22 thoughts on “Greek nazis threaten ‘slaughter’ of Muslims

  1. C’est regrettable de lire des menaces de ce genre qui montrent l’erreur des uns et des autres:
    – Des “musulmans” qui n’ont pas compris les vrais principes de leur religion et ont donné une très mauvaise impression de l’Islam comme étant une religion de violence.
    – Des gens qui jugent l’Islam d’après des actes condamnés par l’Islam lui-même et ne font aucun effort pour comprendre le vrai Islam.


    • Hi Khalil, I think that the Islamophobia of people like the Greek Golden Dawn nazis has very little to do with what some individuals who happen to be Muslims do wrong.

      If there would not be any Muslims in Greece, then Golden Dawn would probably concentrate all they hatred on Jews (like they partly do already). If there would not be any Jews either, then they would be hateful and violent against Roma. (like they partly do already). If there would not be any Roma either, then they would be hateful and violent against Bulgarians … against communists, blaming them for all things which go wrong … against anarchists … etc. etc.

      It has often been argued that anti-Semitism says something about the anti-Semites, and hardly anything about Jews. Someone who knows hardly anything about Jewish religion, history etc. can be a good historian of anti-Semitic organisations. Likewise, about Muslims and Islamophobia. People like Golden Dawn are looking for scapegoats; basically, completely separate from what the scapegoated category is or does.


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