Birds, how high do they fly?

This November 2019 video says about itself:

List of 10 Highest Flying Birds In The World By Flight Height

Ruppell’s Vulture
Common Crane
Bar Headed Goose
Whooper Swan
Alpine chough
Bearded vulture
Andean condor
Bar-tailed godwit
White stork

Another, 6 November 2018, video used to say about itself:

Bird flight height comparison:

Migratory birds and birds of prey can reach substantial heights while flying. This list gives the highest recorded flights for various species (limited to observations of 4,500 metres/15,000 feet and above).

Here is the list of some of the highest flying birds in the world:

Northern pintail
White stork
Bar-tailed godwit
Siberian crane
Andean condor
Bearded vulture
Steppe eagle
Demoiselle crane
Alpine chough
Whooper swan
Bar-headed goose
Common crane
Rüppell’s vulture

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