Greece, racism and anti-racism

This 2010 video is called Greek fascists clash with immigrants.

While I was in Svalbard, the rest of the world did not stand still.

Look at Turkey.

And at Greece.

Another video from Greece is called Immigrants Under Attack in Athens.

European Union criticises the establishment’s failure to deal with violence in a country suffering from effects of harsh budget cuts: here.

Greek nazi Golden Dawn MP Antonis Gregos’ gun goes off at an Aegean Airlines counter before a flight to Thessaloniki: here.

Fascist attack at a house of immigrants in Athens: here.

A new outbreak of violence by a Golden Dawn MP comes in the spotlight. This time it is Ilias Panagiotaros who appears in a video ‘checking’ a tanker driver from FYROM and treating him in a violent, vulgar and insulting way: here.

Golden Dawn Storm Troops in Kypseli and Ag. Panteleimonas: here.

Postponed for the 8th time yesterday (for January 22, 2014 …) the trial of the candidate MP of neo-nazi golden dawn, Themis Skordeli and two other neo-Nazis (Markoulakis, Lucianos) who are accused of stabbing an Afghan refugee in the wide area of agios Panteleimonas in 2011. From early in the morning, leftist activists had gathered outside the courthouse, shouting slogans against the far-right and the police: here.

Transgender persons in Thessaloniki become victims of police violence: here.

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