German Pegida bigwig racist arrested for bombing mosque

This German 9 December 2016 video shows a hateful speech by bomber Nino K. at a Pegida meeting.

Translated from in Germany:

Attack on mosque

Dresden bomber was a speaker at Pegida demonstration

Friday, 09.12.2016, 10:37

The bomber, who just before the Day of German Unity carried out an attack on a mosque in Dresden, has been arrested. According to media reports, he was a spokesman of the xenophobic movement Pegida.

After the explosive attack on a Dresden mosque at the end of September, the police have now arrested a suspect. Details are to be reported later in the morning, it was reported Friday in the operational defense center in Leipzig.

One week before the central ceremony on the Day of German Unity in Dresden two explosions were carried out, one on the mosque and one on the congress center of the city.

Probable culprit spoke at Pegida event

The Bildzeitung had first reported on the arrest. It was also said that the suspected bomber was in the summer of 2015 at a Pegida event as a speaker. He is said to have shouted abuse among other things against “criminal aliens” and “lazy Africans“.

According to the Bildzeitung, the suspect is called Nino K.

See also here.

The image of Lutz Bachmann styled as Adolf Hitler was published by the Dresden Morgenpost after a reader spotted it on Facebook

This image of Lutz Bachmann, fuehrer of the racist Pegida organisation in Germany, who had styled himself as Adolf Hitler, was published by the Dresden Morgenpost.

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