Theresa May’s secret Goldman Sachs pro-European Union speech leaked

This video from Britain says about itself:

Secret audio (leaked recording) of Goldman Sachs talk by Theresa May regarding Brexit

25 October 2016

Hillary Clinton is not the only politician having secret speeches for Goldman Sachs (and other) bankers for lots of money.

So is, eg, new British Conservative Prime Minister Theresa May.

By Padraic Flanagan in Britain, 22:48 Tuesday October 25th 2016:

Theresa May told bankers Brexit will force companies to leave UK, leaked tape shows

Theresa May privately warned that Brexit would force companies to leave the UK in a secret audience with bankers before the EU referendum, a recording leaked to the Guardian reveals. The then Home Secretary’s remarks to Goldman Sachs reveal her numerous concerns about Britain leaving the EU. They contrast starkly with her more measured public speeches at the time, the lukewarm nature of which angered Remain campaigners before the June vote.

Speaking at the bank in London on 26 May, Mrs May went further than her public remarks to explain the economic benefits of staying in the EU, telling staff it was time the UK took a lead in Europe and that she hoped voters would look to the future rather than the past.

Ms May’s pro-European Union public speeches may have been ‘lukewarm’, at least they were pro-Remain. So, they did not show as big a gap between ‘public and private views’ as in Ms Clinton, who now publicly criticizes Wall Street as she needs Bernie Sanders supporters‘ votes while secretly being sycophantic to bankers. See also Ms Clinton’s public-private gap about pipelines. Ms Clinton, now publicly against trade deals like TPP, which she used to support and on which she may flip-flop once again, reflecting her ‘private’ views, after the presidential election.

However, I would not be surprised if Ms May’s gap between ‘public and private views’ on other issues would be as least as big as Ms Clinton’s. In public, she has claimed to oppose tax dodging; while her banker husband privately helps tax dodgers. Will someone please leak Ms May’s secret speeches to bankers about tax dodging?

Ms May also claimed in public to care about poor people. I would not be really surprised if a Theresa May secret speech to Goldman Sachs, Deutsche Bank or something similar would be leaked, in which she would say to hell with poor people if caring about them would impede billionaires getting still richer.

British Prime Minister Theresa May once warned her fellow Conservatives of the perils of being known as the “nasty party.” But after 100 days in office, she is in danger of going further, turning the United Kingdom into the nasty country: here.

USA: Phil Murphy, the front-runner in New Jersey’s Democratic gubernatorial primary, faces new questions about his tenure at Wall Street giant Goldman Sachs with the election just days away. The campaign of attorney Jim Johnson, Murphy’s closest competitor in the race, criticized Murphy for serving as president of Goldman Sachs Asia at a time when the division profited from an investment in Yue Yuen Industrial, a Taiwan-based shoemaker. Human rights groups claim to have documented widespread labor abuses by Yue Yuen, including the company docking workers’ already modest pay for mistakes and running factories where machines sometimes severed workers’ hands and fingers, according to an NJ Advance Media report: here.

Brexit: Goldman Sachs CEO wades into debate on second referendum: here.

Malaysian authorities on Monday filed criminal charges against the giant US investment bank, Goldman Sachs, over its involvement in the scandal surrounding the 1Malaysia Development Berhad, or 1MDB, that investment fund. Goldman Sachs received a massive $US600 million in fees—far higher than usual—for raising $6.5 billion in bonds and allegedly turning a blind eye to the corrupt use of the money: here.

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