Dutch neonazi anti-mosque firebombers sentenced

This 4 January 2016 Dutch video is about the Selimiye mosque in Enschede in Overijssel province. Racists had advocated burning mosques on the Internet. The video is about security measures because of that.

Dutch daily Metro reported on 27 October 2016 about five violent extreme rightists, on trial for firebombing another mosque in Enschede.

The court convicted these five members of the xenophobic ‘Dutch Self Defence Army’ paramilitary gang to four years in prison, some of it on probation, for terrorism. People, including children, were in the mosque. The flames nearly reached a bituminous part of the building. If that inflammable material would have caught fire, then the consequences would have been lethal.

The aim of the ‘Dutch Self Defence Army’ militiamen was to scare the local Muslims and local authorities into not providing housing for refugees.

On the Internet, the men had praised Adolf Hitler. They had provided a picture of a cleaning solution with the caption ‘remover of Moroccans‘. Another picture showed an African man, run over by a car. The neonazis had captioned that picture: ‘Goddamn, now I have nigger blood polluting my car paint’.

19 thoughts on “Dutch neonazi anti-mosque firebombers sentenced

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