Londoner stops post-Paris murders racist attack

This video from Australia says about itself:

20 April 2015

A young woman has been hailed as a legend for standing up to defend a Muslim woman who was being harassed on a Sydney train. Furious commuter stands up for a Muslim couple after offensive rant. ‘Legend’ Stacey Eden defends Muslim woman being abused on train.

Another video, from Britain, used to say about itself:

18 November 2015

Commuter’s moving account of how he defended a young Muslim woman from a thug who was abusing her as a ‘terrorist’ on the London Underground goes viral.

From the Evening Standard in London, England:

Man intervenes to stop racist attack on woman on Tube ‘provoked by Paris attacks’


Tuesday 17 November 2015

A man has told how he stepped in to help a young woman in a hijab who was verbally abused by a racist on board a Tube train in the wake of the Paris terrorist attacks.

In a Facebook post that has been liked more than 32,000 times, Ashley Powys said he boarded the Victoria line train at Oxford Circus at 8pm on Monday and sat opposite the woman.

He told the Standard things turned ugly when a man, who was in his 30s, got on the train and began hurling racist abuse at the girl.

He said: “He got on after me at Oxford Circus, there’s one person that just avoids the doors closing, and unfortunately that was him.”

In his viral Facebook post he described the man’s verbal assault on the young girl, who Mr Powys said “can’t have been older than 18”.

He wrote: “[He] stood at the connecting door of the tube and began to stare at this girl. After she looked at him and looked away, he went nearer to her and said, ‘f****g p**i’ [Paki], quite loudly.

“He then got closer to her, and was reeling off abuse calling her things like ‘r*gh**d’, ‘terrorist‘, ‘scum’, and saying that ‘her people’ murdered the victims of the Paris attacks this weekend.”

The 22-year-old said he then stepped in to intervene, prompting the man to turn on him instead.

He told the Standard: “When that first little thing came from his mouth I was putting my headphones in and luckily heard it before they went in.

“He was reeling off all these terms, your adrenalin kicks in, I thought ‘I’m not having that’.

“I’m 6’1″, I’m strong, at the end of the day, I’d rather him turn on me because I can take it, than an innocent girl.”

In his post on Facebook, he said he challenged the man: “Without thinking, I automatically stood up and had to physically push him away from her, as he was aggressively close and was clearly terrifying her.

“He then luckily turned his attention onto me, calling me a “terrorist sympathiser”, among other things. I sat down next to this girl, who at this point had tears in her eyes, and I asked her what her name was. She told me it was Yara.

“The man continued to shout abuse at her while I distracted her asking about her day, and other smalltalk topics, all the while making sure I was a barrier between her and this guy, so he didn’t have direct access to harm her.”

Mr Powys, who lives in Stockwell, said he was so concerned by the abuse the girl had faced that [he] stayed on the tube with her to Brixton to escort her safely to her friends.

He wrote: “We got to my stop and I asked her if she’d like me to stay on until her stop. When I asked, tears started running down her face because of what she called ‘my tremendous kindness and bravery’.

“I don’t think that’s true. I just saw someone in need, and it was my human nature to do what I could.

Supportive messages

Ashley has received supportive messages from around the world.

“At her stop, I escorted her off the train and up the escalator to where her friends were meeting her.

“I asked her if she receives that sort of abuse often, and to my shock she said she does. I gave her a hug goodbye, and told her in confidence that there are many more people like me, and she should never have to feel afraid in her own country.

“And this *is* her country, and her city.”

Mr Powys, who works at the Apple Store in Regent Street, said he was shocked that nobody else on the train had stood up for the young girl.

He told the Standard: “It was the Victoria line, it was Oxford Circus, the amount of people on that train, it’s upsetting.

“I’m just glad I could do something. It’s not like I’m a big hero though, because I’m not.

“I hope that Yara does see the Facebook post, or that people like her see it. It’s nice for them to know there are thousands and thousands of people out there who are actually on their side.

“You’d expect it more in smaller communities, sheltered communities, because you don’t get exposed to different cultures.

“I work with people from every single corner of the globe, and I didn’t think that still happened, especially in London.”

More supportive messages

In the Facebook post, he wrote: “What shocked me most about my journey is that not one other person on that crowded train stood up for Yara. They sat in silence and allowed that abuse to happen. That’s the problem with our society. Silence is our biggest weakness. We need to start speaking up and defending each other.

“I love living in London because of the diversity of character and culture. Every day in my job I learn something new about people.

“But when we twist that diversity as a “threat” or an “invasion” we’re embarrassing ourselves and diminishing and insulting the cultures of others.

“People like Yara don’t deserve abuse for the clothes they wear, the colour of their skin, or the faith they follow. Personally, in the stage of history we’re living in, I think it’s incredible for people like her to showcase their beliefs, despite the onslaught.

Still more supportive messages

“Yara is much braver that I am. And she, and people like her, inspire me to stand up for what *I* believe in. And that’s an equal, kind, and understanding society despite religious and cultural differences. After all, we’re strongest when we’re united.”

Mr Powys, who orginially comes from north Wales, but has lived in London for three years, said he only ever expected his post to be seen by his friends, and had never imagined it would reach so many people.

Since sharing the post on Monday night he said he has been innundated with supportive messages from people from all sections of the community.

He told the Standard that he had been contacted by a girl who said that his message had given her the confidence to go out wearing her hijab for the first time in six months.

He said: “It’s Yara’s story that I shared, the story of so many young muslim women, and even young muslim men.

“I’ve helped some people to be proud of their religion, and heritage, and that’s amazing, it’s really made my day.

“Especially because of all the media coverage of the Paris attacks a lot of people are scared, it’s a sad state of affairs, but I’m glad a lot of people aren’t thinking that way.”

He told the Standard that the message he wanted people to take away from his post was the same as he wrote on Facebook: “I want us to send a message to Islamic State [ISIS], and any other group who inspire fear and hatred.

“I want us to send the message that what they destroy, we’ll rebuild together. What lives they take, we’ll remember together. And what people they target, we’ll protect together.

“Our best resource is each other. And we should be able to rely on that. Please take care of each other. Both friends and strangers. You never know when you might need someone to do the same in return.”

Bare-chested thug ‘punches woman and teenage girl during racist attack on London bus’: here.

Woman admits racist rant on bus which saw her brand Muslim women ‘ISIS b******’ [bitches] in north west London: here.

34 thoughts on “Londoner stops post-Paris murders racist attack

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  2. this contains a very valuable lesson. This kid is a hero, especially if this is true. It’s a lot easier to give into the impulse to follow along. It’s a lot harder to convince yourself to do the right thing, despite what people say they will do.


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  11. Tuesday 8th December 2015

    posted by Joana Ramiro in Britain

    A MUSLIM man was banned from travelling on a coach to London yesterday after a woman complained that she felt “uncomfortable” with his presence on the vehicle.

    The man got off the 10.30am National Express service from Bristol to London after he was to asked to leave by a member of staff.

    Fellow passengers were reportedly shocked by what happened and tried to argue with the driver over the reasons for the man’s evacuation.

    Rebekah Makinde told the Bristol Post that a group of women at the front had fallen silent when the man boarded.

    She said: “As soon as the man sat down, one of the women went to speak to the driver.

    “Another member of staff then came on and asked the man to get off. He didn’t protest or anything, he just got off.

    “What disgusted me the most was that someone actually thanked the woman after he left.

    “I understand that drivers want their passengers to feel comfortable. But not if it stems from someone’s unfounded and Islamophobic beliefs and at the expense of another paying passenger. I am truly appalled.”

    The incident comes after the Metropolitan Police reported a threefold increase in attacks on Muslims in London since the Paris terrorist massacre.

    A Hope Not Hate spokesman told the Star that the incident on the coach was a “clear overreaction.

    “This can be a danger when panic sets in and people begin to become suspicious of an entire ‘visible’ minority.

    “It is understandable that some people have become nervous, following the events in Paris and on the Tube in east London. However, trying to ‘police’ someone because of their visual appearance is unlikely to stop terrorist acts.”

    National Express categorically denied that the event had happened as described, saying the passenger was asked to leave because he had too much luggage.

    A company spokesman added that the passenger had been “abusive towards our staff and walked out of the station though there were no eyewitness reports to support this allegation.


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