Racist Italian politician wants compulsory military service

This video says about itself:

🇮🇹 Italy shooting: Hitler’s Mein Kampf found in home of suspect

4 February 2018

A Nigerian community leader in Italy says he fears there will be further attacks, after Luca Traini, a right-wing extremist, carried out a series of drive-by shootings on Saturday that left six West African migrants injured.

Italian police said they seized Adolf Hitler‘s “Mein Kampf”, and other white supremacist publications linked to Nazism and fascism, from Traini’s home.

The suspect has admitted to carrying out the racially motivated attack in the town of Macerata.

Al Jazeera’s Peter Sharp reports.

Not only French President Macron wants to go back to the Cold War days of compulsory military service.

From news agency ANSA in Italy:

Military service should return -Salvini

Milan, February 7 [2018] – [Northern] League leader Matteo Salvini on Wednesday called for Italy to bring back obligatory military service. “Yes, I think a conscription army is best for democracy in the face of a rise in racism and the threat of terrorism“, Salvini said at an event organised by veteran associations in Milan.

What a rank hypocrisy of Salvini. His own Northern League xenophobic party plays a ‘starring’ role in fomenting racism in Italy. Northern League election candidate Luca Traini, a fan of Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini with a nazi wolfsangel tattoo, is a textbook example of racism. Mr Salvini’s Northern League election candidate Luca Traini is a textbook example of terrorism as well, as he recently attempted to murder African men and women by shooting them at random. And Salvini himself is a textbook example of racism, by claiming not Traini was supposedly responsible for his violence, but the ‘centrist‘ Italian government, which has harsh anti-refugee policies, but not yet harsh enough according to Traini and Salvini. Salvini himself is a textbook example of condoning terrorism, in this case by Luca Traini. Like Salvini’s Northern League colleague Mario Borghezio condoned the terrorist mass murder of children in Norway by neofascist Anders Behring Breivik.

The rigid top-down discipline in armed forces helps racism instead of stopping it; as turns out in Germany, the Netherlands, the USA and elsewhere. And hundreds of thousands or millions or billions of conscript soldiers able to march, do military salutes and fire guns will never be able to stop vans from killing pedestrians, whether the drivers are mentally ill violent Muslims or white supremacists.

Instead of the fake arguments which Salvini names, he very probably wants compulsory military service for yet more Italian neocolonial wars, in Libya or Somalia (Italian colonies during Mussolini‘s dictatorship) or elsewhere.

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