Florida, USA school shooting survivor speaks

This video says about itself:

Florida’s Mass Shooting: A Reflection For A Change

24 February 2018

Survivor of Stoneman Douglas Highschool writes a letter of her experience inside a mass shooting.

United States National Rifle Association anti-Semitism: here.

NRA TELLS KIDS TO RUSH SHOOTER Chuck Holton, a correspondent for NRATV, offered up some advice for preparing children to tackle active shooters: they should be trained to rush a gunman. [HuffPost]

8 thoughts on “Florida, USA school shooting survivor speaks

  1. Youngsters in the U.S.A. may not drink beer or any other alcohol, but kids of seven years old can be found receiving weapons and learning to shoot. To have some wine at the diner-table is considered very dangerous but to have a skilled weapon user is considered great. It all depends how you want to look at society. the North Americans often so proud calling themselves Christians do forget that the rebbe Jeshua (Jesus Christ) and his God were against the use of arms and are against any form of killing when it is not necessary to provide for food.


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