Facebook helps Rohingya genocide in Myanmar

This video says about itself:

11 September 2017

The United Nations has described the reported atrocities [against] the Rohingya Muslim minority community in Myanmar as nothing short of ethnic cleansing.

Rohingya villages in Myanmar are either burned to the ground or are still in flames.

Al Jazeera’s Divya Gopalan reports from Balukhali Camp in Bangladesh, where the large numbers of refugees arriving daily are putting a strain on resources.

According to Dutch NOS TV today, Facebook corporation has decided to block messages by the Rohingya ARSA rebels from Myanmar (Burma). These rebels arose in reaction to the oppression and violence by the Myanmar dictatorship against the Rohingya national minority.

Facebook claims ARSA are ‘terrorists‘.

The NOS writes (translated):

Facebook and Twitter are widely used in Myanmar for dissemination of information, also by the army. As far as known, messages by the army and government are not banned by Facebook.

Apparently, according to the Facebook censors, governments cannot be terrorist … except, maybe, governments which the United States government hates and may want to start a ‘humanitarian’ regime change war against.

However, the Myanmar government and armed forces are not in that category, Rohingya genocide or no Rohingya genocide. Burmese armed forces work closely with NATO armed forces, like the German Bundeswehr. The police militarization in Ferguson, USA sets the precedent for militarised police in Myanmar.

Jeremy Corbyn calls on Aung San Suu Kyi to end Burma’s violence against Rohingya Muslims. Labour leader to use keynote speech to highlight plight of Muslim minority, saying they have ‘suffered for too long’: here.

The Indian government of Prime Minister Narendra Modi has deployed security forces along India’s northeastern borders to prevent thousands of Rohingya refugees entering the country. The Rohingya are fleeing ongoing military violence in Myanmar (Burma). New Delhi also plans to expel around 40,000 Rohingya already in India: here.

Burma: Pogroms continue against Rohingya Muslims: here.


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