Neofascist anti-refugee demonstration in Rome

This video from Italy is called Bologna Central Station. 2 August 1980. It is about the terrorist bomb attack there then, by Italian fascists like Roberto Fiore. Like the Brabant killers massacres in Belgium, and the Luxembourg secret police’s bomb attacks as revenge for not getting enough taxpayers money for their taste, the Bologna act of terror is often considered to be part of the NATO ‘Operation Gladio’ to create an atmosphere of fear for attacking civil liberties and moving the political spectrum to the right.

Translated from Dutch daily De Volkskrant:

Mussolini slogans in the streets of Rome. ‘We’re starting to recapture our country’

Neofascists in Rome protest to ‘reconquer the streets from the intruders

“You might call all what we do fascism, but I’d rather call it a new force, a forza nuova,” said Roberto Fiore, the frontman of the same-name party Forza Nuova. In the streets of Rome, some two thousand fans of the party marched this Saturday.

By Jarl van der Ploeg, November 5, 2017, 19:55

There he is, Roberto Fiore, the man who lived outside Italy for twenty years after an Italian court convicted him because of involvement in a bomb attack which killed 85 people. At his side are fifteen heavily tattooed men with armbands saying Servizio d’Ordine- paramilitary order troops. Today, they have been elected to protect the big leader of Italian neofascism, and the two thousand followers marching in militarist order behind him in rows of eight through the streets of Rome.

According to Wikipedia, the Italian Court of Cassation defines Forza Nuova as a ‘nazi-fascist formation’. Nevertheless, in 2006 it was part of the ‘center’-right to extreme right electoral alliance, the self-styled ‘House of Freedoms‘, led by convicted now-ex-Prime Minister Berlusconi.

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