Make people more stupid, far-right ideologist says

This music video is the song Keep the People Stupid, from the musical Rockville 2069.

Recently, the Times of London, England, now part of the Rupert Murdoch empire, published an hysterical attack by British far-right Conservative ideologist and homophobe Niall Ferguson on mass demonstrations against economic inequality, global warming and oppression in many countries. He blames these demonstrations, which he hates passionately, on governments not doing enough to keep people stupid. Ferguson called his attack dog rant ‘Baby sharks are feeding a global protest frenzy‘.

That the Murdoch empire publishes such drivel is hardly surprising.

More surprising maybe is that well-known Harvard University in the USA has made Ferguson a professor of history, thus polluting itself.

Ferguson supports both the United Stadtes Trump administration and the British Conservative administration, though, contrary to Trump and present Prime Minister Johnson, and aligned with previous Conservative Prime Ministers Theresa May and David Cameron, he supported Remain in the 2016 referendum on European Union membership.

Ferguson blames the nineteenth century revolutions in Europe, and the 1968 worldwide student demonstrations, on suposedly too many people getting an university education. While governments should supposedly limit education to a few elite people like Mr ferguson himself, they have not done enough to make and keep the mass of the people stupid. Instead of to ‘useful’ purposes like endless wars and nuclear weapons, too much money goes to universities. Now, to Ferguson’s horror, university student numbers have risen in Chile, Ecuador, Egypt, France, Hong Kong, Lebanon, Turkey and elsewhere.

So, Ferguson does not mind Chilean right-wing President Pinera killing demonstrators and shooting 12-year-old girls in the back, Pinochet dictatorship style. He does mind that Pinera has not privatised education yet enough, making it a privilege for 1% or less of people.

Ferguson does not mind that French president Macron has taken measures to make education affordable for the rich only. He does mind that Macron does not go far enough in that.

Ferguson does not mind that Egypt’s President Sisi is a blood-soaked dictator. He does not mind that the United States Trump administration and the British Conservative administration have helped merchants of death a lot to provide Sisi with weapons to kill and hurt democrats. He does mind that Sisi has not closed down ‘enough’ universities.

Ferguson does not mind that Turkey’s President Erdogan has the blood of so many people in Turkey, Iraq and Syria on his hands. He does not mind at all that Erdogan gets lots of NATO and British Conservative government support for that. He minds that there are ‘too many’ university students. And ‘too many’ university professors. Some of whom, to his horror, support social justice. It seems that, according to Ferguson, there should be just one university in the world: Harvard. With all its professors sacked; except one, Niall Ferguson, a firm believer in social injustice.

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