Jewish warnings against German far-right AfD

This 28 October 2019 video says about itself:

Germany’s far-right AfD party has beaten [federal Chancellor] Angela Merkel’s Christian Democrats in Sunday’s regional election in the eastern state of Thuringia, early exit polls showed. While popular premier Bodo Ramelow’s far-left Die Linke party easily retained the top spot with about 30 per cent,

No, it was the first time ever that the Left party was biggest. In the previous 2014 elections, Merkel’s CDU had been biggest. Now, the Left party got 31%.

the Alternative for Germany scored at least 23 percent – more than doubling its result in the previous election in 2014. This put the anti-immigration party in second spot, narrowly ahead of Merkel’s party, who won about 22 percent, and far ahead of her coalition partners, the once powerful Social Democrats (SPD), who scored only eight percent.

The AfD‘s strong result came despite widespread criticism after an October 9 attack in the eastern city of Halle, where a suspected neo-Nazi gunman tried and failed to storm a synagogue, then shot dead two people outside. After the bloody attack, the commissioner for combating anti-Semitism, Felix Klein, like many other critics, argued that the AfD had trafficked in incendiary anti-Jewish sentiment. …

The Thuringia campaign has been marked by anger, threats and recriminations, with CDU candidate Mike Mohring labelling the AfD’s local leader, the nationalist hardliner Björn Höcke, a ‘Nazi’.

Translated from German ZDF TV today:

Jewish representatives: “Signal of terror

After the vote increase for the AfD, Jewish voices warn against a slide to the right in Germany. “The fact that a party like the so-called Alternative for Germany can achieve such a result at the state level shows that our political system is fundamentally out of joint“, said Charlotte Knobloch, president of the Jewish religious community of Munich and Upper Bavaria.

The International Auschwitz Committee also warned about the election results. “For survivors of the German concentration camps, this massive increase in votes for the AfD in Thuringia is a new signal of horror, which bring fears of a further consolidation of right-wing extremist attitudes and tendencies in Germany“, said Vice President Christoph Heubner.

The neo-fascist AfD was not the only party with increased votes. The Left party became the biggest party.

Hundreds of Hamburg students have protested against the return of Bernd Lucke, founder of the far-right Alternative for Germany (AfD), to their university in the past two weeks. Despite this, the SPD-Green Party Hamburg Senate (state executive) enforced the holding of a lecture on Wednesday by the extreme right-wing professor, using police violence against the student resistance: here.

18 thoughts on “Jewish warnings against German far-right AfD

  1. Jewish leaders have reacted with horror after a German far-right leader who has been compared to Adolf Hitler captained the nationalist AfD party into second place in a state election last night.

    Björn Höcke’s party surged to 23 per cent of the vote in Thuringia, beating Angela Merkel’s CDU into third place.

    Mr Höcke, who has criticised Berlin’s Holocaust memorial and questioned whether Hitler was ‘entirely evil’, stormed out of a TV interview during the campaign after his rhetoric was compared to that of the Nazi dictator.

    Today a series of Jewish community leaders voiced alarm over the results.

    Josef Schuster, the head of the Central Council of Jews in Germany, accused the AfD of using ‘cheap racist propaganda’.

    ‘Anyone who voted for the AfD on Sunday shares responsibility for the gradual undermining of the foundations of our democracy,’ he said.

    The AfD’s success could no longer be dismissed as a ‘protest vote’, because there was no denying the hard-right ideology of the party’s Thuringia branch, he said.

    Charlotte Knobloch, a Holocaust survivor who heads Munich’s Jewish community, said that ‘something fundamental has gone off the rails in our political system’.


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