Corporate US Democrats smear Jewish Sanders

This 28 December 2019 video from the USA says about itself

Bad: Democratic Party Group Smears Bernie Sanders As Anti-Semitic, featuring Richard Wolff

The astroturfDemocrats Against Anti-Semitism” tweet thread is this week´s bad.

Richard Wolff is a United States Jewish left-wing professor of economics.

First, the media empire of anti-Semite Rupert Murdoch, and the British Conservative party, full of anti-Semites and other racists, smeared the Labour party as supposedly anti-Semitic.

Now, it is the turn of the United States co-thinkers of Boris Johnson´s British Conservatives: the Republican party of anti-Semite Donald Trump, scared of losing the 2020 presidential election to Bernie Sanders.

As the video shows, unfortunately it is not just the turn of Trump´s Republicans, but also of pro-Wall Street politicians in the Democratic party for which Sanders is campaigning for the presidential nomination, to smear Sanders.

Earlier, the Democratic party establishment used anti-Semitic smears against Sanders.

Now, they smear Jewish Bernie Sanders as a supposed anti-Semite.

Senator Bernie Sanders leads preliminary Democratic fundraising totals for the fourth quarter and all of 2019. By Patrick Martin, 3 January 2020. The support for Sanders shows that the American population is moving to the left, even as the Democrats move further to the right. … the five most common employers of Sanders contributors are Amazon, Starbucks, Walmart, Target and the US Postal Service—with the first four among the largest employers of low-wage labor: here.

Stop anti-Semitism in Britain

This 11 December 2e019 video says about itself:

Why Some Black Brits Are Considering Leaving UK After Election

Boris Johnson’s record on racism has left some Black Brits so afraid for their safety that they are considering leaving the UK should the Conservatives claim victory in Thursday’s election. Racist comments written or signed off by the prime minister include an article published in The Spectator while he was editor, written by columnist Taki Theodoracopulos, that claimed black people have lower IQs. Elsewhere, he penned a column for the Daily Telegraph referring to “watermelon smiles” and “piccaninnies”.

By Ceren Sagir in Britain:

Sunday, December 29, 2019

Campaigners urge unity against racism after anti-semitic graffiti

ANTI-RACISM campaigners called for unity to defeat racism today after a synagogue and several north London shop fronts were defaced with anti-semitic graffiti.

The Hampstead and Belsize Park area woke up to the Star of David alongside the numbers “9 11” spray-painted in red and purple on several premises during the religious festival of Hanukkah, including South Hampstead Synagogue.

The graffiti refers to an anti-semitic conspiracy theory that Jewish people were behind the 2001 terror attacks in the United States.

Police said they are investigating the racially motivated hate crime after receiving reports of the vandalism late Saturday night.

No arrests have been made at the time of writing, but the Metropolitan Police has called for anyone with information to call 101.

The graffiti was seen being removed by council workers from shop windows yesterday afternoon.

David Rosenberg of the Jewish Socialists’ Group condemned the graffiti and said: “Every racist, fascist, and conspiracy theorist will have felt emboldened by the re-election of Boris Johnson’s hard-right Tory government.

“That government will be judged not only on its response to this incident but to how it responds to recent applications by racists and fascists to join the Tories, and what further action they take against Tory election candidates suspended over anti-semitism.

“This year has witnessed sickening attacks on other minorities too. Our strongest defence in 2020 will be through minority communities and all anti-racists giving practical support and solidarity to each other.”

Stand Up To Racism (SUTR) co-convenor Weyman Bennett called for unity and for people to reject racism in communities.

He told the Star: “We condemn any form of anti-semitism, racism and Islamophobia and reject any attempts to sow division between people.

“[SUTR] argues that we need to maximise unity against the growth of the far-right and racism from the government. We understand that unless we have unity to defeat racism, it can only end in tragedy.”

Labour MP for Hampstead and Kilburn Tulip Siddiq said: “Unbelievable, senseless, disgusting anti-semitism at the heart of our community. We must all stay vigilant in order to continue the fight against this hatred.”

Following the news, campaign group Jewdas warned on Twitter that British Movement, a nazi splinter from the National Front, have been covering the area with “nasty fascist stickers” for the past 18 months.

The incident comes after five people were stabbed at a rabbi’s home in New York during a Hanukkah celebration on Saturday night.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn sent “love and solidarity” to Jewish communities around the world.

He tweeted: “How terrible that Chanukah started with a message of hope and on this last day we face anti-semitic graffiti in London and horrific stabbings at a party in New York. We stand with all our communities facing hate.

“We send love and solidarity to Jewish communities around the world.”

BRITAIN FIRST’S “stunt” declaration that over 5,000 members have joined the Tories shows just how favourably the far-right views the Prime Minister, Unite Against Fascism (UAF) warned yesterday. The far-right hate group claimed their supporters were attracted by Boris Johnson’s “negative attitude towards Islam,” according to the Guardian. Britain First’s spokeswoman Ashlea Simon, who was among senior figures recently investigated by counterterrorism police, said: “We will support a party that is willing to take a firm stance against radical Islam and it looks like the Tories are willing to do that”: here.

A machete-wielding attacker wounded five people attending a Hanukkah celebration on Saturday evening in the Rockland County, New York, hamlet of Monsey, located in the town of Ramapo, 30 miles north of New York City. The attack took place as Hasidic worshipers gathered in the home of their rabbi, Chaim Rottenberg, located next to their synagogue. The perpetrator reportedly entered the residence and began randomly attacking the celebrants, who had gathered on the seventh night of the annual Hannukah observance: here.

Jersey City, New Jersey, USA massacre, anti-Semitism?

This 10 December 2019 CBS TV video from the USA says about itself:

The mayor of Jersey City in New Jersey says a shootout that killed a police detective and three other [Jewish] people was likely the result of a “targeted” attack on a kosher grocery store. Bystanders recorded the standoff that lasted several hours in a busy neighborhood, which includes a synagogue and a school. The two suspected gunmen were also killed. Don Dahler reports.

By David Israel in the USA, 11 December 2019:

3 Chassidic Jews Dead in Deliberate Anti-Semitic Attack on Jersey City Kosher Market

Leah Minda Ferencz, who owned the Kosher supermarket on Martin Luther King Drive in Jersey City, as well as a customer, Moshe Deutsch, 24, and another Jewish customer, age 48, were gunned down on Tuesday afternoon. Earlier, Detective Joseph Seals, 39, married and father of five, was shot and later declared dead. The killers, a man and a woman, were finally shot dead in a gun exchange police said involved at least 100 bullets. …

The two suspects drove their U-Haul truck to the Jersey City Kosher Supermarket on Martin Luther King Drive, where, around 12:30 PM, they shot a Chassidic man on the sidewalk and ran into the store, where they shot and killed the other two victims.

According to police, the two killers had long guns and a large supply of ammunition, as well as bomb-making materials in the truck. …

So far it has not been established with certainty that the shooters indeed carried out an anti-Semitic plan, but the fact is that community leaders and politicians already understand that this is part of a new, growing trend.

See also here.

This 9 December 2019 video from the USA is called Trump Screams AWFUL Anti-Semitic Tropes.

US Representative Eric Swalwell: We must hold Trump accountable for embracing anti-Semitism: here.

JERSEY CITY MAYOR WANTS OUSTER OF OFFICIAL WHO DEFENDED STORE ASSAULT Jersey City Mayor Steven Fulop is calling on a school official who referred to Jewish people as “brutes” in an angry Facebook post to resign. Jersey City Board of Education trustee Joan Terrell-Paige’s Facebook comment appeared to justify last week’s deadly assault on a Jewish market carried out by two shooters in the New Jersey town. [HuffPost]

ANTI-SEMITIC PASTOR SPEAKS AT TRUMP’S HANUKKAH PARTY  President Donald Trump signed an executive order aimed at tackling anti-Semitism Wednesday ― but a speaker at the event has said Jews are going to hell. Evangelical leader Robert Jeffress, who Trump called a “tremendous faith leader,” has claimed “you can’t be saved being a Jew.” [HuffPost]

German neo-nazi military officer charged with terorism

This 10 October 2019 video is called Right-wing terrorism In Germany.

By Dietmar Gaisenkersting in Germany:

Right-wing German Army officer Franco A. to be charged for terrorism

2 December 2019

Following an announcement last week, German ex-Army officer Franco A. is to appear in court on the charge of preparing an act of sedition. The information was contained in a recently published ruling by the German Constitutional Court dating from August 22.

The Frankfurt/Main Court of Appeals previously rejected a charge on this issue. However, the details now made public strongly suggest that the 30-year-old ex-Army officer is a neo-Nazi terrorist.

A. was arrested at Vienna’s airport in February 2017 as he sought to recover a weapon he had previously hidden in a toilet. Subsequent investigations revealed that he planned attacks with two accomplices, Maximilian T., and Matthias F., on high-ranking politicians and other public personalities. All three accused were found to possess large quantities of arms and ammunition.

Franco A. also registered as a Syrian refugee in Bavaria, with the apparent intention of blaming future attacks on refugees so as to stoke right-wing and xenophobic sentiment in Germany.

Alongside politicians, the death list included the name of Anetta Kahane, the head of the Amadeu Antonio Foundation, a target of hatred for the far-right. Nonetheless, Franco A. was released from prison in November 2017 on grounds of insufficient suspicion that he had committed a crime.

Just over six months later, in June 2018, the Frankfurt Court of Appeals dismissed the charge against Franco A. of preparing an act of sedition. The court claimed that although the preparations for the crime were far advanced, Franco A. had not carried them out, even though he allegedly had several opportunities to do so.

On this basis, the court reached the conclusion that there was a lack of suspicion that he had committed a crime. Additional charges, including violations of the firearms law and fraud, were to be dealt with in a trial at the Darmstadt District Court.

In response to this decision, the federal state prosecutor’s office appealed to the Constitutional Court, which has now ruled in favour of the appeal. The Court of Appeals must now hear the state prosecutor’s terrorism case.

The Constitutional Court gave little credibility to Franco A.’s defence. A. claimed that his statements and actions had been misinterpreted and misunderstood by the authorities. He was, in fact, always concerned about “peace, but never violence”.

In a lengthy three-part article in April 2019, the Neue Zürcher Zeitung followed this line in an attempt to rehabilitate Franco A. “The Berlin office of the NZZ has possession of hundreds of pages of files, audio recordings, and mobile phone videos related to the Franco A. case,” wrote the author, Benedict Neff. Neff added that he had repeatedly met with Franco A., his partner, and family members.

Neff could hardly contain his enthusiasm. “One notices that this is a soldier’s home,” he enthused, “due to its cleanliness. The apartment is spotlessly clean.” Franco A. is “still very fit, but his hair is bound in a short ponytail with strands falling over his brow. Nobody would consider him to be an officer any more. Rather, he looks more like an artist or a philosophy student. His beard remains.”

Franco A.’s partner, who was also interviewed in detail by the NZZ, was introduced as Sophia T. … She is the sister of A.’s accomplice, Maximilian T., who served alongside A. as a soldier in Illkirch, France, was briefly arrested, and now works as a personal adviser to Alternative for Germany (AfD) parliamentary deputy Jan Nolte.

The father of Sophia and Maximilian, Thomas Tischer, is a well-known neo-Nazi, who was active in the right-wing extremist Reichsbürger movement and the fascist National Democratic Party (NPD). The author Tobias Ginsburg, who conducted undercover research on the Reichsbürger movement, cited him as saying, “The world can be saved only with radical measures—by biologically exterminating billions and obliterating the Middle East with nuclear weapons.”

While the NZZ portrayed Franco A. as “misunderstood”, the Constitutional Court’s published ruling underscores his right-wing extremist, neo-Nazi outlook.

The defendant has a particular aversion to Jewish people, noted the ruling. “Zionism is conducting a systematic race war by sending millions of migrants to Germany, which will lead to a mixing of the races and the extermination of the German race,” states the ruling in summing up A.’s views. “He compared immigration to genocide and the social welfare state to automatised genocide,” continued the ruling. “Zionism is the root of all evil and the United States serves as a power to impose devilish interests.”

The ruling cited statements and writings, including, “My beliefs are my Germanness, that Israel governs the United States, and that Hitler stands above everyone else.”

Franco A. owned books such as Hitler’s Mein Kampf and the 1940 work The Wehrmacht—the Liberation Struggle of the Great German People. CDs with Nazi songs were also found in his possession.

According to Franco A.’s outlook, a terrorist is “a freedom fighter for the establishment of a just world,” wrote the Constitutional Court. “In an audio recording from February 2016, A. described his political opponents as ‘swines’ who he and his fellow believers would kill if they got in their way.” Franco A. stated in the recording, “I know you want to murder me, so I’ll murder you first.” Anyone not prepared to do this “may as well give up the struggle from the start.”

To contribute to “the retention of the German nation”, Franco A. planned to “use the fictive identity of a Syrian refugee” to launch attacks on “refugee-friendly” people, including current foreign minister Heiko Maas, Green Party politician Claudia Roth, and Anetta Kahane.

The planned attack on the head of the Amadeu Antonio Foundation was far advanced. It was already known that Franco A. carried out surveillance on a parking garage belonging to the organisation in Berlin and noted down car registration plates.

The Constitutional Court has connected this information with other events. In April 2016, he purchased a mounting bar for his long-sight Heckler & Koch G3 gun. Four days after carrying out surveillance on the garage, he performed firing practice with the gun, “suggesting that he was seeking to achieve improved accuracy with the weapon.” It is likely that soon afterwards, probably on July 28, the defendant acquired the pistol in Paris that he later concealed at the Vienna airport.

The claim that Franco A. merely wanted to meet Kahane for a discussion was deemed by the court to lack credibility.

All of this information paints a clear picture of the activities of Franco A. and his accomplices. It is all the more remarkable that the Frankfurt/Main Court of Appeals came to the conclusion in 2018 that it could not sufficiently justify suspicion of the commission of a seditious crime.

This underscores what the>World Socialist Web Site wrote following the dropping of charges in June 2018: “All of the evidence in the case suggests that Franco A. and his accomplices are merely a small portion of a much broader neo-Nazi network within the Army and the German state.”

We now know that Franco A. had contact with a large number of right-wing extremists, including figures with ties to the terrorist organisation National Socialist Underground. The extent of the right-wing extremist network in the state apparatus is also becoming ever clearer.

A prominent role in this is played by the state authorities in Hesse, not merely due to the Court of Appeals decision in the Franco A. case. When Halit Yozgat was murdered by the NSU in Kassel in 2006, Andreas Temme, an employee of the Hesse state intelligence agency, was at the crime scene. The state government led by Volker Bouffier (Christian Democrats, CDU) ensured that relevant files were suppressed for decades. Moreover, evidence shows that death threats sent to a lawyer representing NSU victims, which were signed “NSU 2.0,” were sent by people with connections to the Frankfurt police.

The AfD, which trivialises the Nazis’ crimes, glorifies the [Adolf Hitler] Wehrmacht and rails against refugees and protesting students, enjoys close ties to this right-wing network within the state. Fifteen percent of the AfD’s deputies in the federal parliament and 10 percent in state parliaments are former career soldiers, and 8 percent are former or fired police officers.

History is returning with full force. The political and corporate elites, as they did during the Weimar Republic, are once again turning to authoritarian and fascist forms of rule. The return of Germany to imperialist policies and militarism can be carried through only by suppressing all opposition and encouraging, building up and supporting the most right-wing forces.

While state agencies focus on covering up, financing and organising the right-wing extremist and terrorist activities of soldiers, police officers and intelligence service agents, protests against the AfD are criminalised and declared to be anti-constitutional. For example, the Sozialistische Gleichheitspartei (Socialist Equality Party) is described by the Secret Service in its Verfassungsschutz Report as left-wing extremist and anti-constitutional because it firmly opposes nationalism, militarism and the AfD, while advocating a socialist society.

A Jewish mother in Germany is taking her son out of a public high school because of frequent anti-Semitic comments in the classroom: here.

Ukrainian nazi vandalism against Jewish author’s statue

A monument to Yiddish author Sholem Aleichem is seen vandalized with swastikas in Kiev, Ukraine

From CNN in the USA, 25 November 2019:

Ukrainian police are investigating a case of anti-Semitic vandalism after a monument to a prominent Jewish writer was vandalized with swastikas. …

Images on Ukrainian social media showed the monument, located across from the Brodsky Synagogue in central Kiev …

Ukraine has a large and thriving Jewish community, but community activists also report frequent cases of anti-Semitic vandalism. …

Born in 1859 in Russia, Sholem Aleichem was a Yiddish author and playwright known in the United States as the “Yiddish Mark Twain“, according to Encyclopaedia Britannica.

Americans would know his writing best from the musical “Fiddler on the Roof”. His works were adapted into the script surrounding the musical numbers.

Several of his other works were adapted and instrumental in the founding of the Yiddish Art Theatre in New York City.

Before his death in 1916, Aleichem published more than 40 novels, stories, and plays in Yiddish.

Last November, a man caused a commotion in a Baltimore theater last week by yelling “Heil Hitler! Heil Trump!” during a “Fiddler on the Roof” performance.

UKRAINIAN courts were today condemned for upholding a ban on the only newspaper opposing the country’s “oligarch-nazi regime.” Founded in 1897, Rabochaya Gazeta was banned earlier this year under Ukraine’s reactionary anti-communist laws after it published articles quoting Karl Marx: here.

English Muslim woman stops anti-Semite

This December 2016 video from the USA says about itself:

Martin Luther and Anti-Semitism

A panel featuring Mark R. Silk, Trinity College, Hartford; Dean P. Bell, Spertus Institute, Chicago; and Martin Hauger, High Consistory of the Evangelical Church in Germany, discusses Martin Luther’s changing opinion on Jews as well as the impact of the Reformation on Christian-Jewish relations in the 16th century. Sunday, November 13, 2016.

From Jewish daily Forward in the USA, 22 November 2019, by Aiden Pink:

Muslim Woman Defends Jewish Family From Anti-Semitism On London Underground

A Jewish family riding on the London Underground was accosted by a man yelling anti-Semitic language – but was defended by a Muslim woman also riding on the train, video posted to social media Friday showed.

The footage, posted by British author and filmmaker Chris Atkins, showed a Jewish man wearing a kippah comforting two young kippah-wearing children as another man preached [in a fundamentalist Christian way] loudly at them about how they were part of the “Synagogue of Satan”.

A bible quote.

The preacher, using obscenities, also threatened to “smack” another person on the train who got too close to him. A woman wearing a hijab then told him off about his language, ignoring the preacher’s criticisms of her for wearing trousers.

The video of the incident has over one million views.

Q&A With Asma Shuweikh, The Muslim Hero Who Defended A Jewish Family: here.

Britain saw a record number of anti-Semitic incidents in the first half of 2019, the Community Security Trust, the British anti-Semitism watchdog organization, reported in August.

Neo-nazi synagogue bombing plot, Colorado, USA

This 4 November 2019 video from Colorado, USA says about itself:

Richard Holzer Arrested In Plot To Blow Up Pueblo’s Temple Emanuel [synagogue]

Translated from Dutch NOS TV today:

In the United States a man was arrested who wanted to commit an attack on a synagogue. The 27-year-old man from the state of Colorado is said to have planned a bomb attack on the Temple Emanuel Synagogue in Pueblo city, south of Denver. Court documents show that he wanted to unleash a “racial holy war”.

Richard Holzer was arrested last weekend after he accepted 14 dynamite sticks and two pipe bombs from some men and women about whom he thought they supported him. That turned out to be undercover FBI agents and the explosives turned out to be fake. He is said to have intended to commit the attack that day.

According to the FBI, Holzer told the agents that he is a skinhead and that he used to be a member of the Ku Klux Klan. He is said to have glorified violence on Facebook and spread messages in which he recommended white supremacy.

Mein Kampf

He is also said to have been very anti-Semitic on several occasions in his contact with the undercover agents. When he met one of them, he was “wearing a Nazi armband” according to the FBI. He is also said to have had the book Mein Kampf [by Adolf Hitler] with him.

See also here.

White Supremacist Arrested For Plot To Blow Up Colorado Synagogue … Holzer also used racial slurs to refer to Latino people: here.

A group of men wearing large white kippas and tallesim handed out fliers promoting Holocaust denial and hung up cards bearing anti-Semitic canards on a pedestrian mall in Boulder, Colorado. The fliers handed out at Boulder’s Pearl Street Mall by the men who appeared to be posing as Jews claimed the Holocaust was “impossible”. The men also hung notes on index cards around the mall that claimed “Academia is dominated by Marxist Jews”, Jews run the porn industry,” and “Jews ran the Atlantic slave trade,” the Daily Camera newspaper reported: here.

In addition to Holzer, at least 12 other people have been arrested for participating in plots to attack Jews since the Tree of Life shooting, according to the Anti-Defamation League. The ADL reports that incidents targeting Jews surged 57 percent in 2017. In the first half of this year, the ADL recorded 780 anti-Semitic episodes across the US: here.

Richard Holzer (Facebook)

This Week Proves It: Anti-Semitism On The Right Is The Only Real Threat To Jews: here.