9 thoughts on “Italy crisis, by Tariq Ali

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  2. Friday, 1 June 2018

    EU threatens a ‘march on Rome’ to prevent collapse

    AS THE EU crisis continues to sweep through the continent, a German MEP, Markus Ferber, offered his blunt assessment of the steps that the European ruling class would need to take to stop its complete destruction as a result of the political eruption in Italy.

    When asked by German television about steps the EU should take to prevent the break-up and disintegration of the EU, Ferber stated that, in the event of Italy going bankrupt because of the policies of the incoming coalition government, ‘Then the Troika would have to march into Rome and take over the treasury.’

    The Troika he talks of marching into Rome are the European Commission, European Central Bank and International Monetary Fund. When he talks of the Troika ‘marching on Rome’, Ferber is doing no more than stating bluntly what the bankers are preparing for in order to discipline and completely subjugate the Italian working class for having the temerity to vote for anti-austerity parties.



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