German anti-Semitic nazis demonstrate

German nazis demonstrating in Dortmund: [Credit: Marcus Arndt]

By Ulrich Rippert in Gemrany:

Hundreds of neo-Nazis chant anti-Semitic slogans in Dortmund, Germany

24 September 2018

On Friday evening, several hundred Neo-nazis marched through a residential area in the working-class German city of Dortmund. They waved black-white-red imperial flags

These flags were the German national flags during Emperor Wilhelm II’s second Reich, and restored as such when Hitler‘s third Reich started

and roared neo-Nazi slogans. Their main slogan was, “Those who love Germany are anti-Semitic”. They also chanted, “Police, democracy, you’ll never break us” and “National Socialism [Nazism] now!” The police left the Nazis undisturbed and did not intervene.

That same day, radical right-wingers once again marched through the city in Chemnitz. According to media reports, followers of the “Pro Chemnitz” alliance attacked the offices of the Left Party, where many members of the Saxony state legislature are based. A journalist was also said to have been attacked during the right-wing march.

On Saturday, in the Bavarian city of Bamberg, a so-called “anchor centre” for refugees was burnt down. It took several hours for the fire to be extinguished and to evacuate hundreds of asylum-seekers. The police said the cause of the fire was unclear, and that there was no evidence of arson or a xenophobic attack.

The anti-Semitic character of these right-wing attacks has caused outrage around the world. At the end of August, a dozen neo-Nazis had attacked the Jewish restaurant “Shalom” in Chemnitz with stones, bottles and steel pipes and verbally abused the owner. In New York, a spokesman for the World Jewish Congress called on the German government to intervene against the rise of anti-Semitic attacks.

But the German government is the wrong address for such demands. That today—85 years after the seizure of power by the Nazis and the subsequent fascist terror in Europe, which cost the lives of 6 million Jews—Nazi gangs are again marching through the streets and chanting anti-Semitic slogans under the eyes of the police is the product of the policy of the German government. The grand coalition of the Christian Democrats (CDU/CSU) and Social Democrats (SPD) is responsible for the return of the Nazi hordes.

The grand coalition, whose constituent parties all saw their votes plummet in the general election last year, and which is deeply hated, has adopted the slogan of the neo-Nazis: “Foreigners out!” as the guiding line of its refugee policy. The government has set up an inhumane system of concentration camps to detain, bureaucratically bully and deport refugees as quickly as possible.

Interior Minister Seehofer (CSU) stated that immigration was the “mother of all problems”. At the end of August, when extreme right-wing thugs hunted down and attacked foreigners in Chemnitz and also attacked a Jewish restaurant, Seehofer said the demonstrators were “concerned citizens” and added that as a citizen of Chemnitz, he too would have taken to the streets.

Together with the then head of the secret service, Hans-Georg Maassen, the interior minister downplayed the events. Maassen had offered neo-Nazis his protection by denying refugees had even been “hunted down” in Chemnitz. Right to the last, Seehofer refused to sack Maassen; instead, he has been promoted to an influential post in the interior ministry.

Maassen enjoys close connections to right-wing circles. He is a supporter of the Alternative for Germany (AfD), which has an openly neo-fascist wing. He had conducted several discussions with AfD leaders and made sure that the party was not cited as a right-wing extremist organisation in the annual Constitutional Protection Report prepared by the secret service. Instead all those who oppose the far right are stigmatized in the report as “left-wing extremists”.

A key role in this right-wing conspiracy is played by the SPD.

When Maassen’s promotion triggered a storm of indignation in broad sections of the population, SPD leader Andrea Nahles suggested “re-negotiating” the “Maassen case” to ensure the growing political influence of this AfD supporter in the government was concealed as far as possible. Following the recent top-level talks, he would no longer be a state secretary but a “special advisor” to the interior ministry and continue to receive his full pay of more than ten thousand euros a month.

Nahles is seeking to keep the grand coalition in office in the face of growing popular resistance. In a letter to the SPD membership, she justifies the continuing collaboration with Merkel, Seehofer and Co. as follows: “Europe is facing a crucial test, there is a threat of a trade war with the US, the situation concerning Syria requires all our diplomatic skill. That is why it is important for the SPD to preserve an effective federal government.”

The SPD had aspired to continue the grand coalition in the spring and is now defending it with all its might because it regards this government as the political instrument with which it can pursue the economic and geostrategic interests of German imperialism in the very crisis that Nahles addressed in her letter to the membership. She is reacting to the crisis in Europe with a policy of increased German dominance, and is using the growing trade war with the US as an opportunity to push through a program of massive military rearmament.

An interview with ex-SPD leader and former Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel in the new edition of Der Spiegel makes this clear. He warns that the “big question concerning Germany’s place in the world” remains unanswered.

With the presidency of Donald Trump, the US had given up its leading role in the Western world, he said. “We are experiencing a struggle for the sovereignty of Europe in a completely different world.” However, according to Gabriel, it was also “a good thing if we Europeans are forced to take our fate into our own hands.” The danger today emanating from Germany was not the danger of military dominance, but “the dominance of inaction.”

Gabriel calls for “more strategic debates”, declaring: “First, we must understand that moral rigor can be just as wrong as forgoing morality.” In this rejection of morality, he is echoing the statements of political scientist Herfried Münkler. The professor at Humboldt University has emphasized repeatedly that “we Germans are always content to uphold morality. It would be better if we would admit that we also have interests.”

Münkler called for Germany, as the “power in the middle”, to be the “champion of Europe” in order to be able to play a role in world politics. The professor was well aware that German rearmament requires the whitewashing of Germany’s past crimes. He said, “There is hardly any responsible policy in Europe if you have the idea that we have been to blame for everything. With regard to 1914 [the outbreak of World War I], that is a legend.”

His colleague at Humboldt University, Professor of Eastern European History Jörg Baberowski, took on the task of downplaying the crimes of the Nazis. That same year, he defended Ernst Nolte, the most well known Nazi apologist among German historians, and went so far as to defend Adolf Hitler. “Hitler was not a psychopath, he was not vicious. He did not want talk about exterminating the Jews at his table”, he told the most popular German news magazine Der Spiegel.

The Sozialistische Gleichheitspartei (Socialist Equality Party–SGP) and its youth organization, the IYSSE, were the only political organizations to oppose this historical falsification. “Efforts to establish an historically false narrative coincide with a critical turning point in German history”, the SGP and IYSSE said in February 2014, referring to the federal government’s announcement that Germany’s decades of military restraint were now over. “The revival of German militarism requires a new interpretation of history that minimises the crimes of the Nazi era.”

Recent events have confirmed the correctness of this assessment. The return of German militarism revives all the ghosts of the past. The only way to prevent the revival of Nazism and imperialist militarism is to mobilize the working class on the basis of a revolutionary socialist program.

In response to a wave of popular revulsion, Maassen was removed from his post as the head of the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution (BfV), and was to be appointed as a state secretary in the interior ministry. After widespread public protest over Maassen’s promotion, the government announced on Sunday that Maassen would be retained in a lower-level position, as special adviser on European and international affairs in the Interior Ministry, and will continue to receive his current salary: here.

Two days after Germany’s grand coalition gave its backing to former secret service president Hans-Georg Maassen, after he defended neo-Nazi rioters, Chancellor Angela Merkel has lost one of her closest political allies. The Christian Democratic Union/Christian Social Union parliamentary group surprisingly voted long-standing parliamentary leader Volker Kauder out of office on Tuesday: here.


Filmmaker Marceline Loridan Ivens, RIP

In this 16 February 2018 French video, filmmaker Marceline Loridan Ivens, née Rozenberg, says that is a scandal that the anti-Semitic writings of French pro-Hitler author Louis-Ferdinand Céline are now re-published.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV today:

The French filmmaker and writer Marceline Loridan Ivens has passed away. She is 90 years old. Loridan-Ivens was the widow of the Dutch filmmaker Joris Ivens. She died in Paris yesterday.

In the Second World War she was deported together with her father to extermination camp Auschwitz. She was 15 years old then. Her father did not survive the camp. Loridan-Ivens filmed her experiences in 2003 in the autobiographical film La Petite Prairie au Bouleaux.

Marceline Loridan married the Dutch filmmaker Joris Ivens in 1963. Together they made several films, such as Comment Yukong déplaça les Montagnes (How Yukong Moved the Mountains) about the last days of the Cultural Revolution in China. With a playing time of more than thirteen hours, that film is one of the longest films ever made.

German neo-nazis attack Jewish restaurant

This video by the German Left party shows a protest against a violent attack by nazis on Jewish restaurant Schalom in Chemnitz in April 2010.

This year, the nazis attacked that restaurant again, as part of a big violent riot in Chemnitz by the AfD and Pegida far-right organisations against all non-‘Aryans‘.

The racism of Hitler‘s nazis started against Jews; then, it spread to Roma, Africans, Slavs, etc. etc.

The 2018 Chemnitz riot started against refugees from Middle East wars. Then, it spread to Jews. Etc.

This 8 September 2018 German TV video is about the 27 August 2018 attack on the Schalom restaurant.

By Alex Lantier:

German neo-Nazis attack Jewish restaurant during far-right riot in Chemnitz

11 September 2018

On August 27, during a far-right riot in the eastern German city of Chemnitz, a dozen neo-Nazis attacked Schalom, a kosher restaurant, shouting anti-Semitic slogans. Masked and dressed in black, they shouted, “Leave Germany you Jewish pig”, while throwing stones, bottles and metal tubes at the restaurant’s storefront.

Uwe Dziuballa, the owner of the restaurant, filmed the attack, during which the façade was damaged and Dziuballa suffered wounds to his shoulder, and filed a complaint with police.

It took place during two days of neo-Nazi riots in Chemnitz after the still unresolved murder of a 35-year-old German of Cuban origin who had “liked” anti-Nazi social media posts and made statements critical of the far-right Alternative for Germany (AfD).

Police authorities in Saxony hushed up the attack against Schalom, which only came to light in media reports in [conservative daily] Die Welt over the weekend. However, the regional interior ministry of Saxony did not deny press reports of the attack and confirmed that “for the time being, a politically-motivated act with an anti-Semitic background seems the most plausible.”

Felix Klein, the German federal government’s official tasked with monitoring anti-Semitism, drew a parallel with the persecution of the Jews under the Nazi regime in the 1930s, before the fascist mass murder of European Jewry during World War II. He said, “That masked neo-Nazis come together and attack in cold blood an institution they take to be Jewish, such things we have not seen in recent years. It is a new level in anti-Semitic criminality. If in Jewish restaurants or businesses, storefront windows are smashed, then this recalls pictures we remember from the 1930s.”

Asked about the police’s decision not to report the neo-Nazi assault, Klein added, “It is serious that the police did not recognize the explosive character of such an anti-Semitic act.”

The racist attack, which irrefutably shows that the promotion of nationalism and far-right parties in Germany and across Europe strengthens fascist forces, drew condemnation from Jewish organizations. “The racist cries and the attack on the kosher restaurant in Chemnitz show how deeply rooted far-right extremism is in this region”, commented Josef Schuster, the head of the Central Council of Jews in Germany.

Charlotte Knobloch, former president of the Central Council of Jews in Germany, said, “A state with the rule of law should not tolerate that groups committing violence march through the streets and terrorize people that they consider to be of lesser value.”

Schuster denounced the responsibility of leading state officials who reacted to the Chemnitz riots by downplaying their significance. He said, “We must call the problem by its right name. This is what I expect from everyone who is responsible for domestic security in Germany. It is five past midnight.”

He warned, “I cannot understand the attempts by certain politicians and representatives of the security services to downplay the situation in Chemnitz. The attempts of the constitutional authorities to publicly trivialize these incidents leads me to seriously doubt the work of these officials.”

The attack on Schalom is a devastating exposure of the role of domestic intelligence agencies and state officials of all political colorations in Germany. As the German ruling elite sought to justify its unpopular policy of remilitarizing its foreign policy and boosting military spending in line with NATO demands, its political and academic mouthpieces endlessly insisted that it should “get over” the crimes of 20th century European fascism. NATO officials called Germany a “lost nation” because of popular opposition to military spending. German academics like Jörg Baberowski insisted that Hitler “was not a psychopath, he was not cruel”, because “He did not want the extermination of the Jews to be talked about at his table.”

This constant outpouring of reactionary militarist propaganda, in Germany and beyond, has created a rancid political atmosphere in which far-right forces can mount anti-Semitic violence and receive cover from top state officials.

Before the report emerged in Die Welt, Hans-Georg Maassen, the head of the secret service (BfV), cast doubt on reports of far-right attacks in Chemnitz: “I share the skepticism toward media reports of right-wing extremists hunting people down in Chemnitz. The secret service has no reliable information about such actions having taken place.”

He dismissed videos of far-right protesters attacking Afghan refugees, saying, “There is no evidence that the video circulating on the Internet about this alleged incident is authentic.”

While Maassen was claiming that there was no evidence of far-right attacks in Chemnitz, police were covering up a documented anti-Semitic attack by neo-Nazis.

Amid mass shock and outrage at the neo-fascist rampage in Chemnitz, Interior Minister Horst Seehofer of the Christian Social Union (CSU) backed the far-right mob. He demanded that people “understand such outrage following such a brutal crime” as the murder of the 35-year-old German citizen. He unambiguously declared his support for the Chemnitz rioters: “If I weren’t a minister, I too would have taken to the streets as a citizen.” …

Saxony’s Minister-President Michael Kretschmer (Christian-Democratic Union, CDU) said that he agreed with Chemnitz Mayor Barbara Ludwig (Social-Democratic Party, SPD) that people must “come to terms” with the Chemnitz riot. Kretschmer proposed not to “pillory those who took to the streets out of anger, disappointment and sympathy, and wanted to articulate their feelings. They are not right-wing extremists and we stand by them, ladies and gentlemen.”

Whether or not Kretschmer knew that the rioters included neo-Nazis attacking Jewish businesses as he decided to stand by them, this statement constitutes a warning as to the fascistic course being taken by the entire political establishment.

After thousands of neo-Nazis rampaged through the East German city of Chemnitz late last month, giving Nazi salutes and attacking foreigners, dominant sections of the German state and political establishment have come to the defence of the fascists. On Friday, the head of the secret service (BfV) Hans-Georg Maaßen, denied that demonstrators had carried out attacks on immigrants and journalists: here.

Anti-Semitism whitewashed on Facebook, in Austria

This video from the USA says about itself:

19 July 2018

In a viral interview Mark Zuckerberg … claims Holocaust denial, and Sandy Hook hoaxers like Infowars are fine to stay on Facebook. Hosted by Hasan Piker.

By Alyssa Fisher in the USA:

Zuckerberg: Holocaust Deniers Are Not ‘Intentionally Getting It Wrong’

July 18, 2018

Facebook CEO and founder Mark Zuckerberg defended Holocaust deniers in a recent interview with Recode, suggesting that their posts are not removed from the social network because it is unclear if they were written maliciously or in ignorance.

When addressing the issue of “fake news” and the spread of information, Zuckerberg said content that is “going to result in real harm, real physical harm” shouldn’t be on the platform.

ZUCKERBERG DEFENDS HOLOCAUST DENIERS Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is facing a backlash after saying that Holocaust deniers are not “intentionally getting it wrong.” [HuffPost]

Mark Zuckerberg Falls For Nazi B.S.: here.

So, Facebook is not censoring shoah denial, often by persons who use it as propaganda paving the way for ‘real physical harm’ to Jewish people. On the other hand, Facebook is censoring news sources without Big Business or Big Government support; favouring instead corporate media like the Rupert Murdoch empire (where anti-Semitism and other forms of racism happen). Nevertheless, Facebook claims corporate news is not fake news.

No censorship of holocaust denial. Instead, censorship of an iconic photo of Vietnamese children attacked by United States napalm bombs; censorship even if the conservative prime minister of Norway posts that photo on Facebook. Instead, censorship of a 150-years-old painting by famous artist Gustave Courbet. Instead, censorship of information on the bloody invasion of Syria by the Turkish Erdogan regime. The Erdogan regime, which Facebook also helps by censoring a Turkish Dutch politician. Instead, censorship of information on the genocide of Rohingya, thus helping the regime in Myanmar. Instead of censoring shoah denial, Facebook censors Arizona, USA teachers on strike against bad education policies. Like Facebook also censors British striking workers.

Instead of opposing holocaust denial, they censor feminism. Instead, they censor information on women’s reproductive rights. Instead, Facebook censors a burn injuries survivor.

This Deutsche Welle video says about itself:

Poland Bans Kosher Meat Production | European Journal

5 September 2013

Poland’s parliament has banned the production of kosher and halal meat – and the country’s Jewish community says the decision is outrageous. Polish meat producers are also disappointed. Poland is the EU’s largest exporter of kosher and halal meat – but the country’s constitutional court and parliament decided that the method of slaughter is illegal.

Jews and Muslims in Poland consider the ban an affront to their religion, and they’re trying to find a legal loophole that will allow meat production to continue.

From the Jewish Telegraph Agency, 19 July 2018:

Austrian State Might Limit Sale Of Kosher Meat To Registered Jews

A regional politician in Austria defended a plan to limit access to kosher meat, conditioning its sale on permits that would be individually issued to observant Jews.

The Wiener Zeitung daily reported about the draft decree in the state of Lower Austria, one of nine states that make up the federal Republic of Austria. Gottfried Waldhäusl,

Herr Waldhäusl is a member of the extreme right FPÖ party. A party founded by ex-members of Hitler’s nazi party.

the cabinet minister in the state government of Lower Austria who is in charge of animal welfare and several other portfolios, defended the plan as necessary “from an animal welfare point of view”.

Oskar Deutsch, the president of the Jewish Community in Vienna, warned that, in practice, the plan would require compiling a list of Jews, which he called “like a negative Aryan clause”, referencing racist laws passed by Nazi Germany and implemented in Austria after its [Hitler’s] merger with Germany in 1938.

The FPÖ (and their conservative ÖVP coalition partners) target not only Jews, but also Muslims with this, writes Dutch daily Algemeen Dagblad, 20 July 2018, on the new policy. They write (translated):

“This is reminiscent of an era that I thought would never come back,” says IKG [Jewish community] Chairman Oskar Deutsch, referring to the Jewish register at the time of National Socialism. “These people are not concerned about animal welfare. The FPÖ demonizes ritual slaughter to demonize minorities. Yes, that is anti-Semitic”, he said to [German daily] Bild. There should never ever be a registration of Jews, according to Deutsch.

Why These Orthodox Jews Are Fighting For Muslim Rights: here.

Germany: Anti-Semitism victim beaten by police in Bonn. By Sybille Fuchs, 20 July 2018. Professor of Philosophy Yitzhak Melamed, who teaches at the University of Baltimore in the US, was brutally beaten up last Wednesday in Bonn in an anti-Semitic attack and was then subsequently beaten by police officers. Melamed had wanted to deliver a guest lecture on Spinoza at the University of Bonn: here

Claude Lanzmann, Shoah filmmaker, RIP

This video says about itself:

Shoah (1985) part 1

Claude Lanzmann’s epic documentary recounts the story of the Holocaust through interviews with witnesses – perpetrators as well as survivors.

From the Jewish Telegraph Agency, 5 July 2018:

Claude Lanzmann, one of the world’s foremost makers of documentary films about the Holocaust, has died.

Lanzmann, a French Jew who directed the canonical 1985 film “Shoah”, died at the age of 92 in Paris on Thursday, Le Monde reported.

Although he is best known for the 9-hour-long documentary bearing the Hebrew-language name of the Holocaust, his many projects “have changed the history of film making forever”, a Le Monde author wrote in the eulogy for Lanzmann.

His works about the Holocaust were extensive and innovative in how they tackled early on aspects of the genocide that had been scarcely discussed for their sensitivity, including the role and level of knowledge of locals in Eastern Europe about the mass murder of Jews in their countries. He also dealt with the sensitive and divisive subject of Jews working in the service of the Nazis in the framework of the annihilation.

Lanzmann, who in 2011 received the French Legion of Honor, the country’s highest distinction of merit, had two children, one of whom, Felix, died last year of cancer at the age of 23. Lanzmann was deeply affected by Felix’s death, Le Monde wrote.

One of Lanzmann’s most recent and profound cinematic works — he was a writer, a journalist and columnist in addition to his film making career — was released in 2013. A documentary titled “The Last of the Unjust”, it is based on interviews that Lanzmann conducted in 1975 with Benjamin Murmelstein, the only surviving president of the Jewish Council in the Theresienstadt concentration camp.

Neonazi vandalism of Dutch Jewish monument

Swastikas on Hoogezand Dutch Jewish monument

Translated from Dutch NOS TV today:

Jewish monument in Hoogezand vandalized with swastikas

The Jewish monument opposite the railway station Hoogezand-Sappemeer [in Groningen province] was covered with swastikas last night. From this place Jews were deported to [concentration camp] Westerbork during the war, from where they were deported to the extermination camps. …

Director of the Center for Information and Documentation on Israel Hanna Luden can not understand.

“The entire Jewish community in Hoogezand was wiped out, and then someone does something like this, you just do not understand.”

Besides the swastikas, the name Pegida was daubed on the monument. Pegida is a racist, mainly but not only, Islamophobic movement, founded in Germany by an Adolf Hitler copycat. Pegida has links to the neo-fascist AfD political party. Recently, an AfD politician advocated destroying Holocaust monuments.