Stop badger killing in England, 21 November demonstration

Stop badger killing

From the Badger Trust in Britain:

On the 21st November a peaceful march will be taking place in Herefordshire to bring awareness to the public of the cruel situation surrounding the Badger Culls.

There will be a march around the town at 13:00, followed by speeches and discussion from:

Dominic Dyer, CEO Badger Trust

Mark Jones, Vet – Born Free Foundation

Lynn Sawyer, Wildlife Campaigner

Meeting point for the march at 13:00 is:

Castle Green,



Demonstration report: here.

3 thoughts on “Stop badger killing in England, 21 November demonstration

  1. Badger murder is all part of the governments planning to get the population conditioned to killing the innocent what this shows is the murderous ideology of those in power not to say their stupidity?


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