Paris murders show uselessness of nuclear weapons

This video from the USA says about itself:

Nuclear Weapons Threaten Life And Waste Money

22 October 2013

The Cold War ended more than 20 years ago, and the Soviet Union no longer exists. But the U.S. is still fighting this obsolete Cold War with very dangerous and very expensive nuclear weapons.

Politicians and mainstream news media occasionally provoke fear about other countries that have — or might possibly want — nuclear weapons. But that is fear-mongering. There is no thoughtful conversation in Congress, or in the media, or among the general public about nuclear weapons.

The Olympia Fellowship of Reconciliation‘s March 2013 TCTV program brings viewers up to date. We especially focus on the Trident nuclear submarines based at the Navy base at Bangor in Kitsap County, just 60 miles north of Olympia and 20 miles west of Seattle. Tridents are always on hair-trigger alert and poised for a suicidal first strike against Russia or some other target. If used, the Trident submarine could destroy the world. So it’s worth spending an hour watching this program!

During the Vietnam war, the port at Bangor was used for shipping a large portion of the weapons and ammunition for use there. A small nonviolent group called the People’s Blockade protested there and blocked the railroad tracks and the ocean-going freighters.

During the Cold War our suicidal nuclear policy was actually called “Mutually Assured Destruction.” We discuss the US’s nuclear weapons after the Cold War, including Trident and the others designed specifically for a “first strike,” to actually begin a nuclear war.

Tom Rogers tells his own personal experience commanding a nuclear submarine and how he changed his mind. Leonard Eiger shares his own reasons for working for nuclear disarmament.

Our two guests have been working hard to abolish nuclear weapons, especially the Trident system, through the Ground Zero Center for Nonviolent Action, which is located immediately next to the Trident base.

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

Paris attacks ‘show futility of Trident renewal

Thursday 19th November 2015

THE PARIS terror attacks have exposed the futility of spending billions of pounds on new nuclear weapons, Plaid Cymru said yesterday.

In a Welsh Assembly debate, the party argued that renewing Trident next year would not tackle sporadic terrorist attacks and cyber warfare.

Plaid instead called for some of the £167 billion earmarked for new missiles to be diverted into programmes to tackle radicalisation at home and aid programmes to bring peace abroad.

Plaid AM Rhodri Glyn Thomas said: “The renewal of Trident is immoral at any time, but its uselessness is reflected in the nature of the threats that we face.

“We want to see money invested in measures that will protect our communities.”

9 thoughts on “Paris murders show uselessness of nuclear weapons

  1. Many have the thought, would you kill a mosquito with a ton of dynamite? our leaders and those who are pro war just cannot get it? they are pretty stupid people, many must feel humiliated that such idiots govern us.


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