pound gorilla, and when this boy moves, the windowpanes in Manchester and Rome, in Warsaw and Lyon, shake.”

In 2014, after Humboldt University Professor Jörg Baberowski was quoted in Der Spiegel saying Hitler was “not vicious,” the Sozialistische Gleichheitspartei (Socialist Equality Party) analysed his statements and warned of the objective driving forces of a return of German militarism: “The propaganda of the post-war era—that Germany had learned from the terrible crimes of the Nazis, had “arrived at the West”, had embraced a peaceful foreign policy, and had developed into a stable democracy—is exposed as lies. German imperialism is once again showing its real colours as it emerged historically, with all of its aggressiveness at home and abroad.”

As in the first half of the 20th century, the working class confronts the alternative of socialism or barbarism.

To prevent the ruling class imposing its programme of social counterrevolution, war and dictatorship, the working class must seize the initiative and unite internationally to overthrow capitalism. The current strikes in Germany’s engineering, automotive and electrical industries are of great significance in this regard. They must be expanded and made the launching pad for a broad political mobilisation for new elections. It is only in this way that the ruling class can be prevented from bringing to power a government that stands in the traditions of German imperialism’s criminal past.


‘Polish governmental inaction against neonazis’

This video says about itself:

22 January 2018

A television report shot with a hidden camera showing members of a Polish far-right group celebrating Adolf Hitler’s birthday sparked uproar on Monday, in a country still grappling with the memory of Nazi occupation.

The alarming footage, filmed in southwestern Poland and aired on news channel TVN24, shows a group of men wearing Nazi-inspired uniforms and performing Nazi salutes.

Among those caught on camera was a man identified as Mateusz S., the leader of neo-Nazi group Pride and Modernity (DN).
He appears to have been speaking at an event marking 128 years since the birth of Nazi dictator Adolf Hilter, held on a hill near the southwestern Polish village of Wodzislaw on an undisclosed date.

Undercover journalists also filmed large red flags with Nazi swastikas hanging on the trees and an altar with a portrait of Hitler.

Participants in the event set fire to a large wooden swastika soaked in flammable liquid that was fixed to a tree as they played a soundtrack of Nazi military marches.

The footage was broadcast on TVN24’s “Superwizjer” current affairs programme which also included clips from an ultranationalist rock festival in March 2017 involving both Poles and Germans, with swastikas or the initials SS tattooed on their bodies.

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

Saturday, January 27, 2018

Polish Jewish leader denounces government’s inaction against neonazis

THE leader of Poland’s federation of Jewish communities has denounced the government for allowing the growth of the country’s neonazi movement.

Union of Jewish Communities in Poland president Leslaw Piszewski spoke out following a shocking documentary broadcast on Polish TV that showed fascists celebrating Hitler’s birthday in a forest.

The fascists, some wearing SS uniforms, raised a toast to Hitler, whose portrait hung from a tree, ate a swastika-iced cake and sieg-heiled a large wooden swastika as it burned.

“What else has to happen for us to look, to open our eyes, for the authorities to say that fascism and nazism are not tolerated in Poland?” stormed Mr Piszewski.

Attorney General Zbigniew Ziobro vowed to act against the fascists, but still drew a distinction in his statement between Jewish and non-Jewish Poles murdered by nazi Germany’s forces.

The nazi ceremony took place just 30 miles from the Auschwitz death camp, where tomorrow there will be an event to mark the 73rd anniversary of its liberation by the Soviet army.

Israel criticises Poland over proposed Holocaust law: here.

The lower house of the Polish Parliament (Sejm) approved a bill January 26 which provides for severe penalties for both Polish and foreign citizens who use the term “Polish concentration camps” and who refer to the participation of Poles in the crimes of the Holocaust. The bill still needs to be approved by the Senate and the president, but is expected to pass these hurdles: here.

World War II-Era Envelopes Suggest Polish Knowledge of Holocaust. By Aviya Kushner, February 1, 2018.

Israel minister says Poland cancelled his visit amid Holocaust law dispute. Education minister Naftali Bennett says ‘I am honored’. Bill would outlaw blaming Poles for historical crimes against Jews: here.

Polish President Andrzej Duda signed into law Tuesday a bill censoring free speech about the Holocaust, after it has been passed by the lower and upper houses of the Polish parliament: here.

Austrian right-wing politician’s song advocating ‘gassing Jews’

Election propaganda by Austrian neofascist party for their candidate Udo Landbauer. Photo: Robert Jäger / APA /

This photo shows election propaganda for Austrian far-right politician Udo Landbauer of the FPÖ party. The slogan on the poster says, translated: New force for OUR fatherland!

Today, there is news about him.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV today:

Austrian politician under fire because of Nazi song

In Austria, scandal has arisen about FPÖ [racist party in the present right-wing Austrian coalition government] politician Udo Landbauer. At the student fraternity where he was vice-chairman, anti-Semitic songs are sung.

The Viennese newspaper Falter received the songbook of student society Germania.

Translation of lines in one of the songs in that book, on page 182, according to the Falter article and to Wikipedia:

Then the Jew Ben Gurion came into their midst: Give it some gas, you old Teutons, we will make it seven million

The NOS article continues:

The Nazis murdered 6 million Jews in the Second World War and about 5 million other people [a very conservative estimate], including Roma and Sinti and disabled people. In other songs Hitler’s conquests, the Wehrmacht [Hitler’s armed forces] and the Waffen-SS are glorified.

The next stanza in the page 182 song of Landbauer’s fraternity says (translated from the Falter article and Wikipedia):

A gooky Chinaman stepped into their midst. We too are Indo-Germans and want to join the Waffen-SS.

The NOS article continues:

Police search

Landbauer (31) has been a member of the ‘Burschenschaft’ (traditional German student association) Germania for sixteen years, but denies that he ever saw this song. President Alexander Van der Bellen does not believe him. “The members must have known what is in that songbook”, he says.

Austrian police have searched Wednesday evening at the association and seized nineteen songbooks. It is being investigated whether anyone can be prosecuted because of incitement.

‘Politician not prosecuted’

The Austrian Interior Minister Herbert Kickl, also FPÖ, has said that he virtually excludes any prosecution of Landbauer. The opposition has responded with anger. “In a democracy, the Public Prosecution Service carries out the investigation, not the minister”, said politician Max Lercher (SPÖ).

In Austria, a coalition of the conservative ÖVP and the right-wing populist [‘populist’ is a wrong term by journalists too scared to use more correct terms like ‘racist’] FPÖ has been ruling since mid-December. The FPÖ was founded by former Nazis and came into the news with various Nazi scandals. These are always dismissed by the party as exceptional cases. Also from national party leader Strache photos surfaced in uniform and between neo-Nazis.

Austria to dissolve Nazi songbook fraternity linked to Freedom party. Move follows discovery of lyrics mocking Holocaust and celebrating Nazi atrocities: here.

VIENNA (Reuters) – Austria’s main Jewish body (IKG) will boycott a parliamentary Holocaust commemoration event because of the rise of the far-right Freedom Party (FPO) which entered government last month, the IKG’s chief said on Thursday: here.

USA: WASHINGTON (JTA) A Pennsylvania Republican congressman running for the Senate was interviewed by and appeared at an event with Holocaust deniers, CNN reported: here.

British historian banned in Ukraine for mentioning anti-Semitic massacre

This video says about itself:

Savchenko called Jews … in Ukrainejudes” on air – English subtitles

29 March 2017

Ukrainian MP Nadiya Savchenko said that she doesn’t identify herself as antisemite, however she doesn’t like “judes”. Savchenko told that on air of 112 Ukraine TV channel on March 25 during her interview with Dmitry Gordon.

Right-wing Ms Savchenko used to participate in the war in eastern Ukraine as a member of the neofascist Aidar batallion. She names as her heroes Chilean dictator Pinochet and Margaret Thatcher.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV:

Ukraine prohibits book by prominent British historian Antony Beevor

Today, 13:41

The British writer and historian Antony Beevor has reacted indignantly to a ban on one of his books in Ukraine. The country has blacklisted the Russian translation of his world-famous book on the Battle of Stalingrad, because it contains a passage about a Ukrainian [nationalist allies of nazi Germany] crime during the Second World War. 30,000 books have been banned from entering the country.

According to the director of the Ukrainian authority on the media, the book is banned because Beevor tells how a Ukrainian militia killed ninety Jewish children. “That’s a provocation,” said director Oliyinyk against Radio Free Europe.

According to Oliyinyk, people have never been convicted for that act of war. “When we looked at his sources, we discovered that he had used the Ministry of the Interior of the Soviet Union as a source.” This was reason enough for the regulator to submit the book to a panel of experts, which confirmed the legality of the ban. “We are very pleased with that”, says the director.

In 2016, Ukraine adopted a law restricting the import of books from Russia if they contain ‘anti-Ukrainian’ texts. A team of ‘experts’ assesses which books may and may not be imported.

The historian himself denies to the radio station that he used Soviet sources for his book. He states that the source was a book by the highly respected German anti-Nazi officer Helmuth Groscurth. “He wrote to his wife at that time about this crime, so shocked was he about what he had seen”, says Beevor, who demands apologies from Oliyinyk.

The writer still wants his book to be on Ukrainian shelves.

“It’s utterly outrageous that this is happening. … This ban is pretty depressing from the point of view of Ukraine itself – they want to show themselves as being so much more democratic than Russians to the north and then they’re doing this”, he told The Guardian.

Rudolf Steiner’s anthroposophy and racism

This 2015 video is called Ursula Haverbeck: The Panorama interview, with English subtitles.

Ms Haverbeck is an infamous German neonazi. In this interview, she is in denial about Adolf Hitler’s holocaust of Jews.

Ms Haverbeck was convicted several times, as Holocaust denial is illegal in Germany.

Her late husband Werner Georg Haverbeck was also a neonazi. Before that, he was a prominent official of Hitler’s NSDAP party and, after World War II, a priest in the The Christian Community church. The Christian Community church was founded by Rudolf Steiner, also the founder of the Steiner schools. Werner Georg Haverbeck wrote a biography of Steiner, praising him as a fellow German nationalist and racist.

By Peter Frost in Britain:

Rudolf Steiner, clairvoyant, educationist and racist

Saturday 9th December 2017

PETER FROST first discovered the weird ideas of Austrian occultist Rudolf Steiner in Watford 45 years ago. Now Steiner schools are back in the headlines

THE Rudolf Steiner School, in Kings Langley near Watford, has been ordered to close after a totally unsatisfactory Ofsted inspection.

The Secretary of State for Education has issued a notice for the school, which charges between £3,405 and £8,370 a year in fees, to be deregistered and closed.

The school is currently appealing against the decision and will continue to operate until a final decision has been made, probably before Christmas.

It is not allowed to take in any new students but it has appointed a new head and completely changed its board of trustees.

The school has also issued a public apology to children and their families for “real and serious failings going back several years”, acknowledging that it had failed to act on “repeated concerns raised by parents” over safeguarding, bullying and other issues.

The decision comes after Denis McCarthy, a senior staff member who was also a leading figure in Britain’s Steiner school movement, was sacked from the school for gross misconduct.

The Sunday Telegraph has reported that McCarthy was also a senior figure in the Steiner-inspired movement called anthroposophy.

The school, it seems, did everything that they could to protect him: minimising or dismissing concerns and deleting emails.

About 45 years ago, my wife Ann and I moved out of London to Watford in Hertfordshire. Watford was then well known as a centre of the glossy magazine printing industry.

We soon met up with the large and active Communist Party in the town. As well as the local branch, there was also an industrial branch for printers in the huge Sun Printers and Odham’s print works in the town.

There were also a good few printers working at the Communist Party’s own national print works, Farleigh Press, which was located in the town. (Indeed, the Morning Star is printed in Watford today, by Trinity Mirror.)

All this communist activity encouraged many other progressive organisations, including the Woodcraft Folk, the Workers Music Association and the Co-operative Women’s Guild too.

All in all it was an active and interesting cultural left-wing community but one aspect of it always surprised and troubled me.

Many of the better-off communists in the town choose to send their children to a private fee-paying school — that very same Steiner school that has just hit the headlines for all the wrong reasons.

All those years ago Watford and its district still had single-sex grammar schools, a co-educational mixed grammar school, faith schools, as well as a good selection of secondary moderns, both mixed and single-sex. Things have changed little today.

As I have already said, it also had the Steiner school offering what seemed like a very liberal kind of education, albeit at fees of many hundreds of pounds a year.

The school seemed to offer laid-back and liberal education with an emphasis on art and culture rather than science but also with a few rather curious features.

From pupils at the school I learnt that they didn’t allow black paint in the art studios and didn’t allow younger pupils to even start to learn to read until they were seven years old.

More recent pupils have told me other disquieting things. Parents of a left-handed pupil were advised to tie the youngster’s left hand behind his back to encourage more common right-handed behaviour.

Other recent pupils have told me that they hated the stroking some staff used as a disciplinary measure.

On the pastoral side the schools discouraged vaccinations and used homeopathic first aid and healthcare. The lack of vaccinations means that some Steiner schools have received health warnings as measles danger spots.

The schools also taught a Steiner-invented therapeutic dance and movement technique called eurhythmy.

They encouraged really close relationships between staff, pupils and their families. This included home visits and even staff going on holiday with pupils and their families.

This obviously continues and was one of the criticisms in the recent Ofsted report. Staff took older pupils to lunch and there was no reliable mechanism to check if the pupils returned to school in the afternoon.

These curious features of Steiner education made me keen to find out more about Rudolf Steiner, the Austrian-born clairvoyant and occultist, who died in 1925.

Steiner, I soon discovered, seemed to have written about just about everything. He had weird ideas about almost everything, including the occult, alternative medicine, agriculture, racial superiority, even the lost continent of Atlantis [where he claimed there were already airplanes ten thousands of years ago] and, of course, education.

This vast and diverse collection of his ideas had become part of both a philosophy and a movement known as anthroposophy.

Strangely, I discovered that, although it seemed all the staff at the Steiner schools were enthusiastic anthroposophists — indeed it seemed to be an essential qualification for the job — the actual philosophy was never openly taught or indeed even mentioned by name within teaching at the school.

It was only when I started to study Steiner’s incredible racist ideas I realised why they would be reluctant to make them public.

Steiner believed that black people had an instinctive approach to life while white Caucasian people approached life intellectually.

Every race, he believed, had a natural geographical homeland where they should live — black people in Europe were a nuisance, he wrote.

Steiner argued there was also what he called a hierarchy in races. Inferior races were at the bottom of an evolutionary staircase he helpfully sketched out in one of his books.

There were a number of racial groups with “negroes” at the bottom and “white Aryans” and particularly Nordic Germanic Aryans at the top of the pile. In between there were various “brown” and “yellow” inferior races.

When a person of any race died they were reincarnated. If they had good karma they would come back as what Steiner saw as a superior race until after a number of satisfactory lives they would achieve a top-of-the-pile white Aryan existence. Others would move down in the pecking order.

Recently, it has been reported that when four white Steiner teachers taking part in a survey were asked to tick a box giving their ethnicity, they ticked every box, explaining that over their many lives and reincarnations they had moved up through the races.

Steiner saw skin colour and race as central to understanding a person’s spirituality. No wonder Hitler and his nazis were so enthusiastic in accepting and promoting Steiner’s ideas on race.

Steiner also often pronounced his strong anti-semitic views. Here is just one quote which will give you a flavour of his thinking. “Jewry as such has outlived itself for a long time. It does not have the right to exist in the modern life of nations. That it has survived, nevertheless, is a mistake by world history, of which the consequences were bound to come.”

Another strong but strange basis of anthroposophy was Steiner’s version of organic farming, called biodynamism. This included more than its fair share of myth, muck and magic.

Among the techniques used was the burying of cattle horns filled with either cow dung or crushed flint.

After many months the horn’s contents were dug up and dissolved in water to create a liquid manure of microscopic homeopathic-type dilution.

Practitioners were carefully instructed that this must be done by stirring for exactly 30 minutes in a clockwise direction and then another half an hour in an anti-clockwise direction.

Today one of the few strongholds of biodynamism is, perhaps predictably, among California’s wine growers.

Another area of study for Steiner was anthroposophic medicine, including drugs, art therapy, rhythmic massages, special exercises and anthroposophic nursing.

His anthroposophic drugs are based on ancient alchemy and homeopathic notions, far removed from modern medical science.

For example, Steiner’s intuition convinced him that mistletoe might help treat cancer because, like cancer, mistletoe is a parasitic growth that eventually kills its host.

Today, mostly in Germany, the sale of mistletoe remedies for cancer produces enormous funding for the entire Steiner anthroposophy movement.

So with such a bunch of unlikely beliefs, how has it been possible that Kings Langley and other Steiner schools have got away with such serious failings and not been uncovered by the inspection regime?

Over the years the Steiner movement successfully lobbied the government that their schools should be inspected not by normal Ofsted inspectors, but by a special, much more sympathetic body, the School Inspection Service.

Steiner schools tended to get glowing reports from these inspectors. However, it would appear at Kings Langley that persistent complaints from parents have resulted in Ofsted stepping in and producing a more accurate and critical report.

A number of years ago the Steiner schools campaigned to have some of their institutions directly funded by the Department for Education. Three actually achieved state funding.

One of the leading lobbyists on behalf of the Steiner schools movement was the novelist Emma Craigie, better known as Emma Beatrice Rees-Mogg.

She is none other than the sister of the arch-right-wing Tory and Dickensian villain lookalike, Jacob Rees-Mogg MP.

Craigie had a word with her brother’s fellow Tory MP, Michael Gove, when he was still in opposition, even showing him round a Steiner school.

Three Steiner schools got their state funding in 2012 when Gove was education secretary. Others are still working towards state funding.

So will the Steiner school in Kings Langley survive? That is important to nearly three dozen other private Steiner schools which also dream of getting state funding.

Or will the school close and the resulting post-mortem and enquiries help shine a bright cleansing light on the nasty, nutty, racist beliefs of Rudolf Steiner and end the scandal that allows state funding for this awful education system and the racist and superstitious philosophy that is at its root?

Italian Lazio football hooligans’ anti-Semitism escalation

This video from Italy says about itself:

SS Lazio supporters: antisemitism

25 October 2017

Anti-semitic graffiti: the backdrop for pictures of Anne Frank, which have been doctored to show her wearing a Roma football jersey. Anne Frank was a Dutch Jewish child who died in the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp in 1945.

This is how some SS Lazio fans chose to express their dedication to their club – and their antagonism to the Italian capital’s rival team – during a recent league game against Cagliari. …

Flirtations with fascism

In a country where “il calcio” is a passion rather than a hobby, [some of] Italy’s most fanatical football supporters, the “ultras”, have long-standing links to fascism. As if to underscore the point, outside Rome’s Stadio Olimpico, home to both Lazio and Roma, stands an obelisk which still bears the inscription “Mussolini, leader”.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV:

Lazio chairman calls synagogue visit after Anne Frank row ‘theater’

Today, 20:41

The Italian football club Lazio is in a controversy again. The club’s chairman, Claudio Lotito, visited a synagogue in Rome after the row about [anti-Semitic] Anne Frank stickers from Lazio fans. During that visit he is said to have qualified it as “theater that is part of routine”.

Lotito went to the synagogue because Lazio came under fire after the anti-Semitic acts by supporters last week. He told the press that the club was working on a new campaign against anti-Semitism. But in the synagogue, Lotito said according to bystanders that the visit had been imposed on him.

The chairman denies the accusations and wants to sue people who maintain that he has made these statements. Evidence against him is that after the visit, the Roman newspaper Il Messaggero published a recording on which he actually appears to speak about a theater play.


The Jewish community in Rome reacted furiously to the words the chairman is said to have spoken. A wreath that Lotito brought for his visit to the synagogue was thrown into the water [of the river Tiber].

The question now is how the Italian football federation and authorities will respond to Lotito’s words.

Stickers displaying Anne Frank wearing football jerseys have appeared in Germany as an anti-Semitic provocation by neo-Nazi fans. Dortmund and Leipzig hooligan groups appear to be copying their Italian counterparts: here.

Italian Lazio football hooligans’ anti-Semitism

Paolo Di Canio makes fascist salute

From this blog on 22 May 2011:

Club loses GMB sponsorship after signing football fascist

Sunday 22 May 2011

by Adrian Roberts

The GMB said today that it has decided to end its sponsorship of Swindon Town football club in protest at the appointment of Paolo Di Canio as manager.

GMB said the Italian former player who was named as the new manager of Swindon Town on Friday had previously voiced right-wing views of which it strongly disapproved. …

Mr Di Canio has spoken freely about being a fascist and an admirer of Mussolini. He has faced bans and fines for making the fascist straight-arm salute while playing for Italian club Lazio.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV, 23 October 2017:

Fans of the Italian football club Lazio Roma have left anti-Semitic slogans and stickers depicting Anne Frank in their stadium. The statements were aimed at supporters of city-mate and arch rivals AS Roma, with whom they share the Olympic Stadium of Rome.

The Lazio fans included stickers depicting Anne Frank in an AS Roma shirt and wrote in graffiti ‘Roma fans are Jews’. …

The stickers and slogans were put there during last Sunday’s match, in the part of the stadium where AS Roma’s fanatical supporters always sit at their home matches.

Lazio’s fans never come there. Last weekend they were sitting there because their “part” of the stadium was closed because of racist shouting aimed at some non-white opponent players during a match a few weeks ago.

Lazio Roma’s fanatical supporters are notorious because of their fascist and extreme right-wing sympathies. This season, the UEFA football league already ordered the club to play a European contest without spectators as a punishment for racist sceaming during a European game of a few seasons ago.

From Associated Press, 23 October 2017:

ROME — Images of Anne Frank wearing a Roma jersey were among the anti-Semitic stickers and graffiti left by Lazio fans that were discovered at the Stadio Olimpico on Monday.

It was the latest in a long line of racist or anti-Semitic incidents involving Lazio supporters.

The northern curva (end) of the stadium where Lazio’s “ultra” fans sit was closed on Sunday for the match with Cagliari due to racist chanting during a match against Sassuolo this month.

As a result, Lazio decided to open the southern end and let the ultras in where Roma’s hard-core fans sit for their home matches.

Stadium cleaners found the anti-Semitic stickers a day later.

The Italian football federation is likely to open an investigation, which could result in a full stadium ban for Lazio. …

Lazio’s ultras have long been known for their far right-wing political stances and fascist leanings. During a 1998 derby, Lazio ultras held up a banner directed at their Roma counterparts that read, “Auschwitz Is Your Country; the Ovens Are Your Homes.”

The latest partial stadium ban stemmed from derogatory chants directed at visiting Sassuolo players Claud Adjapong and Alfred Duncan.

“This is not a curva, this is not football, this is not sport. Keep the anti-Semites out of the stadiums,” tweeted Ruth Dureghello, the president of Rome’s Jewish community. …

Also this season, Lazio beat Belgian side Zulte Waregem 2-0 in a Europa League match behind closed doors due to punishment from UEFA for racist chants aimed at a Sparta Prague player in the Roman side’s last continental appearance two seasons ago.