Italian nazi not regretting shooting Africans

This video says about itself:

3 February 2018

Amateur footage shows the scene after a driver opened fire on African migrants in the Italian city of Macerata. At least six are injured in an attack that police said appeared to be racially motivated

Translated from Dutch NOS TV today:

Italian gunman does not regret shooting down immigrants


The Italian who stands accused of opening fire yesterday from a car on African immigrants shows no remorse, Italian media report. 28-year-old Luca Traini is “calm and determined” according to a spokesperson for the Italian justice system. “He is aware of what he has done.”

Yesterday he shot at people from different places in the city of Macerata from a black Alfa Romeo car. That injured five men and one woman, all African immigrants. Traini was arrested shortly after the attack. He is a suspect of multiple attempts at murder. According to the police, he had racist motives. …

The shooter had no criminal record. He is said to have a history of links with neo-Nazi and neo-fascist groups. On a police photo you can see that Traini has a neo-Nazi tattoo on his head

That (wolfsangel) tattoo, according to Dutch daily De Volkskrant, alludes to Roberto Fiore, the leader of the neofascist party Forza Nuova. Roberto Fiore applauds Traini’s attempted murders and has offered to pay his legal expenses.

and had knotted an Italian flag around his neck. The police found a copy of [Adolf Hitler‘s book] Mein Kampf in his home.

Traini was an election candidate for the Northern league last autumn, an anti-immigration party. Left-wing politicians believe that the leader of the league, Matteo Salvini, must apologize to the Italian people. Salvini himself said to La Stampa that the real guilty persons are the [‘centrist’] Italian government. “It has let in hundreds of thousands of illegal migrants.” …

Of the six victims of the shootings, five are still injured in the hospital. … One of the wounded said from the hospital to the Italian newspaper La Repubblica that after the attack she no longer dares to cross the street. “I have never hurt anyone”, says the woman. “And I did not know the gunman at all.”

USA: Holocaust denier poised to claim Republican nomination in Illinois race for Congress: here.

30 thoughts on “Italian nazi not regretting shooting Africans

  1. THE shooting spree by a far-right terrorist in the Italian city of Macerata grew from “a culture of hatred” that continues to be fed by mainstream politicians, socialists warned today.

    Luca Traini was arrested on Saturday after driving around the city firing at black people, wounding six. One was still in intensive care when the Morning Star went to press.

    Interior Minister Marco Minniti said Mr Traini was motivated “by racial hatred” and had a background “of right-wing extremism with clear references to fascism and nazism.” He reportedly gave a nazi salute on his arrest. Pictures of him in custody revealed a Wolfsangel tattoo on his forehead.

    Mr Traini had previously stood for the xenophobic Northern League as a councillor. Acquaintances said he had also been “affiliated” at times to the fascist Forza Nuova and CasaPound organisations.

    Northern League leader Matteo Salvini, who has pledged to deport half a million immigrants if elected in March 4’s parliamentary vote, distanced himself from Mr Traini, saying “anyone who shoots is a delinquent” before immediately blaming immigration for the “social conflict” the attempted killings represented.

    The party is fighting the election in coalition with Silvio Berlusconi’s Forza Italia and the small Brothers of Italy party.

    But Communist Refoundation national secretary Maurizio Acerba, a candidate of the Potere al Popolo (power to the people) alliance next month, said those who awaited “words of comfort from the racist Salvini” would be disappointed.

    “We cannot find words of common sense or humanity from those who feed this culture of hatred and xenophobia every day,” he said.

    Potere al Popolo called on Mr Minniti to outlaw CasaPound and other fascist organisations that inspired terrorist acts.

    The Macerata shootings, the latest in a long list of far-right outrages, “could have been a massacre,” the alliance said.


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