Italian neo-fascist weapons firearms cache discovered

This 29 April 2018 video says about itself:

Hundreds of neo-fascists travelled to former Italian fascist leader Benito Mussolini‘s tomb in the Italian town of Predappio on Sunday, to mark the 73rd anniversary of Mussolini’s death.

One of Mussolini’s grand-daughters, Edda Negri Mussolini, addressed the crowd.

Mussolini ruled Italy from 1930 to 1943. He was an ally of Nazi Germany during the World War II.

His legacy continues to influence a number of groups in Italy. Every year, neo-fascist and far-right groups hold ceremonies and parades to pay their respects.

The video shows foreign fascists were also present, eg, veterans of the French Charlemagne division of Adolf Hitler’s SS.

After the discovery of a German neo-fascist policemen’s weapons cache

Translated from Dutch NOS TV today:

Missile found at right-wing extremists‘ in northern Italy

During house searches in northern Italy, the police found an arsenal of right-wing extremists. Three arrests were made. …

The investigation started when a special police unit overheard people last year who wanted to sell a French missile for 470,000 euros. This rocket has now been found in an airplane hangar.

Furthermore, at the premises of one of the detainees in Gallarate town police seized thirty shotguns, pistols, bayonets, ammunition and antique Nazi paraphernalia.

Nazi paraphernalia discovered in Gallarate

According to the police, this is a man who was a candidate for the Senate election for the extreme right-wing Forza Nuova party in 2001.

He is Fabio Del Bergiolo, a former border security inspector.

According to the Turin police chief, “hardly any weapon finds have ever been found in Italy equaling the quality of these weapons of war and their deadly power”.

Police in northern Italy have detained three men, including one tied to a neo-fascist Italian political party, after uncovering a huge stash of automatic weapons, a missile and nazi propaganda

Italian fascists found with ‘combat-ready’ war weapons: here.

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