Pegida neonazis quarreling about money

The image of Lutz Bachmann styled as Adolf Hitler was published by the Dresden Morgenpost after a reader spotted it on Facebook

This photo of Lutz Bachmann, fuehrer of the racist Pegida organisation in Germany, who had styled himself as Adolf Hitler, was published by the Dresden Morgenpost.

Mr Bachmann now has a quarrel with some of his underlings. That quarrel is not about Bachmann’s Hitler copycat behaviour. It is not about Bachmann’s criminal record.

It is not Bachmann’s Dutch underling, now rival, Edwin Wagensveld‘s record as a salesman of illegal firearms. It is not about Wagensveld having been arrested repeatedly by Dutch police for nazi swastikas at his demonstrations. It is not about Wagensveld demonstrating against refugees jointly with the Hitler-admiring Dutch Nederlandse Volks-Unie party.

The quarrel is not about a speaker at a Pegida demonstration regretting that Hitler’s concentration camps are not open anymore, to lock up refugees.

The quarrel is about money.

Translated from the Sächsische Zeitung in Germany:

Tuesday, 09/13/2016

Bachmann and the “cheaters”

Following the announcement of Pegida leader [Bachmann] that he wants to start an online store, there is a fierce dispute with former companions.

Dresden. The trenches of warfare between Lutz Bachmann and his former colleagues Tatjana Festerling and Edwin Wagensveld are obviously getting deeper: On Monday Bachmann announced on a Pegida demonstration in Dresden that the movement wants to open its own online shop for merchandising products. He does not wants to leave the business to “rip-off artists”, Bachmann said, without saying whom exactly he means.

But the message arrived: The people, whom he described as “rip-off artists”, know that Bachmann’s words are addressed to them: Tatjana Festerling and Edwin “Ed, the Dutchman” Wagensveld who sells self-printed Pegida t-shirts in the Netherlands.

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