‘Kill all black people as revenge for Paris murders’, racist says

This video says about itself:

15 November 2015

British women who survived Paris terror attacks say Islam and migrants must not be blamed

Christine Tudhope and Mariesha Payne that when they first heard gun shots they thought it was firecrackers and part of the show

The Scottish survivors of the Paris terror attacks first thought the shots were firecrackers and part of the show.

The pair have also spoken out to say that Muslims must not be blamed for the atrocities.

Christine Tudhope, 34, said she initially thought the gunfire was the sound of firecrackers, but then Mariesha Payne, 33, saw bullets hitting the stage.

Speaking to Sky News as they arrived from Paris at Edinburgh Airport they said they thought the bangs were part of the show.

Mariesha said: “People gasped thinking it was part of the show.

“A second round went off, most people ducked, but I just said run, just get out of here.”

The pair hid from the Paris gunmen in a cellar and had to listen to the massacre for three hours.

Now the pair have urged that Islam should not be blamed for the attacks.

Christine said: “It has nothing to do with Islam. It is just mindless terrorism. The Islamic community will condemn this just as much as us.

Mariesha agreed saying: “This is nothing to do with the majority of immigrants.

Migrants are fleeing this. This is their life – daily.”

Unfortunately, not all people have the intelligence and humanity of these two brave survivors of the Paris crimes.

Translated from NOS TV in the Netherlands today:

An employee of the company Work For Heerlen

in Limburg province

who threatened he would buy a Kalashnikov and shoot ‘coons’ now regrets his statements. People on social media people demanded the man’s dismissal.

On the morning after the attacks in Paris, he posted the following message on Facebook: “If I will get more income then I will buy a weapon. AK-47 or something. The first coon

in Dutch ‘roetmop’, an abusive word for black people, similar to ‘nigger’ etc. in the USA

at my door will get shot”, he wrote.

So, this racist did not just blame the 99,99% of Muslims who have nothing to with the Paris atrocities.

He advocated bloody revenge on black Christians, black atheists, black Jews, black Shintoists etc. as well.

ERADICATING TERRORISM BY STANDING TOGETHER “Blaming an entire religion, and targeting a diverse and overwhelmingly peaceful religious community because of the actions of a few outcasts is not only patently unfair, but also counterproductive with regards to achieving our shared goals of combating terror.” [HuffPost]

35 thoughts on “‘Kill all black people as revenge for Paris murders’, racist says

  1. Many think the governments of the world in particular the Western alliance are committed to wide spread genocide of the elderly and those deemed no longer useful to the productive benefit of world leaders and the elites they serve such as the financial sector or the rich? evidence exists whereby the rich are getting richer and also their are moves to diminish payments and pensions to the elderly and others? this ploy whereby the cost of living is designed to become increasingly costly as a result of money diverted to the rich.
    Their is evidence this is a policy that is a basis of fact in as much the statistics show this to be so and policy makers daily put out the age limit for pensions are to increase, the work ethic of the Western alliance actually makes people sick? such as being a truck driver stuck inside a metal shell, a desk worker becoming sick as a result of bad posture and work conditions making people sick, so when governments say you live longer you may live longer but more so as burnt out hull through work.
    Although propaganda of media says the Western Alliance is compassionate, much evidence seems to say otherwise for many.
    If the Western Elites are destroying the health of many within the Western sector? many would have empathy for the terrorism that are Westerners, although the propaganda states how ruthless the terrorist is? this condition is defined by the Western media which is not reliable as a result of vested interests.
    Those who do not think the Western interpretation of conflict is reliable would be at present gagged as a result of many who believe the situation is different from what we are to believe, the antagonism to present another interpretation on the violence throughout much of the world today is such that you will not be able to present a view other than what Establishment requires you to believe.


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