Racist German Pegida movement collapsing?

This video says about itself:

Germany: Watch hundreds march against PEGIDA in Berlin

19 January 2015

While BERGIDA, the Berlin division of PEGIDA (Patriotic Europeans against the Islamisation of the West) staged a rally in Berlin on Monday, hundreds of people took to the streets in opposition.

According to German weekly stern today, the German xenophobic movement Pegida‘s big shots are fighting among themselves.

Stern writes that at least four executive members are resigning: spokeswoman Kathrin Oertel; Achim Exner, also a member of the rightist political party AfD; business consultant Bernd-Volker Lincke; and Thomas Tallacker, ex-CDU local politician in Meißen city. Tallacker had caused controversy with his attacks on refugees on Facebook.

Similarly, the founder of Pegida, Lutz Bachmann, had also attacked refugees on Facebook, calling them ‘shitty gangs’, ‘waste’ and ‘criminal cattle’. Talking about crime: Herr Bachmann himself has a very long criminal record.

Bachmann also depicted himself as Adolf Hitler on his Facebook account. When this became known, Bachmann resigned as fuehrer of Pegida. However, it seems that unofficially, he still acted as Pegida boss, which caused quarreling in the Islamophobic organisation.

Pegida movement on verge of total implosion as five of its leading members resign in disgust due to fears of being taken over by Germany’s far right: here.

Denmark: On January 19, 2015, supporters of the Pegida movement participated in their first Copenhagen rally, following earlier anti-Islam events in Dresden. In response, four times as many people showed up for an anti-Pegida rally to oppose their efforts: here.

Although the party congress of “Alternative for Germany” (AfD) that took place in Bremen last weekend was focused almost exclusively on organizational questions, the disagreements actually concerned the fundamental orientation of the party. The issue was to determine how an extreme right-wing party similar to the National Front (FN) in France could be established: here.

Attacks on foreigners have risen 130% since the autumn, according to Danilo Starosta, an expert on the far-right with the Dresden group Kulturbüro Sachsen, who blames Pegida for creating a “poisonous atmosphere” in the city: here.

Anti-fascists in Germany push back Islamophobic Pegida: here.

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