Briton Nigel Farage resigns as UKIP leader

This April 2015 music video from Britain is called RAP BATTLE: DAVID CAMERON VS NIGEL FARAGE (PARODY/SPOOF).

After the downfall of British Conservative Prime Minister David Cameron … and Conservative wannabe Prime Minister Boris Johnson … and of Blairite Hilary Benn … now this.

From Left Foot Forward in Britain today:

Nigel Farage resigns – but will keep taking £76,000 from the taxpayer

UKIP leader says he’s no career politician. So why stay on as an MEP?

by Adam Barnett

‘I have never been, and I have never wanted to be, a career politician.’

So said Nigel Farage this morning as he resigned as leader of the UKIP. As with everything Farage says, it bears a little scrutiny.

For one thing, he’s been an MEP since 1999, after becoming UKIP party chairman the year before. Seventeen-plus years in post looks a lot like a career to most people.

But there’s more. Farage said he and other Ukippers will stay on as members of the European Parliament until Britain formally leaves the EU, which he says could be around two years.

In other words, he intends to keep picking up the juicy salary of being in a job he doesn’t think should exist, for a party he no longer wants to lead, having essentially given up on full-time politics.

That salary amounts to at least £76,000 – nearly three times the UK average – plus around £40,000 in expenses.

Some ‘man of the people‘!

Meanwhile, Farage has the second worst voting attendance of any MEP, turning up for only 40 per cent of votes on the EU laws he claims to oppose.

So he picks up the check, but skips out the work.

Has there ever been a more hypocritical political figure in British public life?

There have been, and are, many hypocrites in British politics. Farage is definitely one of the worst. Still, I’d say, Tony Blair beats him. With his lies on non-existing WMDs in Iraq; and on the non-existent Iraq-9/11 atrocity connection. When these lies were found out to be indeed lies, Tony Blair justified the Iraq war by claiming to be against dictatorship in the Middle East. However, now he supports many dictators inside and outside of the Middle East.

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  12. Wednesday 15th November 2017

    ANTI-RACIST campaign Hope Not Hate declared victory over former Ukip leader Nigel Farage yesterday after he backed down over smears about the group.

    He faced a £100,000 libel suit after thousands of supporters rallied round the group to fund legal action.

    Mr Farage had claimed that Hope Not Hate “masquerade[s] as being lovely and peaceful, but actually pursue[s] violent and undemocratic means.”

    More than 16,000 people responded to an appeal for funds to sue him. He has now said he is “happy to acknowledge that Hope Not Hate does not tolerate or pursue violent or undemocratic behaviour.”

    He has also agreed that he will not repeat this claim or allow anyone else to do so on his behalf.

    Hope Not Hate director Nick Lowles said: “We took on this fight because for too long politicians like Farage and Trump have been able to say what they want with impunity.

    “We wanted to make sure that if they say something untrue and damaging they’re going to have to answer for it.”


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