Anti-Semitism whitewashed on Facebook, in Austria

This video from the USA says about itself:

19 July 2018

In a viral interview Mark Zuckerberg … claims Holocaust denial, and Sandy Hook hoaxers like Infowars are fine to stay on Facebook. Hosted by Hasan Piker.

By Alyssa Fisher in the USA:

Zuckerberg: Holocaust Deniers Are Not ‘Intentionally Getting It Wrong’

July 18, 2018

Facebook CEO and founder Mark Zuckerberg defended Holocaust deniers in a recent interview with Recode, suggesting that their posts are not removed from the social network because it is unclear if they were written maliciously or in ignorance.

When addressing the issue of “fake news” and the spread of information, Zuckerberg said content that is “going to result in real harm, real physical harm” shouldn’t be on the platform.

ZUCKERBERG DEFENDS HOLOCAUST DENIERS Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is facing a backlash after saying that Holocaust deniers are not “intentionally getting it wrong.” [HuffPost]

Mark Zuckerberg Falls For Nazi B.S.: here.

So, Facebook is not censoring shoah denial, often by persons who use it as propaganda paving the way for ‘real physical harm’ to Jewish people. On the other hand, Facebook is censoring news sources without Big Business or Big Government support; favouring instead corporate media like the Rupert Murdoch empire (where anti-Semitism and other forms of racism happen). Nevertheless, Facebook claims corporate news is not fake news.

No censorship of holocaust denial. Instead, censorship of an iconic photo of Vietnamese children attacked by United States napalm bombs; censorship even if the conservative prime minister of Norway posts that photo on Facebook. Instead, censorship of a 150-years-old painting by famous artist Gustave Courbet. Instead, censorship of information on the bloody invasion of Syria by the Turkish Erdogan regime. The Erdogan regime, which Facebook also helps by censoring a Turkish Dutch politician. Instead, censorship of information on the genocide of Rohingya, thus helping the regime in Myanmar. Instead of censoring shoah denial, Facebook censors Arizona, USA teachers on strike against bad education policies. Like Facebook also censors British striking workers.

Instead of opposing holocaust denial, they censor feminism. Instead, they censor information on women’s reproductive rights. Instead, Facebook censors a burn injuries survivor.

This Deutsche Welle video says about itself:

Poland Bans Kosher Meat Production | European Journal

5 September 2013

Poland’s parliament has banned the production of kosher and halal meat – and the country’s Jewish community says the decision is outrageous. Polish meat producers are also disappointed. Poland is the EU’s largest exporter of kosher and halal meat – but the country’s constitutional court and parliament decided that the method of slaughter is illegal.

Jews and Muslims in Poland consider the ban an affront to their religion, and they’re trying to find a legal loophole that will allow meat production to continue.

From the Jewish Telegraph Agency, 19 July 2018:

Austrian State Might Limit Sale Of Kosher Meat To Registered Jews

A regional politician in Austria defended a plan to limit access to kosher meat, conditioning its sale on permits that would be individually issued to observant Jews.

The Wiener Zeitung daily reported about the draft decree in the state of Lower Austria, one of nine states that make up the federal Republic of Austria. Gottfried Waldhäusl,

Herr Waldhäusl is a member of the extreme right FPÖ party. A party founded by ex-members of Hitler’s nazi party.

the cabinet minister in the state government of Lower Austria who is in charge of animal welfare and several other portfolios, defended the plan as necessary “from an animal welfare point of view”.

Oskar Deutsch, the president of the Jewish Community in Vienna, warned that, in practice, the plan would require compiling a list of Jews, which he called “like a negative Aryan clause”, referencing racist laws passed by Nazi Germany and implemented in Austria after its [Hitler’s] merger with Germany in 1938.

The FPÖ (and their conservative ÖVP coalition partners) target not only Jews, but also Muslims with this, writes Dutch daily Algemeen Dagblad, 20 July 2018, on the new policy. They write (translated):

“This is reminiscent of an era that I thought would never come back,” says IKG [Jewish community] Chairman Oskar Deutsch, referring to the Jewish register at the time of National Socialism. “These people are not concerned about animal welfare. The FPÖ demonizes ritual slaughter to demonize minorities. Yes, that is anti-Semitic”, he said to [German daily] Bild. There should never ever be a registration of Jews, according to Deutsch.

Why These Orthodox Jews Are Fighting For Muslim Rights: here.

Germany: Anti-Semitism victim beaten by police in Bonn. By Sybille Fuchs, 20 July 2018. Professor of Philosophy Yitzhak Melamed, who teaches at the University of Baltimore in the US, was brutally beaten up last Wednesday in Bonn in an anti-Semitic attack and was then subsequently beaten by police officers. Melamed had wanted to deliver a guest lecture on Spinoza at the University of Bonn: here

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  2. AUSTRIA: Officials claimed yesterday that Jews will not have to register to buy kosher meat but made no statement about claims Muslims will have to register to buy halal meat.

    Environment Minister Gottfried Waldhausl caused outrage when he announced the plans which he claimed were needed “from an animal welfare point of view.”

    Austria’s ambassador to Israel had tried to downplay the plans on Wednesday.


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