Greek nazi violence against Iraq war refugee

This video says about itself:

29 Dec 2012

The Network of Information and Solidarity for Antifascist and Anti-repressive Action in Greece presents:

A documentary film on Golden Dawn, its promotion by the media, its co-operation with Greek police and the struggle against fascism in Greece.


From dawnofthegreeks blog:

Last Saturday: Three bloody racist attacks with knife in Thessaloniki

Posted on May 31, 2013

Saturday 25 May in the center of Thessaloniki at 02:00 am, within the premises of Aristoteleio university, a group of unknown [people] approached an immigrant from Iraq and asked him where he came from. They threatened him saying, as he complained, “get up and leave” “go back to your country”. Immediately after, one of them pulled a knife and stabbed him in the chest. The immigrant was seriously injured over a wide area of the chest and still remains in the hospital.

The same day in the morning a groups of Greeks insulted immigrant street-vendors in the heart of Thessaloniki at Aristotelous street.

A third incident came to supplement the bloody racist activities in the city. The same day in the afternoon, two immigrants were seriously injured, in an attack with a knife, one in the neck as both immigrants indicated to the Doctors of the World as well as the local authorities and police.

Turkish Kurd asylum seeker abducted in Athens and handed over to Turkish authorities: here.

Racist attacks against immigrants in Thessaloniki: here.

Three Pakistani migrants shot dead by Greek border guards: here.

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