Racist anti-refugee crimes in Germany

This video about a Canadian children’s choir from Ottawa says about itself:

Welcome To Canada, Syrian Refugees

11 December 2015

Historical song that was sung to the Prophet Mohamed when he sought refuge from Makkah to Medina.

Translated from weekly Der Spiegel in Germany:

Over 1600 crimes: number of right-wing acts of violence against refugees is increasing dramatically

15 December 2015

Xenophobia on the Internet, property damage and bodily injury during demonstrations: The police count in 2015 more than 1,600 crimes, directed against refugees – almost twice as many as last year.

In 2015 in Germany until mid-November 1610 mostly right-wing motivated crimes were counted, associated with the “accommodation of asylum seekers“. …

Listed were all politically motivated crimes around refugee accommodation – including incitement on the Internet, damage to property and bodily injury during demonstrations or other actions outside refugee centers. The aggression must not necessarily be directed against asylum seekers themselves. Also attacks on politicians or other people who are pro-housing refugees may be counted.

In addition, the police recorded in the parent category “Immigration / asylum,” crimes related to the refugee debate or other xenophobia. Offenses detected were about twice as many as last year – in the year to mid-November there were 3625 – motivated also to a large extent by far-right ideology.

Fear, Anger and Hatred: The Rise of Germany’s New Right: here.

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