Melania Trump’s rose-coloured glasses on Saudi women’s rights

This video from the USA says about itself:

Trump Admin. Covers Up Saudi War Crimes in Yemen, Exaggerates Iran‘s Role

3 February 2017

Ben Norton tells Paul Jay that the U.S. and Saudis are overwhelmingly responsible for the atrocities committed in Yemen.

Melania Trump is on a state visit to Saudi Arabia with her husband, United States President Donald Trump.

While Donald sells lots of United States weapons to the Saudi absolute monarchy to kill still more Yemeni civilians, Dutch NOS TV reports today on Melania.

The report quotes a tweet by Ms Trump, claiming ‘Great strides being made towards the empowerment of women’ in Saudi Arabia.

Melania Trump claimed that after visiting a General Electric branch where 200 women work.

Saudi women do have the right to work for the profits of General Electric corporation.

They do have, since a few years ago, the right to vote for powerless local assemblies.

They do have, since a few years ago, the right to ride bicycles (only within special walled enclosures, not in public).

They don’t have the right to drive cars, or to do most other things.

Maybe some of these women General Electric workers would have liked to enlighten the First Lady of the USA by telling some not so rose-coloured things on the situation of women in Saudi Arabia; or about General Electric bosses. Probably fear of getting flogged or jailed stopped them.

If Melania Trump would have put off her rose-coloured glasses and would have been realistic about the situation of Saudi women, then probably her husband’s weapons deals, oil deals and deals on more bloody wars with the Saudi royals would not have gone so smoothly. That is what these glasses were for.

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