Pope Benedict rehabilitates shoah denying bishop

This video is called Holocaust denial – Chelmno nad Ner.

From The Smirking Chimp in the USA:

Pope Benedict, Bishop Richard Williamson, Society of St. Pius X and Holocaust Denial

by ppfuchs | January 23, 2009

I hope that people of goodwill will pause and consider what is unfolding in the Catholic Church. The current Pope is contemplating healing a rift with the ultra-right wing breakaway group the Society of St. Pius X. This group has ties to ultra-nationalist groups in several countries. One of their major Bishops is a major Holocaust denier. It takes a lot to surprise me at this point. But a Swedish TV investigation which features an interview with this Bishop Richard Williamson did it. Bishop Williamson baldly denies the Holocaust. He does this by the usual evil down-playing of numbers. It is all done with an icy ease. I am not even going to bother dwelling on the perfidy of it since it is so obvious. But I will address Catholics of goodwill. If your Pope accepts people like this then be well aware that you are morally corrupted yourselves in the deepest way. You will not be considered a person of goodwill if you do not speak up against it. Sadly and ironically this might have one unintended consequence for the Pope. It will show his true colors far better than any of us ever dreamed he would.

My grandfather Peter Paul Fuchs was the German judge on one of the major war reparations courts. He took this matter with the greatest seriousness and the greatest care. In the interview this disgusting person Bishop Williamson casts aspersions on the German government’s decency in paying reparations. He apparently sees the whole Wiedergutmachen activity as based on a false premise. How anyone in the Catholic Church could even contemplate being within a conceptual mile of such a dreadful human being is beyond my comprehension. There truly is no pit deep enough for such people. Any Bishop, Priest, or lay person who goes along with this, even passively, has already placed himself or herself in the nether reaches. Beyond help, beyond pathos, beyond scorn, and infinitely beneath the worst contempt.

See also here. And here.

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