Obama admits Clintonite-Blairite ‘centrism’ helps fascists, inequality

This 21 December 2018 video from the USA says about itself:

Obama Admits Bipartisan CapitalistWashington ConsensusFueled Far-Right & Multiplied Inequality

Former US President Barack Obama admitted that the neoliberal capitalist policies he and his predecessors supported fostered the rise of the far-right and grossly exacerbated inequality.

Richest 0.00025 percent now owns more wealth than bottom 150 million Americans: study: here.

The latest research on wealth inequality by University of California economics professor Gabriel Zucman underscores one of the key social and economic trends since the global financial crisis of 2008. Those at the very top of society, who benefited directly from the orgy of speculation that led to the crash, have seen their wealth accumulate at an even faster rate, while the mass of the population has suffered a major decline. This trend is most apparent in the United States but is revealed in the data for other countries included in research published by Zucman last month. According to his analysis, the top 1 percent in the US now owns about 40 percent of total household wealth, increasing its share by at least 10 percentage points since 1989. Over the same period “the share of wealth owned by the bottom 90 percent has collapsed in similar proportions”: here.

35 thoughts on “Obama admits Clintonite-Blairite ‘centrism’ helps fascists, inequality

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