After blaming gays, UKIP blames refugees for British flooding

This video from Britain says about itself:

7 December 2015

Schools, hospital services and travel have been disrupted after Storm Desmond brought winds, torrential rain and flooding to parts of the UK. This footage of the floods and the damage caused was shot over the last two days and is from members of the public who have given the BBC permission to use it. It has been confirmed that a new record was set for the amount of rain that fell in Cumbria in a 24-hour period.

From daily The Independent in Britain:

Ukip candidate links flooding caused by Storm Desmond with Syrian refugees

Stephen Poulter mused on whether the arrival of Syrian refugees could have triggered the severe weather

Lizzie Dearden

8 December 2015

A former Ukip candidate has linked the devastation wreaked by Storm Desmond with the arrival of Syrian refugees in Britain.

Stephen Poulter, who claims to be one of the Eurosceptic party’s first members and unsuccessfully stood in this year’s local elections in Basingstoke, Hampshire, has a photo with Nigel Farage as his Facebook profile picture.

He had called for support for affected families on the social networking site before musing on the possible cause of flooding in northern England and Scotland.

“Now, I am not religious in any way. But it seems funny that the so called refugees have been sent up north from the Syrian Camps,” Mr Poulter wrote on Facebook.

“Is’nt it funny that as soon as they do. The floods start up that way. I wonder????? (sic)” …

One commenter Mr Poulter for his “good point”, wondering if the severe weather was an “omen of things to come”, but not all of his followers seemed to appreciate his apparent allusion to divine punishment for the arrival of asylum seekers. …

“We still have anti-UKIPers posting David Silvester “gay flood” jokes about us. What in the name of bloody hell good do you think this will do?!”

Mr Silvester, then a Ukip councillor for Henley-on-Thames in Oxfordshire, was suspended from the party for making his now infamous comments in 2014.

Having quit the Conservative Party in protest at David Cameron’s support for same-sex marriage, he blamed the passage of the law for devastating floods in England.

“I wrote to David Cameron in April 2012 to warn him that disasters would accompany the passage of his same sex marriage Bill,” Mr Silvester said. …

The Independent has approached Mr Poulter for a comment.

Why does UKIP look for ridiculous supposed ’causes’ for the flooding in Britain? Why does it not look for far more probable causes?

One cause is global warming. And UKIP are global warming denialists (like the now almost defunct neo-fascists of the British Nazi … oops, ‘National’ Party).

Among other causes are rich landlord toffs, burning peatland for grouse shooting, thus releasing water much quicker than usually, causing floods below the landlords’ hunting grounds. And UKIP much prefers to have a conflict with LGBTQ people, or with poor refugees, to having a conflict with rich toff grouse (and hen harrier) killers.

An ultra-orthodox lawmaker in Israel used a debate in the Knesset to blame reform Jews for earthquakes in Galilee.

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  2. Tuesday 8th December 2015

    posted by Morning Star in Britain

    THE body of a man who lost his life in the Desmond storm floods was found in the swollen River Kent yesterday.

    The tragedy led the government to pledge it would “look again” into flood defences, while Labour pointed the finger at the Prime Minister’s “broken promises.”

    This year’s figures on flood defence spending revealed a shocking £115 million cut to the budget, after a £820.6m was spent last year.

    Shadow environment secretary Kerry McCarthy said: “The first priority, of course, is to make sure people are safe and get them back in their homes, but people are rightly fearful that this will happen again.

    “It is not enough for David Cameron to promise that ‘money is no object’ after serious floods happen.

    “The government needs to do everything it can to protect people’s homes and businesses before flooding occurs.”


  3. Monday 7th December 2015

    posted by Peter Lazenby in Britain

    FBU slams devastating cuts as Storm Desmond batters north

    SHORT-SIGHTED Tory cuts to the fire service severely obstructed rescue operations during the devastating storm at the weekend, firefighters said yesterday.

    One man was killed at the weekend after Storm Desmond hit Scotland and northern England, bringing chaos as roads and homes were flooded.

    Around 350 troops had to be drafted in to help cope with the floods in the north as emergency services’ resources buckled under pressure.

    The Fire Brigades Union (FBU) said government cuts were “obstructing the ability of the fire and rescue service to respond to incidents on the scale seen over the weekend” and called on the government to reverse them.

    The union said every fire station involved in rescue operations over the weekend had been hit by “unprecedented cuts” between 2011 and 2015.

    Over this period Cumbria Fire an Rescue Service axed 87 firefighters, Lancashire cut a huge 241, Tyne and Wear slashed 171, North Yorkshire lost 78 and Northumberland 31.

    Instead of avoiding more cutbacks, each service is considering even deeper cuts in the coming months, the FBU warned.

    Among them are proposals to axe two more fire engines in Northumberland while Lazonby fire station in Cumbria, which has deployed firefighters for the past 36 hours, is earmarked for closure.

    The services in North Yorkshire and Tyne and Wear are looking to extend the use of tactical response vehicles, which carry fewer firefighters and less equipment.

    Meanwhile cuts to control services have resulted in non-emergency calls being ignored.

    FBU general secretary Matt Wrack said: “Firefighters are doing fantastic work tackling the impact of the storm and the floods and deserve the support of everyone.

    “David Cameron has tweeted his sympathy for the thousands of people affected by the storm. Yet our fire and rescue service is being cut to pieces and the Prime Minister turns a blind eye to the results.

    “Over the past few years firefighters have saved thousands of people from the dangers of flooding.”

    Mr Wrack reminded the Prime Minister that on the eve of the 2010 general election he spoke at Carlisle fire station, situated in one of the most severely affected areas, promising to protect front-line public services.

    “The reality has been the complete opposite,” he said.

    “Firefighters are proud to serve our communities. They want to be out there saving lives and making people safer but cuts on this scale inevitably undermine what we are trying to do.”

    Labour’s shadow environment secretary Kerry McCarthy paid tribute to the “vital support” given by the police, fire service, the Royal National Lifeboat Institution and other rescue services.

    A £1 million appeal fund was launched by the Cumbria Community Foundation charity at the weekend to help those affected.


    • UKIP won’t point their religious nonsense explanations in *that* direction, as the only UKIP MP voted for Cameron’s bombing. And at the recent by-election in Oldham they thought mistakenly they would win by attacking Corbyn’s Labour for being ‘unpatriotic’ for opposing the Syria bombing.

      Suppose it would be true, then it is cruel indeed that the flooding hurts mainly non-elite people in northern England, Scotland (where 72% of people oppose the bombing, according to polls) and Wales; and not Downing Street 10 in London.


      • Thanks for that honey, all the same the fact that 72% can be against bombing indicates to me that the government is undemocratic, what makes the 72% culpable is they have not made enough resistance to a government that has been voted in by the masses, unless the polls are a set up? from my point of view no one can trust any Western governments, these governments are criminal insofar as manufacturing military stuff and this production is making our planet not only unsafe but also is destroying this planet and its resources.
        Having lived in London for the first part of WW2 and V2s flown in from Germany/France, modern warfare is not contained within bounds of military targets, now the casualties of civilians are greater than those enlisted.
        Unless their is a sustained effort of peoples opposition to government policy, we remain implicated, if Cameron is the British image of a leader, I am and remain a outsider to the system.


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  5. Friday 11th December 2015

    posted by Lamiat Sabin in Britain

    Osborne’s genius housing plan? Build on flood zones while cutting defences

    GEORGE OSBORNE announced his latest housing crisis “solution” yesterday as floodwaters seeped into homes across Britain — he wants to put thousands of homes in flood zones.

    The scheme floated by the Chancellor would see 200,000 new houses placed on 20 “redundant” brownfield sites — and nearly half are at high or medium risk of flooding, according to Greenpeace.

    Nine potential sites — where 9,000 homes are planned — would be better off for Noah and the animals than static homes, the green group discovered after cross-referencing data from freedom of information requests with Environment Agency flood risk maps.

    And six areas also overlapped with high-probability flood zones — meaning they had a one in 100 chance of a nearby river breaking its banks and one in 200 chance of flooding from the sea.

    The research came as Storm Desmond continued to batter Scotland and northern England, with thousands of residents in Cumbria bearing the worst of it.

    On Wednesday the banks of a river in the Lake District village of Glenridding burst, flooding the area for the second time in five days.

    Dangerously fast rapids of filthy water flowed into shops and homes while police warned residents to stay indoors.

    Also in the Lake District, a record-breaking 341.4mm of rain fell in just 24 hours in Honister Pass last Saturday.

    And more devastation could be on the horizon as the Tories are planning to build in Hinkley, Somerset, which was inundated by floods last year.

    In West Yorkshire, 1,200 homes could be built on the banks of the Aire river near Castleford, which also flooded last year.

    Many would-be homeowners in such areas could be refused flood insurance if they buy properties in high-risk areas, Greenpeace warned.

    Prime Minister David Cameron needs to “translate his lofty rhetoric” used in the UN climate change summit in Paris into “climate-savvy policies on the ground” if he wants to protect Britain, said Greenpeace chief scientist Doug Parr.

    “When it comes to energy, flood defences and other big infrastructure projects, we need the government’s hands to start following what its mouth is saying rather than acting of their own accord.”

    Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, speaking from Cumbria, told Sky News that he met a family who were quoted a £10,000-a-year premium for insurance for their home in Cockermouth.

    Mr Corbyn also called for action to reduce the rate of global warming as he said there is “a link between [it] and more and more unpredictable storms.”

    After praising the “unbelievable level of community spirit” in Cumbria and the “fantastic response by emergency services,” he also criticised the Tories for cutting support for fire and rescue services and for shutting down scores of fire stations.


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