Chilean government sacked

Chilean anti-government demonstrators, Reuters photo

This photo shows some of the millions of demonstrators in Chile against right-wing President Piñera. The sign in the center says, translated: Piñera murderer, to us you are dead. The sign on the right says Down with Piñera.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV today:

President of Chile fires all his ministers after a massive protest

Chilean President Piñera wants all ministers of his government to submit their resignation. He said that in a speech … after a massive demonstration in the capital Santiago. A million demonstrators took to the streets last night against inequality in the South American country.

“I have asked all ministers to resign in order to form a new government and to meet their wishes”, Piñera said in his speech.

The Chileans have been protesting for more than a week against the economic policy of the government. Earlier, the president promised, eg, to increase the lowest pensions by 20 percent and to freeze electricity rates, but that did not satisfy the demonstrators.

Today the president also said that the state of emergency can be lifted on Sunday if things are quieter on the streets. Since last Friday, the state of emergency has been in force and a curfew also applies.

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