United States National Rifle Association, parody music

This satirical music video from Britain is called Lil Wayne LaPierre – “God Bless America”.

NRA chief Wayne LaPierre comes out in defence of guns via his Lil Wayne tribute act.’

It is a parody of this song, Lil Wayne’s – “God Bless America”.

The lyrics are:

Uh, our streets are full of Bernie bros
All funded by George Soros
These Europe-style socialists
They call us racist and misogynist

Now they wanna take our guns away
‘Cause they hate freedom in the USA
My country ‘tis of thee
Sweet land of shoot ‘em all, because we’re free

God bless America
And Republican senators
Protect our Second Amendment rights
From liberals who hate hard-working whites

Oops, I think I misspoke
All I mean is give folks
A nice gun that they can take to bed and stroke
Uh, let’s arm the teachers in the classrooms
So if there’s shooters they can blast ‘em

Let us live by the gun and die by the gun
This is what it means to be American
Shoot my gun in the air, feel the discharge in my hair
Maybe I’ll go to the Rockies and blast a black bear

All these liberals wanna tell us what we need
But they’ve all been brainwashed by the Marxist creed
Listen, NFL stars who take a knee
You’ve just made a powerful enemy
Yay guns! Think about that

US gun lobbying group the National Rifle Association (NRA) has given more than £5 million in grants to hundreds of US schools in recent years, according to new research by the Associated Press: here.

THE NRA BANS GUNS The National Rifle Association is banning guns at its own convention during an appearance by Vice President Mike Pence — a safety measure the organization doesn’t think should apply to teenagers in high school. [HuffPost]

WE NEED TO TALK ABOUT GUN MANUFACTURERS While much of the national conversation on gun control following the February mass shooting in a Florida high school has focused on the National Rifle Association, gun manufacturers have largely avoided scrutiny. [HuffPost]

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