Dutch neonazis happy about Christchurch, Utrecht violence

This video from England says about itself:

Anti Racism Day demo, London 16 March 2019 – Christchurch doesn’t happen in a vacuumChristchurch never again – photography by Husain Akhtar.

Translated from Hassan Bahara and Annieke Kranenberg, 22 March 2019 in Dutch daily De Volkskrant:

“Please let it be ten dead people, we need a terrorist attack“: how users of right-wing forums responded to the Utrecht attack

In extreme right-wing forums, there was an excited response to the news of the violence in Utrecht and Christchurch and the victory of Thierry Baudet.

Baudet is the leader of the Dutch extreme right FvD party.

He is an ally of the Spanish Vox party, of Franco dictatorship supporters, and visits them.

This, users wrote, may well be the long-awaited beginning of the race war.

Please let it be ten dead people,

Three people died in Utrecht.

we need a terrorist attack. Fuck the left people in the city.”

The news that several shots have been fired in a tram in Utrecht is only one minute old when a Dutchman leaves this message in English on the 4chan forum.

Other expectant messages soon appear. “The fire flares up.” Another refers to the attack in Christchurch in New Zealand a few days earlier, in which a white nationalist opened fire in mosques and killed fifty people. “Revenge by the muzzies (Muslims, ed.) Would be great!!”

One person fervently hopes that the then still unknown perpetrator is a Muslim, the other repeats nine times in capital letters: PLEASE BE WHITE. From whatever angle, from the thousands of anonymous messages on the international extreme right-wing forum / pol / op 4chan – which stands for “politically incorrect” – a strong desire for a terrorist attack arises. The excited reactions tumble over each other:

“Wow! Please let it be true!! Great news for Nationalism, dead urban cucks (smear word for progressive men who are claimed to be sexually incapable, ed.)”

“If it is a shitskin (smear for non-white people, ed.), then the war starts here. …

Someone places a cartoon with the text “race war now” and writes, “It’s time.”

Lavender revolution

In the alt-right movement – an increasing tendency in which white supremacy thinking is central – the question is not whether there will be a race war, but when it will begin. Among the supporters, that momentum seemed to be getting closer in recent days, de Volkskrant saw while for a week watching various platforms of the alt-right. Three events played an important role in this: the violence in Utrecht, the attack a few days earlier in Christchurch, and the big victory of Forum for Democracy in the Provincial Council elections.

Baudet’s FvD party became the biggest party. They did not even need to be become extremely big for that: about 15% is enough to become the biggest.

Both the attacks and the success of FvD leader Thierry Baudet (“our boy”) were interpreted as the starting signal for a major ethnic cleansing that will pave the way for an ethnically white state. “It’s happening!” is typed on the keyboards time and time again …

The excitement rose last Friday when 28-year-old Australian white nationalist Brenton Tarrant opened fire in two mosques in Christchurch. Tarrant, who himself was active on extreme right-wing forums, also sees his act as the beginning of a final battle between the white and non-white races. In a 74-page manifesto steeped in the white nationalist ideology of alt-right, Tarrant writes that with the attack he wants to initiate a cycle of violence and retribution that will further increase “the gap between Europeans and the invaders who currently occupy our soil.” He encourages white Western men to do the same: “Make plans, train, form alliances, arm yourself and act. The time for meekness and for a political solution is long gone. Men of the West must be men again.”

The loudest cheering cries were heard in explicit right-wing forums such as Gab, 8chan, and in the non public channels of chat apps such as Telegram. Here, the video of the terrorist attack – Tarrant livestreamed his act from start to finish on Facebook – was extensively commented on with sick humour, racist entertainment and bloody serious dedication.

“The storm is coming”, says an anonymous user on 8chan, who states that he has been “initiated” by the shooting video by Tarrant. …

In the days that followed – among the Dutch supporters of the alt-right – hundreds of enthusiastic reports about the attack in Christchurch mingle with exuberant voices on the upcoming provincial elections that promise to be a great success for Forum for Democracy. On March 17 a forum with the title “lavender revolution” appeared on 4chan – an ironic reference to Baudet’s preference for lavender, to which more than 350 responses appeared in less than five hours. One of the mostly Dutch participants briefly explains to foreign guests why FvD should win: “Thierry Baudet takes a strong stand against immigration and is in favour of preserving the Netherlands as a white nation. He has been well read on topics such as the differences in IQ between races. “FvD is, he writes, “our party”.

One person boasts that he has taken away DENK [a mostly immigrant party] election posters – “my civil duty”. Another other ensures that he is ready for the inevitable racial war: “Weight lifting since a few years, and also kick boxing twice a week. Every time I don’t feel like it, I remind myself what I’m doing it for. The time will certainly come.”…

That the boundary between “ironic” flirting with neo-Nazism – often explained as “a little trolling”, challenging – and a genuine aversion to non-white minorities is diffuse, is evident from numerous comments on the forum. The sender of the sentence ‘not all Muslims are bad, the good ones have stayed in their own country’, continues his message with a talking point to which many a podcast and opinion piece in the white nationalist universe are devoted: ‘All blacks and non-whites must get out of The Netherlands. For money, or by forced deportation.”

Others are crystal clear about violence. “Thoughts about the Christchurch shooting?” asks another Dutch participant, who does not call Brenton Tarrant a hero, but someone with “balls”. “Will anyone ever surpass Breivik‘s high score?”


If it becomes clear in the course of Monday that the murder in a tram on 24 Octoberplein in Utrecht is the act of the Turkish-Dutch Gökmen T. … [of whom the motive is still unclear], the enthusiasm for a racial war seems to increase further.

“We need more mudslime (insulting word for Muslim, ed.) killings, and better shooters”, someone writes on 4chan. “Come on pedophile worshipers, hurry up!” …

One participant sees political opportunities: “FvD is the third largest party now. And it’s only two days before the Senate elections. Even though [in Utrecht] it’s just a guy who wanted to kill his girlfriend, it’ll still wake up enough people that those people don’t integrate. “…


Later, when it becomes clear on election night that the FvD is actually getting a good election score, the euphoria is complete. “Dude …. We are now taking over. The libshit (abusive word for left-oriented politics, ed.) center is completely collapsing”, a user jubilates on 4chan under the title “polder FVD winning edition”. “I can honestly say … IT’S HAPPENING!” …

“Left tears” are mocked. Someone posts a tweet by musician and author Aafke Romeijn, in which she writes, eg: “For the first time I am really a bit panicking. The scary people are getting more powerful. This is how it starts. “One participant: “Hahahahaha, these people have drifted so far away from reality. The same sentiments as after Trump’s election, nice to see.” Another writes: “Get ready, you bitch.”…

The win is celebrated deep into the night and Baudet’s victory speech is analyzed. The speech is clearly perceived by the alt-right followers as a white nationalistic message. Baudet’s reference to “our boreal world” that is being “destroyed” can count on a lot of enthusiasm. Boreal, after the Greek god of the north wind Boreas, refers in a political context to the original, white and Christian roots of indigenous Europeans.

In Hitler’s SS the German word for ‘boreal’ was ‘nordisch’ [nordic].

Live on TV, Baudet “went fully racial realist, with a million viewers”, says a participant on 4chan in English. “Talking about 300 thousand years of evolution, the Ice Age, how boreal nations built the best civilizations in human history, that Northwestern Europeans evolved intellectually superior because we had to survive for generations in cold and wet conditions.”

“This”, he responds enthusiastically, “is a massive white pill for everyone, guys.” Alt-right lingo for: this speech converts massively to white nationalism.

That evening a new slogan is born on 4chan: “Get up, boreals.”

POSSIBLE CALIFORNIA ARSONIST LEFT NOTE REFERENCING NZ Police are investigating a possible arson at a California mosque as a hate crime after authorities discovered a note referencing the March 15 mass shootings at two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand. No injuries were reported in the 3 a.m. Sunday fire at the Islamic Center of Escondido, located roughly 30 miles north of San Diego. [HuffPost]

HOW 8CHAN BECAME A BREEDING GROUND FOR VIOLENT EXTREMISM As the list of killers seemingly radicalized on 8chan gets longer — including three in the past five months, who targeted Muslims, Jews and immigrants, respectively — the death toll is sure to keep rising. “It’s used to stir hatred, and to tell people to commit mass murder,” an NBC extremism reporter noted. [HuffPost]

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